11 year-old boy urinates on $36,000 worth of Apple MacBooks

PennLive reports:

An 11-year-old boy urinated on several MacBook computers on a cart in the Upper Allen Elementary School Wednesday, damaging them beyond repair, according to Upper Allen Twp. police.

The loss came to more than $36,000, police said.

Police charged the boy with institutional vandalism and criminal mischief and are turning him over to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department.

“Can you even pay Apple to service the machines?” Cult of Mac’s John Brownlee wonders.

“The answer is no, because Apple looks at micturated-upon MacBooks as a biohazard,” Brownlee reports. “The reason it’s likely being calculated as a full loss is because Apple won’t service the MacBooks.”

Manneken Pis MacBooks

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Too much Apple juice.

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  1. Question which come to mind:

    1. The person responsible for those computers is remiss in properly caring for such and said person should be charged for the loss, and, of course, be fired. If the computers we NOT assigned to ONE person, then the department head should get the same penalty.

    2. What sort of home life is this kid experiencing? Do such activities go on at home? Or did he learn this from his miscreant buddies? But still, where is the parenting?

    1. 1) sure, the pee-boy should go free, and the poor tech or admin should pay, since he or she is personally responsible for the actions of everyone in the school. While we are at it, lets fire the principal who hired the tech or admin, since the principal should have known beforehand that the tech wasn’t capable of showing the initiative to be responsible for everyone at the school, and was totally negligent by not camping out next to the computer cart 24/7 to prevent just such a sudden but inevitable event

      2) NOW we are closer to what should happen. lets hold pee-boy and his parents responsible.

      1. “That boy is going to have his $&@*%# tied in a knot by mom!”

        Uh maybe, hopefully.

        As a former teacher and sometime sub, these days, the parents will most like support their kid. But, but…he was just expressing himself!

    2. Spoken like a true rabid Liberal Daniel:
      It’s not the kid’s fault!! It’s the person who left the computer’s there and you want them fired? Maybe if they were left IN the school lavatory. 11 years old is old enough to know WHERE you can properly piss and where you can’t. Even if he saw his “buddies” piss on things as you said he still is old enough to think for himself. IF he was younger than 7, I’d have more sympathy. I’ve taught plenty of kids in that young age range in the last 30 years and 11 is old enough to know right from wrong and take responsibility—esp. in matters of going to the bathroom.

      Your blame game is truly amazing!

      1. “Spoken like a true rabid Liberal…”

        As a rabid liberal, I can tell you Daniel’s opinion has nothing to do with liberalism.

        re: “blame game”
        I know conservatives love this phrase, but unless I am mistaken, the question is over which party is to blame. You blame the child (rightfully so). So, you seem to be playing the “blame game”, too.

        While I agree that the child is to blame and whoever left them there is not culpable, conflating this with liberalism or the “blame game” is, er, lame.

        1. Isn’t it logical to blame the old enough child holding the very thing that is doing the damage? A wrong occurred here so obviously SOMEONE is to blame. It’s only a game of blame if you’re trying to shuffle the blame so that the true idiot is not at fault.
          I have witnessed enough liberal friends trying to always blame everyone around EXCEPT the actual person who did the crime. I get fed up with it after awhile.

    3. Yup, blame the teacher for the student’s actions. Are you insane? I had an electrician tell me I needed water resistant extension cords on a construction site. I install cabinets. If there’s a possibility that water is around, I’m not there. I refuted his demand. He said what if the roof leaks? I guess he should have been more concerned about the new tenants. It was a middle school we were building.

    4. Daniel – You sir are the blamer in chief
      Go ahead, we know you want to say it…….It’s Bush’s
      Fault! Yes that’s the ticket President Bush!

    5. After reading your post, a question comes to my mind: How clueless can you be and still be allowed access to a keyboard and the internet?

      You clearly have no idea how shared computers are deployed in classrooms. Hint, there are carts which have racks to hold 10 or 20 laptops with facilities to plug the whole cart in as a unit to charge the computers overnight. These carts are wheeled into a classroom and the students remove the computers themselves and return them to the carts at the end of the class. Based on the value of the lost computers, the kid probably took his whizz on a 20 unit cart.

      Tens of thousands of students successfully and responsible use computers in this manner every day. The responsible party here is the kid. There is evidence of poor parenting to be sure, but eleven year olds can behave responsibly, unless they choose otherwise.

      For Apples info, urine from an uninfected person is sterile and can be used to clean wounds in an emergency. Unless the kid had VD, rinsing the computers with distilled water and drying them appropriately would probably suffice. After all, how big can an eleven year olds bladder be?

      My solution would be to make the kid take each computer out of the rack, clean the outside with spare amounts of distilled water and a clean, soft cloth. No gloves allowed, in front of the entire class. I’m willing to bet that would end his career as a vandal.

    6. Here’s another idea.

      Because at eleven kids know that it’s wrong to take a leak on computers.

      The parents get a buy-in on this too, probably.

      Wether the kid is the demon seed or just a jerk in training showing off how cool he is, the kid gets the blame.

      As for your suggestion that school officials take some responsibility, why?

      Who in the world could predict that some eleven year old twerp is going to use a stack of perfectly good laptops as a urinal?

      Kids in kindergarten don’t do these things. So why is it you seek to remove responsibility from the kid?

  2. Hmm…. call me paranoid, but all those tacky window stickers on vehicles with the kid peeing on a brand have come back to haunt us. Sounds like a plausible defense in court to me… Say bye-bye to those stickers.,.

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