Apple’s new Mac Pro to feature eight-core Intel Xeon E5, SATA III, Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, sources say

“We have done some research and discovered that Apple will finally be launching their new Mac Pro,” Steve Lo reports for M.I.C. Gadget. “There are a variety of new technologies being utilized, so we have gotten our best in field experts to talk to our sources.”

“So as we predicted some months back, we had said that Apple was experimenting with a variety of new tech to put into their new machines. They had been investing a lot of time and effort into making both a proper professional machine and a possible Xserve replacement,” Lo reports. “By merging the Mac Pro line with the Xserve, they simplify the professional market and make it so their production lines are also vastly streamlined and simplified. This saves Apple a lot of cash and makes it less confusing for both enterprise and professional customers.”

Lo reports, “We totally believe that there will be no rack mountable version. The market is very small and specialized… Apple does not wish to be present in the enterprise market as the units sell very poorly in comparison to the other products they sell.”

Upcoming New Features and Specs for The New Mac Pro:
• Intel Xeon E5 series processors, six and eight core possible
• 1600 MHZ memory with 8 channels (25% more physical slot capacity)
• Native USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt
• PCIE3 native for video cards and others

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Where is Johnathan Ives the designer of the newMac Pro, bloody better incorporate a front slot load removable SATA hard drive bay rather than another stupid removable usless 2nd cdrom drive bay. You know the one with the dust cover that hides the cd ejection button and emergency hole. The one that eventualy fails to open correct. Apple love reinventing the wheel, simply stuppid. Can,t wait to be dissapointed!!!

    1. Maybe wait for the actual product to be shown? You might still be disappointed, but at least you won’t get worked up over rumors that could easily be wrong.

    2. Of course! I want my new MAc Pro to be designed by an anonymous bunch of posters on Apple news boards. Who knew Apple could save all the money they are paying their engineers and design teams by simply listening to the crowd in the street, like (“Windows was MY idea!”) Microsoft?

    3. Think you will be – sorry about that Macman.
      Apple is a CONSUMER PRODUCT company now. INC.
      It’s all about things everyone can use.
      Ultra-Simplicity with the Most-Power to the USER.

      Slotted audio drives were not Apples invention… they adopted that into the iMac because it was cheaper fro them to buy and cool. Also, slot loading seems simpler to use and less parts exposed parts to the user. It was a gamble, but Apple followed the car manufactures on this one. Who wants a tray coming out while you drive?

    4. 1. Too many typos to be taken seriously.
      2. The second cd bay is perfect for putting in a blu ray optical drive, though I admit a hot swappable SATA hard drive bay would be nice also.
      3. My pro cd drives have worked fine since 2008, I don’t know how many people have developed cd ejection issues over the years. And that outer door is easily slid down manually to get to the ejection controls. The only hassle is having to take the tray face plate off a 3rd party drive you buy to get it to auto open the outer door and fit out.

  2. Apple lack innovation in this space. With some simple engineering nous they can add discreet racking capabilities into a Mac pro and voila, Xserve replacement and mac pro line in one slick case. The only issue as I see it is the optical media tray and optical disks are going the way of the dodo. You can plug in a drive to a front mounted port should you need to drive a disk. Yalla apple. Get your sh1t together

      1. Space. A huge chunk of the mac pro is dedicated to things you don’t need in a server (PCI slots, graphics etc..). We’re not talking about small companies that need a simple web server, or a small video shop, we’re talking about companies that need vast quantities of power and storage. No matter how many cores you can jam in there we find ways of using them up.

  3. Never ceases to amaze me how people can bitch and moan about unreleased products. Just last week there were big fears that Apple would not be upgrading or even discontinuing the MacPro. If these rumors are true then Apple are not only upgrading the processor but also adding new features like eSATA, USB3 and TB.
    But still that isn’t enough for some people. Quit the whining babies.

    1. In the last four years, 87 per cent of the stories collected by MDN, and undoubtedly an even higher percentage of tech stories across the web, are written about products that do not exist. People love their make-believe.

