Greenpeace projects text messages, photos onto Apple’s Cupertino headquarters in ‘Clean Our Cloud’ protest

Greenpeace activists projected Facebook posts, tweets, and photos from supporters of the ‘Clean Our Cloud’ campaign onto Apple’s Cupertino headquarters on Monday.

Supporters of the campaign submitted messages on Facebook and Twitter for the projection, asking Apple to clean their iCloud by powering its data centers with renewable energy instead of coal.

On their website, Greenpeace boasted of “turning Apple’s building into a giant canvas” for messages via “a high-tech laser projector to post them on the wall while live-streaming the action back to you.”

Greenpeace Apple HQ text messages

In a subsequent update, Greenpeace stated, “We had to stop beaming messages to Apple HQ.”

MacDailyNews Take: What we said on May 4th works just as well eleven days later:

It’s the new “activism.” Make a stink and then claim credit for something that’s already been announced. The second that Apple flips the switch on the largest corporate fuel cell installation in the USA at their Maiden, North Carolina data center, expect a self-congratulatory media binge from Greenpeace et al. for “causing” something that’s already been announced to “happen.”

Greenpeace et al. should read up on Darwinism. By pandering to the dupes who would fall for such utter nonsense, all you end up with is a bunch of mouth-breathers. Obviously, they’re now getting stupider at an exponential rate.

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    1. “Terrorist” is clearly the new “Commie”
      All we need to do is label someone with the “T” word and “boom” they’re instantly hated.

      gimme a break.

    2. And what powered their lasers, cameras, streaming servers, etc.?

      And don’t say batteries, because something had to charge those batteries.

      Maybe it was, shock, COAL?

    3. Terrorists, no. Giant douchebags who no longer actually care about the environment and now spend their time pulling hollow publicity stunts like this, yes.

  1. Greenpeace is a business. Nothing more. They are in the business of justifying the slaries of their employees. If they stop taking action (even action for things already announced), the donations stop.

    1. The founder of Greenpeace left the organization because it’s ranks we’re overwhelmed by those that took political positions, rather than scientific positions. Like most “activist” non-profits, the goal is to profit (pay leadership salaries), not do some public good.

  2. All these GP Stooges do not use electricity or use any manmade products. Because they are so environmentally conscious about protecting resources, they all pledge to use nothing that is not naturally created, like machines made by humans using industrial…..oh wait…. what a bunch of morons… LOL

      1. Cool so they burned coal to run the little steam powered cars that they drive around in. Must be a serious contraption attached to the car to clean up the burning coal polluted air it’s spitting out. 😉

          1. When they poop and pee, they don’t use toilet paper which is not a natural occurring thing? They just rub themselves on the grassy lawn. I guess. LOL

  3. Fortunately, Green Peace used pedal power to generate their own energy to make the light show and used those same bicycles to get there and the projector was made by a ‘responsible’ manufacturer who was located within 100 km of the event and . . .

  4. Happy to join the chorus on this one. MDN is right on target with these morons. But, I do think calling them out is better than ignoring them. Do it loud and clear.

  5. Needless to say, coal remains a major source of energy around the world. That said, transitioning to a greener fuel is a good thing. Greenpeace in an endless headline quest would be better served presenting viable solutions instead of grandstanding press protests.

    1. +1

      Everyone knows the problem. Protesting and eco-terrorism is no longer effective. Time for GP to go the way of the dodo. We need people presenting solutions, not rhetoric.

  6. Where did the electricity for this stunt come from? Should have just given them a bunch of acid and let them see their own messages—oooh! colors…

  7. I agree that they are head line hunting and wish they would so things that really help the environment.
    I do not agree that they are eco-terrorists. The term terrorist seems to be thrown around too often to describe anyone someone doesn’t’ agree with. Consider who may consider you a terrorist of some sort.
    Trolling for head lines doesn’t make one a terrorist. If that were the case then every media organization would be a terrorist organization.

    1. “Trolling for head lines doesn’t make one a terrorist. If that were the case then every media organization would be a terrorist organization.”

      Oh but they are, fear mongering is great for ratings 🙂

  8. I am an Apple fanboy supporter, and also one of GREENPEACE … obviously they made a bad call on this one with the fuel cell plant in the works, but it brings more people to the cause and understanding by picking on some one everyone knows is at the top of the game, east target, attention getter.

    1. ok, that was the stupidest post yet.
      Why not add a racism claim in there too, that will bring more people to the cause too.
      If you can’t stand on your own, don’t make up lies just to fool people into a cause… It’s called a scam.

    2. That is exactly what a Greenpeace member here at work told me. You target the high profile for the attention NOT the real guilty party. You’re all messed up and I demanded to be removed from your mailing lists. I used to support your animal welfare efforts. A few months ago I decided I will support NOTHING done by your false, lying, idiots. You harm your causes by playing your false “attention games.” It’s like crying wolf. I will encourage everyone I know who supports and donates to your cause to switch to supporting HONEST organizations. What you do is shameful.

  9. OUCH! if you only took the time to know all the good that GREENPEACE has done for you and the planet without you giving them any support, you may not speak so foolishly. Sad day on this board as well. They will keep doing well and you’ll keep benefiting from their ways and complain about them at the same time. All in a days work for an environmentalist.

    1. No organization should be supported that functions on lies and defamation of character of a company which is an environmental example to most other companies. So getting high publicity makes lying OK? Now I question what else do they lie about to gain front page headlines? They don’t want the companies they attack to lie, but Greenpeace can lie. We need to know and fight the REAL offenders, not harbor misdirected hate for those that are examples of how it should be done.

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