Judge refuses to bar Steve Jobs quotes from Google patent case

“Steve Jobs gave a lot of juicy quotes before he died, and Apple Inc. has failed to keep some of them out of an upcoming patent trial against Google’s Motorola Mobility unit, according to a court ruling,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters. “Jobs had discussed Apple’s patent litigation with biographer Walter Isaacson. ‘Our lawsuit is saying, ‘Google, you fucking ripped off the iPhone, wholesale ripped us off,” Jobs told Isaacson. ‘Grand theft.’ He added: ‘I’m willing to go to thermonuclear war on this.'”

“In a court filing last month, Apple acknowledged that Jobs was ‘very angry’ over Google’s behavior,” Levine reports. “‘To avoid any potential prejudice to Apple if Motorola attempts to use the book to appeal to the jury’s passion,’ the filing says, ‘Apple asks that the court prevent any reference to the Jobs book during the trial.'”

Levine reports, “In a brief order filed on Thursday, Chicago federal judge Richard Posner rejected Apple’s request without explanation.”

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      1. Commie-Land? Richard Posner is probably the preeminent conservative judge in the entire Federal judiciary. He was one of the first judges appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1981.

            1. The wrong call, eh? I am as much of a fanboi as any on this forum, but Judge Posner is not only “the preeminent conservative judge in the entire Federal judiciary” (credit to Brian), but the most cited American judge of the 20th Century. His decisions are widely regarded as both conservative and pragmatic. I can’t wait to hear a recitation of your credentials and expertise that would lend any credibility to your calling this a “wrong call.”

            2. @Not a Lemming: I don’t suppose you ever contemplated the irony of your screen name, huh? Rather than do any independent reading or research; rather than take into account any real history; rather than live in the world where people make information-based decisions, etc., you prefer to be led around by ideologues spouting bumper-sticker slogans. This isn’t about conservatives and liberals – it is about the shrinking capacity of Americans to engage in critical thinking and constructive debate, and the toxic consequences to our increasingly uncivil society.

          1. @craigster, audra; you halfwits wouldn’t know a real Communist if they arrested you and stuck you in a Gulag! Pity the Khmer Rouge don’t still exist, I’d parachute you idiots into their strongholds, see how you coped.

  1. How can one cross examine a dead witness? Debating what Steve Jobs meant in his qoutations would be left to interpretation. Although this ruling may benefit Apple it does not bode well if you are the defendant in a lawsuit and the plaintiff can influence the jury with hearsay evidence. I would like to know more how the judge determines the veracity, credibility, and context of the quotes.

  2. A third party is quoting Steve Jobs.

    In my country, that is called hearsay and is not admissible unless it is a deathbed confession.

    Wait, I suppose it could have been a deathbed confession.

    Could be Posner is right.

    1. To qualify as a deathbed confession I assume that confirmation would have to be captured on video or in the presence of sworn witnesses. I hate to think that Steve Jobs’ last moments were verbally berating Google and Samsung rather than sharing memories with his family and friends.

  3. I cannot imagine why Apple would fear the truthful comments of the founder and rescuer of Apple in an open court.

    Google is a thieving cabal of bastards who do not respect your privacy, anyone’s patent rights or the inherent freedoms common to all people. The only thing they respect is greed and the quest for more money.

    1. Agreed. Seems like a straight from the horses mouth testimony that a member of Apples BoD took sensitive information and used it in his own business, without Apples knowledge or permission. If Google tries to bend it into some kind of vendetta, they could loose. But I suspect that jury selection will be based on “Have you every owned any Apple product?” That could be a problem if the jury winds up being a bunch of fAndroids.

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