Untethered jailbreak for all iOS 5.1 devices now in testing

“Chronic Dev Team hacker Pod2G, who reported last week of being able to get an untethered jailbreak running on an iPhone 4, has updated his progress with further news,” MacNN reports.

“He has gotten the jailbreak exploit to work on most other iOS devices capable of running iOS 5.1, regardless of processor type,” MacNN reports. “The breakthrough, which may not apply to the latest iOS 5.1.1 update, could mean a public tool for untethered jailbreaks will arrive soon.””

MacNN reports, “The jailbreak technique is not yet available for public use, as Pod2g reports that it needs stabilizing and packaging, but the news gives hope to iPhone 4S and third-gen iPad users who had been looking for a jailbreak method in order to use some customizing and non-App Store apps. He reports that the third-generation Apple TV device hasn’t been tested yet and may not work with the hack. He also plans on testing the exploit with iOS 5.1.1.”

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    1. BS! There are a lot more reasons to JB other than piracy. Apple should create an app to allow theming and I might not even JB my iPhone. But, then again some of the tweaks make iOS much better.

    2. I pay a lot of money for my AT&T service each month. I buy a lot of stuff from the iTunes App Store.

      Still I’m interested jailbreaking for…
      The software that automatically turns the sound on my phone off at bedtime so I don’t have to constantly remember to flip the silent switch.

      The software that let’s me forward voicemails as email/text attachments.

      The software that let’s me FaceTime over a 3G network.

    3. And then there are those of us who completed our 2 year sentence with AT&T but now live out of the USA and need to still use our phones. I need to JB in order to have a carrier unlock The only other two things I have via Cydia are 1) five icon dock for my phone (very cool idea) and 2) I PURCHASED a $10 tethering app before tethering was available, over three years ago. But thanks for proving your ignorance.

  1. Jail breaking sets your iPhone free!! There are amazing devs, that offer free or paid tweaks , that will forever change the way you look, and use your iPhone/iPad. The reason people are anticipating a new jailbreak is once you have had the freedom of using a jailbroken device, not having one is like having cereal with no milk

    1. Can you use gestures to go forward and back in Jailbroken Safari? (Like Safari in Lion?)

      I am so used to it on my Mac, it drives me nuts to touch that little triangle on my iPad..

      1. I don’t jailbreak anymore (no need for me anymore)
        but I found this in a search. would be nice if Apple did this natively..

        And BTW, things like this is why I jail broke my iPhone to begin with.
        I had Cut/copy/paste before Apple released it.. Same with folders, backgrounds, lock screen info, replaced the Apple notifications with a less intrusive one.. etc.
        99% of the reasons I used to jailbreak, Apple now has their version included in iOS.

        Still miss SBSettings though..

  2. Cant wait for ATV 3 jailbreak so my ATV will actually be useful.

    XBMC kicks ass. ATV not supporting all the common media formats without a JB like every media player on the planet is LAME.

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