Woz reflects on Steve Jobs and talks about what’s next for Apple

Steve Wozniak helped found Apple with Steve Jobs and joins ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) from Perth to reflect on what it was like to work with Steve Jobs, what’s next for Apple, and how far technology has come since Apple I.

ABC News’ Chris Uhlmann interviews Woz in a 9:21 video posted on the broadcaster’s website.

Watch the video here.

MacDailyNews Take: They’re talking hahdwair!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. As this is a Flash clip, those of us on iPads can view it using the ABC’s iView app. At least, we can in Australia – not sure about the US &UK etc.
    The Woz interview starts at 20.24, and despite the negativity of some posters, is well worth seeing. It’s the Woz, people!

  2. Well, he does have a point. One day, computers will do everything for us. For most of us, as long as we have the resources to aid survival, it would be nice to have a computer do some of the dirty work. But for our posterity who appear to be way too dependent in technology, I’m starting to have concerns.

    Technology is thee to assist us, but a lot of them look at it as something that does all your work while you just sit there lazily. When I went to my daughter’s high school to give her things she had left at home and asked for, I noriced students in her math class (geometry) who did not know how to multiply mentally.

    This was a shocker. You ask a 10th grader 6 times 8 and they old not know the answer? That’s kind of shameful if you ask me.

    Back to the point., I have no doubt technology will continue to evolve. My concern is: will we be able to keep up?

    1. +100


      My son is in first grade and brought some math homework with him from school recently. He asked me “dad can we use to computer to do this?” – Huh? I say … why? his answer “because I don’t want to write out the numbers on paper. Its slow” – I made him suffer and figure the stuff out with a pencil and paper.

      I’ve also witnessed a friend of mine who’s GPS quit while we were driving, the thing just up and died. He was lost! He started getting nervous and saying “man I’m not sure where to go now” … and I’m telling him “dude, look at the sun in the sky, ok turn right up there, we need to go NORTH.”

      Its like without technology people can’t function and that is SCARY! Technology should be an aid not a replacement for basic skills!

      1. I do some architectural photography. More often than not, when I ask the client which direction their building faces (N, S, E or W) they haven’t the slightest idea even though they’ve been there for years!

        Their brains would melt, I’m sure, if I asked for even an approximate compass bearing!

        1. That makes me crazy when giving directions. People have no clue. I guys I just assume everybody should have knowledge of Boy Scout basics.

      1. We knew him before he had his plane crash and we know him after his plane crash. The two are not the same. Woz post plane crash is nothing more than an attention seeking mouth blabbering idiot riding on the coat tails of his past successes.

        Even SJ didn’t give him the time of day anymore. The last time they both met was during an iPhone event when SJ was mingling in the crowd and a reporter pulled the two of them together. When they were introduced you could see SJ was uncomfortable. After a polite “how are you…..blah blah blah” sort of conversation Steve made an excuse to get away from him, ending the conversation with, “let’s do lunch some time”. Judging by the body language I doubt they ever did.

  3. Funny how some are on their computers ragging on Woz.. the very man that MADE the computer for the common man. It’s just so ironic that anyone can be on a computer calling him the dummy! what?!!

    1. +1
      Yes dear… “People” are brainless, most of the time… They consume stuff, the more the better. But, when it comes to think about from where it comes and where it goes, once it’s “digested” and thrown away, they just blindly don’t care!

    2. Woz’s contribution to the very early days of Apple is well known, but pretty basic. It outgrew his talents very quickly, but he still got very rich from the luck of being in there at the beginning, nothing else – he never had any clue about business. That complete lack of insight shows in almost everything he’s said for the last 20 years. He’s milked his fuzzy icon status in a fairly cynical and sometimes spiteful way with deliberately controversial but empty statements. You seem to still fall for that artifice… not sure why.

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