iPhone Accessory Camera Lens Shootout: Olloclip vs. Photojojo

“I can’t remember the last time I used my point-and-shoot camera. It sits alone and neglected in a drawer, while my iPhone has become my go-to camera for most things,” Bonnie Cha reports for AllThingsD. “But even smartphone cameras have limitations, like the inability to capture good extreme close-up shots, poor zoom functionality and restricted fields of view.”

“To fix such problems, some companies have come up with accessory lenses for smartphones. This past week, I tested two solutions for the iPhone from Olloclip and Photojojo,” Cha reports. “Both expand the iPhone’s shooting capabilities with interchangeable lenses, but neither of these add-on accessories turns a smartphone camera’s digital zoom to real optical zoom.”

Cha reports, “For iPhone 4/4S owners, the Olloclip is the better option, because its wide-angle lens delivers a more accurate picture without any distortion, and the accessory has a more streamlined design. However, at $70, it’s more expensive than Photojojo’s $50 kit.”

Full review with side-by-side sample shots and much more here.


  1. Ollo Clip fish eye, which is circular in still mode, is simply wide in video mode.

    Why? Apparently in video mode, the iPhone camera zooms in slightly,

    Results: simply gorgeous..

  2. The iPhone has destroyed the point and shoot camera, but one still needs a real camera and neither a P&S or an iPhone will close the deal.
    The Micro 4/3rds cameras are a nice fit for most. I’m sure the Nikon and Canon crowd will cry out/laugh/smirk, but that’s O.K.
    I still have my trusty Nikon F2 35mm.

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