Will Apple or Google buy Sprint?

“Recently, I gave a speech at a company and one of the executives raised an interesting question: Will Apple or Google — or both — enter the wireless networking fray, just as both have become competitors in the smartphone side of the business? I believe the answer is yes. ‘How’ is the question,” Jeff Kagan writes for E-Commerce Times.

“Five years ago, the wireless business changed. Before then, it was growing, but not as fast. Nokia and RIM were the top two handset makers. Wireless data use was increasing, but not exploding like today,” Kagan writes. “When Apple and Google jumped in with the iPhone and Android OS, they quickly transformed the entire smartphone sector.”

Kagan writes, “If they jump into the network space, they could upset another apple cart just as dramatically and just as quickly. The No. 1 and 2 networks may become Google and Apple, pushing Verizon and AT&T down to No. 3 and 4. The question is not whether they will get into the network business. I am sure this will happen. The question is how. Will Apple and Google become resellers, sort of like Tracfone, which resells AT&T and Verizon? Or will one of them acquire Sprint Nextel.”

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  1. “When Apple and Google jumped in with the iPhone and Android OS, they quickly transformed the entire smartphone sector.”
    They??? There was no “they”…….APPLE transformed the smartphone sector…..Google, true to their nature, allowed Apple to trailblaze the path and then they followed…..amazing how people love to re-write history.

      1. Google had one moment of inspiration (search) and they’ve been milking that beast for all it’s worth. The rest? Meh. Self-driving car? I can’t drive 55. Google glasses? Remember the invention from “The Jerk?” That didn’t turn out too well.

    1. I love when these guys say Google was a trailblazer if trailblazer means doing exactly what Apple does and stealing Apples and Oracle IP then yes they are trailblazers. In reality google was a joke of a smartphone until Eric t mole stole IP from Apple.
      The old original google phone looked like a Motorola Q phone or blackberry smartphone. To say google did anything more than make a poor imitation of an iPhone is clearly a joke.

      I am now ending my posts with
      F Google & F Samsung

  2. LOL, early in 2008, I wrote Steve Jobs about Apple buying Sprint, and spinning the acquisition off as a data only network. One, that would isolate Sprint’s low margins from Apple itself. Two, that would give the iPhone a market differentiating advantage, back when the iPhone was still working on its 10M in sales goal. Three, it would be a huge benefit to US users, to have an unlimited data plan run by a company at cost, and how that would force Verizon and AT&T to match. Four, I even suggested that if the cost was too high, Apple could split the cost with Google, who was still Apple’s partner in disruption back then.

    I didn’t get an answer.

  3. Sprint won’t have full LTE for another year, VZ and ATT have it now. I have sprint now, and I won’t wait. I’ll jump to VZ as soon as the iPhone 5/ LTE is available.

  4. No way in the world does Apple do it. Zero chance. That’s got to be in the running for Dumbest Idea of the Year.

    Google might do something that crazy. They do have all those new “special” shares of stock they can print off whenever they to go shopping. Google is in near-panic mode.

    But Apple? Insane.

  5. I bet Apple is considering a lot of things to make data services superior and free of today’s drawbacks. i.e. price, speed, and uneven distribution across cities and rural areas as well. i wonder what they are researching in their labs. imagine a network that blankets the whole earth like air. without the need for antennas.

  6. “Old wireless/cellular” doesn’t fit Apple’s game plans.

    Now wide area, maybe like 802.22? That could be a new game.

    Make each Apple device serve as a “mini-tower” to link devices and keep them in touch with far flung 802.22 towers with their fiber optic connections.

  7. Y’all are missing the best reason for Apple to buy Sprint. If Apple folded Sprint into the company, then NASCAR’s top series would become the race for ‘The Apple Cup.’

  8. I don’t think so. It doesn’t make any sense.
    If they can make the money they are making off of basically one gadget, why get in into the telecom rat race.

  9. Stop thinking US only. Apple is more international than US in sales and income. To consider buying a company that just covers the US makes no sense. Pushing wide area WiFi worldwide makes a lot of sense.

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