OS X Mountain Lion could see WWDC release as Apple prepares staff

“Apple could be preparing to kill off OS X Lion early in favor of its predecessor [sic. likely mean “successor”], Mountain Lion, according to the company’s AppleCare training schedule,” Killian Bell repots for Cult of Mac.

“One source claims that the Cupertino company is already recruiting and training staff for the new release, which could get its debut in June, weeks earlier than expected,” Bell reports. “AppleInsider reports that Apple’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) AppleCare division is already ‘hiring a number of new employees who will serve as customer support for the new operating system.”

Bell reports, “While the report states that this is purely speculation, it notes that Apple’s training could point to a Mountain Lion debut at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which kicks off on June 11.”

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  1. That would be too fast. OS releases should not be fast and furious. There are training and interoperability issues every time the OS version is released. Lion compatible versions of all the programs and hardware I use have ALL only recently be released. I doubt vendors will race to get Mountain Lion compatible versions out quickly – especially on older hardware. Anything less than 2 years will become a problem on OS releases.

    1. Yep. I still have many users that have not moved to Lion because of bugs, cost of other apps and just timely upgrades that must be thought out and planned.

      My biggest concern is “What other service will Apple drop older OS compatibility and require Mountain Lion in order to use.”

      Still not happy about iCloud not working with OS 10.6 just because Apple didn’t want it to.

  2. Kill. Lion. Soon.

    It’s the dumbest collection of “features” ever assembled (ok..with the exception of Vista..ha! and clearly Windows 8 tablet edition)…Lion is buggy, just plain odd, built on a tablet metaphor but not for the desktop with “pucked up” features that are meant to be industry leading and forward thinking but in practice are just annoyances.

  3. Wait a minute, “Mountain Lion”? Didn’t we already see that used for version 10.3? 😉

    John was bragging about his hunting ability at the local bar. He recalled a time when he was hunting in the mountains, when he suddenly came across a panther, a mountain lion, a cougar, and a puma, all at the same time. Knowing he had only one bullet, and his life hung in the balance, he took careful aim and killed all four with just one shot. Sam knows this is possible, but does not seem impressed by John’s talented shot. Why not?

    [Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the creation of this post.]

  4. It’s obvious that Apple intends to use ever shortening product life cycles to further increase it’s profit margin. They’re betting that the same people who have been willing to shell out $$ every two years for a new iPhone (despite the fact that their old one is still functional), will have no problem being forced by OS upgrades to buy a new computer every two years. This is how Apple intends to become bigger than Exxon regardless of the drain on consumer’s wallets and flood of e-waste they cause.

    1. Every Mac I’ve ever used was either sold or passed on to family members, most of whom used them for at least another three years -and I tend to use mine for five! The lady who bought my old Mac SE was still using it for her son when it was over ten years old! Apple has also had a recycle program for close to ten years, too. Not as much e-waste as you’d like to accuse them of…

    2. In the matter of iPhones being replaced every two years in the US, Apple is aided and abetted by the carriers. Your phone purchase is subsidized upfront, and the customer pays that subsidy back over the two year life of the contract. When the contract is over, your payment does NOT go down, so you have a choice: 1) Get RAPED by your carrier, or 2) upgrade, and go around again on the treadmill.

      It needs to be noted that the carriers were doing this long before the iPhone came on the market.

      The US carriers are more evil incarnate.

      1. Keeping current also has the advantage that, if the treadmill should stop (say Apple starts a MNVO operation), you will have up to date hardware.

  5. Lion is being killed by its predecessor, in my opinion. Mac OS X 10.6.8 is the most rock solid and feature rich OS out there. I’ll upgrade when I find a significantly more awesome operating system – but I don’t expect Apple to top Snow Leopard anytime soon.

    1. Agreed. The rush to replace Lion is because Lion has been a failure. I have deliberately not upgraded from Snow Leopard specifically to avoid Lion “features” and take-aways. I have also delayed purchasing any knew Apple computers because Lion would be installed on it. Can’t say that I am encouraged by Mountain Lion. I’ll wait and see

  6. As a Mountain Lion beta tester I can tell you that this is:


    The technologies in Mountain Lion have been set and are trainable. The bugs however will NOT be solved by June 11 unless some marketing moron at Apple discharges it out the door before prime time. I seriously doubt Apple tolerates marketing morons. Expect 10.8 in late summer, as per usual, or expect it to be buggy, along the lines of the STILL buggy 10.7 Lion. (FIX THE DAMNED FINDER APPLE!)

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