Apple’s iPad may kill laptops and save the desktop

“The iPad – and other tablets if we ever get some good ones – poses an existential threat to the laptop. But it might provide a new lease on life for the much-ignored desktop PC,” Steve Wildstrom writes for TechPinions.

“I’m starting from the increasingly uncontroversial premise that a good tablet is all the computer most people need,” Wildstrom writes. “The biggest weakness of tablets, the lack of local storage, is being solved in the cloud. For the times that you want to write more than is comfortable with the on-screen keyboard, a lightweight Bluetooth keyboard does the trick.”

Wildstrom writes, “For some of us, though, a full-featured PC remains very much a part of our everyday toolkit… a 27″ iMac… is my desktop workhorse. What I am finding however, is that is use my laptops less and less. I spent this past weekend at a family event in North Carolina. I took both an iPad and a 13″ MacBook Air and the MacBook never came out of my bag. Everything I wanted could be done more conveniently on the iPad. Even on business trips, I’m finding the laptop doesn’t get used unless I really need it.”

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    1. I have to agree. This article is complete rubbish from beginning to end and the opposite of what many pundits are saying, that the laptop will ‘kill’ the desktop.

  1. This “premise” is just as valid as the previous one that said, now that Apple’s laptops have “caught up” to desktop computers, it’s time for Apple to kill its desktops.

    I’d rather have an iMac than a MacBook, but a lot of people still need high performance, flexibility/compatibility, AND mobility.

  2. Yeah, it certainly is interesting to see how this goes. With an increasingly useful iPad, I’m trying to decide if my next computer is another MBA or an iMac. I no longer carry my MBA while traveling, so it may be an iMac, next.

    1. When I need (or just have a hankering for) a really big screen, I go to the iMac. Its gorgeous and can display multiple windows side by side, each with great resolution! The desktop will never die, but over time, it may become mostly just a beautiful big screen that is too big to bring with you, regardless of where the computation is going on (who cares!). So, yes, get an iMac because there are always times when a big screen is the thing.

    2. Excellent points.
      Apple has covered all areas for almost all users.
      Products seem to have overlap. Why do I need a AirBook if my iPad does the trick?

      Definitely those using iPad and iMac and/or iPhone seem no longer a need to consider a Macbook/Air/Pro. Yet as sales tapper and technology increases – MacBooks/Air/Pros most-likely will return to glorious days when OSX matures or changes to a more iOS feel and touch functionality and the Air becomes a iSlate – then iPad has an official killer.

  3. The really bad news for PC makers is, ambitious salesclerks won’t be shoving PCs down people’s throats anymore, they’ll be sending them home with iPads instead.

    iPad and its successors will pop the heart of the PC Nation.

    The PC and anything associated with it is my father’s ball and chain, not mine! Give me an iPad, on any beach, anywhere in the world and I can just start typing lik . . . .

  4. My girlfriend and I who live apart are both going to buy new iMacs. I have a 24″ will get a 27 or hopefully 30 inch for these old tired eyes. I have a 17 inch and an Airbook and an iPad and Iphone. I use the iMac the most, 2nd is the iPad. Both portables I haven’t used in months. The iphone, I just use for
    calls and sports scores and Emergency.

  5. I have been suggesting an iPad 16 3G with a Mac Mini as a basic combo to my friends on the Microsoft side that wanted the MacBook Pros- Almost since the day the iPad 3G came out. Both are portable, compact, and travel well. The Mini allows easy hookup to HDTV’s as well as monitors. The price for both is not too bad when you alriead have the other parts. I am glad to see this thought emerging though.

  6. I’ve got a MacBook Pro but it hardly ever gets used unless I have some serious photo editing to do. The iPad is just so convenient! I’ve been thinking of replacing the MacBook Pro with an iMac since I never leave home with it anymore. The iMac can then be used for my more extensive video and photo projects while I use the iPad for everything else.

  7. Agree with this analysis. I have an iPad, and a 27″ iMac.

    The iMac is used as my media server (for my AppleTV) and doubles as a media center in my room. It, of course, is also used as my main computer, for programming, web development, running my OpenBSD web server in VMware, etc.

    The iPad I leave on the coffee table for anyone to use and take with me on trips.

  8. I still feel like while the iPad is a cool piece of kit, it’s still little more than a large iPhone. Whether at home or away, I use my 11″ Air constantly and my iPhone 4 for casual checks of FB or quick emails, pics, but that’s about it. As a writer by trade, I need a physical keyboard that’s not on the same surface I’m looking at. I love my Air and would buy another one in a heartbeat.

  9. The laptop isn’t going anywhere. It will be the defacto computing device.
    The concept of the desktop is going to change to a docking monitor with a keyboard. The desktop computer as we know it is already dead and just doesn’t know it. The basis of what we will call a desktop is what we have in our pockets to make call.

  10. Add me to the list of people who fit that description. I sold my MBP and bought the first iPad and Mac Mini. I use the Mac Mini for my iTunes Library/AppleTV streaming and for occasional computing but use my iPad significantly more often.

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