Samsung’s Tizen prototype has a familiar home button: Apple’s

“Samsung just can’t shake the blatant copying – almost like it is part of its DNA. Their latest Tizen reference device, besides an OS which copies the look and feel of Android, has a circular home button right where Apple’s iPhone has one,” 9to5Mac reports.

“Samsung is being dragged through the courts the world over for copying the iPhone’s look and feel,” 9to5Mac reports. “That behavior doesn’t seem to be abating any, and might even be increasing.”

Read more, and see the photos, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Slavish.

Apple’s products came first, them Samsung’s:
Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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  1. Does Apple have the round button patented? Samsung clearly has copied the look of multiple Apple devices, but complaining Samsung has a round home button on their device may be stretching things a bit.

  2. Interesting in the linked story that Judge Koh has ordered both parties to reduce their number of claims against one another because the scope is “cruel and unusual punishment for a jury”, otherwise she would postpone the case another year. Apparently if one wants to rip off another’s IP it pays to do it as blatantly as possible.

    1. The judge ought to be more concerned about Samsung’s lack of cooperation than whether the jury is going to be able to deal with the information presented.

  3. How hard would it be to make these devices look different from the iPhone? Answer – Trivial. Conclusion – cloning is a deliberate business tactic to fool the public with the implication, “It looks like an iPhone so it must be equivalent and just as good.”

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