Apple releases Apple TV Software Update 5.0.1

Apple today released Apple TV Software Update 5.0.1 for 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV units.

Feature Summary
• iTunes previews:
Previews for movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store can now be viewed in HD.
• AirPlay: Fixes an issue that caused some iOS apps to have trouble connecting via AirPlay.
• Home Sharing: Improves the reliability of Home Sharing connections.
• Netflix: Addresses an issue affecting Netflix login and navigation.
• Stability and performance: Includes fixes for issues affecting stability and performance.

To update your Apple TV to the current software version:
1. Select Settings > General > Update Software. Apple TV checks to see if an update is available and a download message should appear if an update is available.
2. Click Download and Install to start the download process.

Important: Do not disconnect your Apple TV during the update process. The Apple TV status light may flash slowly during the update and restart process; this is expected behavior.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. “Home Sharing: Improves the reliability of Home Sharing connections.”

    please tell me this is fixed…
    so annoying to have to turn sharing off, then back on again just to watch my library… (happens 2-3 times a week…)

    1. Not as annoying has having in drop out in the middle of watching something! I should have to fight with my Macs, AppleTV, Airport Time Capsule for 30 minutes every time I watch to watch something!

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