Analysts: Apple iPad pulling in new-to-Mac buyers via halo effect

“Needham & Co.’s Charlie Wolf joins the discussion among analysts over just what the relationship is between Apple‘s Mac computer sales and the iPad,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Wolf thinks that overall, the iPad is having a beneficial ‘halo effect,’ pulling in Mac buyers who might not have otherwise considered Macs,” Ray reports. “However, he also goes into some discussion at length of the possible cannibalization of Macs… Wolf’s note is similar in some regards to a note put out yesterday by Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, who wrote that there is probably some cannibalization, but it may not be a bad thing:”

As consumers, in some cases, shift or augment their traditional PC setup to include tablet devices, some cannibalization of the Mac from the iPad is unavoidable. However, we believe Apple maintaining its majority (60% plus) market share in the ultimately larger tablet market is more important than meaningfully increasing single digit market share in the PC space, despite 2.5x higher ASPs for PCs (Macs vs iPads). Combined iPad and Mac sales are expected to be $62B today, and assuming aggressive cannibalization of the Mac, those combined segments should nearly double to $119B in 2015. – Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster

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  1. I can say this is true.

    My sister didn’t want an iPhone, was happy with her free android phone.
    My niece got an iPhone, then my brother in law got his free from his employer. She started talking about getting one.
    Last week, my brother in law got his iPad from the employer also. Now Mac purchases Are being discussed with me. iOS halo effect is true.

    I’d say it’s 50/50 between iPhone and iPad though. My first iPhone made me make the full switch to Mac, it’s the iPad that’s making my sister want to do the same.
    I know that in the next few weeks she will be buying a MBP for my niece, for graduation/college. A Mac purchase for herself will come soon.

    1. Thanks for sharing your success story.

      I converted to a Mac from my first experience of an Apple product, the iPhone 4. It was truly an eye opener after struggling for a year with Windows Mobile 6.5. I was a Palm user before that but was dissatisfied by Palm’s glacial approach to OS modernization, at that time called Garnet.

      Mind you I prefer Palm’s home page layout to WM’s dog breakfast of a navigation drop down menu. The biggest mistake Microsoft made was to emulate the desktop experience for a mobile phone.

      Apple’s iOS was like a breath of fresh air. I was hooked from day one.

  2. iPad may cannibalize some sales of MacBook, but I think it is increasing sales of iMac. iPad for mobile computing and convenience. iMac, for an extra-large stationary screen, with comparatively unlimited storage, raw performance, and flexibility/compatibility. A nice combo.

  3. Sheeeze. such newbees. I owned an Apple 11c. The very first portable, sort of, laptop. 128 K memory. Then a Mac Classic, Quatra 660 (voice control that worked pretty good for limited commands).

    Now using iPhone 4, MBP (but still have working MB, iBook, iMac G5.)..

    Doing my share to support Apple and those Apple stocks are doing their share of getting my retirement to be almost bearable. LOL

    Just a thought for this friday.


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