Judge’s final verdict: For copying Java, Google owes Oracle zero, zilch, nada

“Google will not have to pay Oracle anything for violating 37 Java copyrights, because they are not copyrightable, a federal judge ruled Thursday,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney.

“The ruling — the final verdict in a landmark court case between two Silicon Valley titans — affirms the industry’s long-held belief that certain key bits of software code that help applications talk to one another are fair game for anyone to use,” Goldman reports. “Android originally used several lines of code that Sun had written for Java. That code, called application programming interfaces, or APIs, are essentially a way for apps to communicate with the operating system. Since Java is an open-source software, its APIs are generally free and available for public use. Judge William Alsup ruled Thursday that those APIs are not copyrightable because they are so basic and fundamental.”

Goldman reports, “As a result, Alsup threw out a judgment handed down by a jury last month that said Google violated the copyrights on 37 Java APIs owned by Oracle. He also denied Google’s pursuit of a mistrial, calling the issue ‘moot’ since he ultimately ruled in the company’s favor. Google will owe no damages to Oracle. In a separate part of the case, a jury last week cleared Google of violating any of Oracle’s patents with Android. For those keeping score at home, that’s Google 3, Oracle 0.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Justice.

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  1. Thank god.

    I don’t consider this a win for just Google (more was at stake than their interests and I don’t care about them).

    I consider it a win for the entire industry and for anyone who wishes to interface their software with another piece of software or implement an api defined in an open source language.

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    1. Yeah, do you realize who advices the Obama administration – all the CEO crooks who ran Americas’ best known insurance companies. They robbed the regular joe – people of jobs, property and life policies. Crime does pay. The United States of America is the best nation to allow this; Canada is second to that. Democracy is weak.

      When the laws and police and justice fails – democracy fails.

  3. Yeah, steal, rape and pillage, that’s the way of the future.

    A great day for freedom and theft. Why would anyone innovate anything if he can just steal it from others who worked years to invent it.

    Hail to the dumbass judge and clueless dumbass posters here supporting this bullshit. .

    1. Judge Alsup learned how to program in Java so that he could better understand the case.

      Oracle didn’t invent Java. They bought Sun and Sun released the vast majority of Java as open source, under the GPL for many parts. Oracle waved Java around like a gun.

  4. In other news, Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison said they are going into the “Search” business to sell advertising to increase revenues. Their model is aided by the internal papers they have received from Google from an earlier court case.

    Oracle figures they cannot be sued because the business model of “Search” to sell advertising to increase revenue is, how did the Judge express it, “those APIs are not copyrightable because they are so basic and fundamental.” Just substitute ‘API’ with ‘business model’

    How you like that Google, hugs and kisses, Larry!

  5. Those saying they can’t believe the verdict have never programmed for a living or are blind raging fanbois. If you were in this world you would understand.

      1. No in his world an API is a specification that is non-copyrightable.

        What is theft is a company using the legal system to try and extort money from others who legally used a piece of software in compliance with the licensing terms of the source code.

        1. Google wasn’t remotely in compliance with the licensing terms, they willfully disregarded them. There are 2 licenses. You can use the open source (free) license only if you open source the entire project – which Google was not willing to do. They also willfully broke Java compatibility. Since they were therefore using Java commercially, they should have purchased the commercial license.
          ApplePi – I understand where you’re coming from, but there are other choices, many of them free for programmers to choose from. Oracle (Sun) spent a lot of time and money creating a very easy to use and robust programming implementation that they should get paid for if they so choose. Google did NOT have to use Java, they chose to. And they chose to steal it in an underhanded and sneaky way.

          1. The portion of Java that Google used is from the Apache Harmony project, not directly from the Open JDK.

            Google never claimed to be compatible with Java, which is why they did not pursue a TCK license.

            Oracle breaks java compatibility on their own. The ME framework is not compatible with the full java run time and really compatibility is a moot point since google does not advertise or promote Android as being Java Compatible. Android DEX files are not java byte code.

            Sun did choose how they would license java, they open sourced it and specifically allowed the Apache Harmony project to live.

            Oracle deciding they want to change the rules at a later date and extract payment does not mean they are entitled to do so.

            No one stole anything here. Sun made a series of decisions in regards to source code licensing and Oracle tried to find a way around those decisions so they could pull more money from Java.

  6. Now that facts don’t matter, why bother… Seems that if the ruling were based in fact, the case would not have been heard in the first place. Crime actually does pay, and it pays well.

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