  4. Love my 2008 8-core Mac Pro. As a high-volume event photographer, I use it with Aperture to process hundreds or thousands of RAW files at a time. The 8 cores really speed up exporting JPEGs. Not much more I could ask for except even greater speed, built-in ThunderBolt and USB 3, and maybe a smaller form factor and lower price. With 3-4TB hard drives now available, could live with two drive bays instead of four – one for a hard drive and one for a OS + apps SSD boot. TB and USB 3 now make external storage just as fast as internal. Could also live with just 2 empty PCI slots instead of 3.

    I could almost live with a top-end iMac except that I need a professional (NEC) display. I’d be happy with a minitower with quad Core i7, 4 RAM slots for up to 32GB, user-upgradeable graphics, three drive bays, two empty PCI slots, FW800, eSATA, TB & USB 3. Keep the price under $2,000 and photogs around the world will rejoice.

    1. Except the iMac’s screen is better than any of NEC’s (shaper, brighter, wider and deeper Gamut)
      If you has said Eizo (I run a compositing studio and own several, and for some small percentage of color work they are necessary) I would have been with you. But NEC??? I’m sorry I have to cry BS, either you aren’t actually the professional you are claiming to be or you haven’t looked at the iMac’s screen. It is flat out stunning and actually holds up well in comparison with the color edge 27’s (which cost more than the entire iMac i7).

      1. The iMac screen is a glossy piece of shit. Damn thing strains my eyes. And don’t even suggest I put some plastic peel off shit on my monitor.

        Steve Jobs is dead- kill the glossy PeeCee screens and closed up boxes.

        1. Utter nonsense,
          Cheap PeeCee screens are virtually all matte not glossy. so “killing PeeCee screens” would mean killing the matte options on the laptops (the one place you might need matte)

          Pro’s work in very dim (and diffuse) lighting (we have to). Screen Gloss isn’t a big problem in Dim diffuse lighting. On the other hand luminessence bloom is an issue in any light (virtually all matte screens suffer luma bloom.)

          So PP again you demonstrate you have strong opinions and nary a clue.

  5. If they only ran an OS that supported Rosetta, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I can’t give up Rosetta right now and I don’t think I need two Mac Pros under my desk.

    1. I think you should be far more upset at the folks at whatever software company you are enslaved to that refuses to bring the code for their product into the 21st century.

      For 99.9% of the mac community, the Rosetta layer is just boggy, unnecessary bloat. One can’t support legacy code forever.

        1. Well then, it sounds like someone needs to update their tools. Continuing to rely on a discontinued product is not a wise path.

          Regardless, it is silly to bash Apple for not wanting to support bloated legacy code so a child’s handful of people still clinging to obsolete applications can continue to do so.

    2. You still can use Rosetta, just reinstall the old OS.
      But I understand… if Apple can allow emulation of Windows 7 and 8 and XP… why not ROSETTA?

      the squeaky wheel gets the oil
      more who demand this the better the chances of it happening
      but Rosetta was licensed from IBM… is that why Apple stopped.

  6. Trading in my last MacPro for an iMac was the worst computing hardware decision I’ve ever made. The iMac was/is fine, but it wasn’t/isn’t close to the MP. Live and learn.

    If this new rumor is true, I’ll be buying absolutely as soon as I can verify the availability of third-party memory upgrades.

  7. I think the rumor was that the MP 17″ was dead, not the entire line. Anyway, that’s the one I want to replace my running strong but outdated MacBook G4 with! Maybe they will update the 17″ later on and not let this beautiful machine fade away. Either way, it will be tough to ignore the new MP.

  8. I’m offering my 8-core 3.2 GHz Mac Pro system for sale right now: 16 GB (4×4), Apple Hardware RAID card (w/new battery), 4x Cheetah 15k 300 GB SAS array, all original from Apple.

      1. It runs 4x Apple Cinema 30 HD displays, on original nVidia GeForce 8800 GT and I added an Apple OEM nVidia geForce GTX 285 <– awesome card!

        Oh, and it also has 4x OCZ Vertex 4 SSD 512 GB ea, mounted nicely in the 2nd optical bay as a RAID-0 stripe. Crazy?! 😉

  9. Can do without Thunderturd- let it go on an expansion card.

    Vastly overpriced copper wire implementation of a fiber optic technology.

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