11 year-old boy urinates on $36,000 worth of Apple MacBooks

PennLive reports:

An 11-year-old boy urinated on several MacBook computers on a cart in the Upper Allen Elementary School Wednesday, damaging them beyond repair, according to Upper Allen Twp. police.

The loss came to more than $36,000, police said.

Police charged the boy with institutional vandalism and criminal mischief and are turning him over to the Cumberland County Juvenile Probation Department.

“Can you even pay Apple to service the machines?” Cult of Mac’s John Brownlee wonders.

“The answer is no, because Apple looks at micturated-upon MacBooks as a biohazard,” Brownlee reports. “The reason it’s likely being calculated as a full loss is because Apple won’t service the MacBooks.”

Manneken Pis MacBooks

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MacDailyNews Take: Too much Apple juice.

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  1. Lets say that 2000 dollars was sunk into each macbook. 1200 for machine, 150 for word, 250 per unit for warranty, and maybe some other variables. That means he pee’d on 18 laptops at least. He must have drank a lot of water to pee upon 18 macbooks, because I know I would have a lot of trouble getting all those macbooks to be fully unusable with the amount of pee in my system.

    I say they just try and salvage the ones he peed less on, I’m sure only a few got totally annihilated.

    1. They’re pulling duty in the WI State Capital protesting Governor Scott Walker’s common sense plan. It’s for the children after all. Opps, and look at what the children are doing… tisk, tisk.

  2. Urin, as it comes out, is sterile.

    $36K came from a total loss of the cart which all the laptops are in, I am sure. He could have written his name in piss and hit the Ethernet port or some open holes of each Mac Book, leaking through the cracks getting on the keyboards and screens, with less than a cup O’wiz. Open the side door the the cart and you have access to all of them.

    Z is for Zorro!

      1. The study was done on women, most of whom have some level of bacterial infection in their bladders at all times. Actually is true for mid-stream urine in healthy males.

        1. The tip of your penis is sterile? It may or not be sterile while in the bladder.. but I seriously doubt the end of your urethra is sterile. Also… there are proteins and other organic compounds in your urine. Even if it’s “sterile” before it comes out.. the second it hits the air bacteria have a field day with it. They especially like the sugars 😉

      2. This is a pretty weak response. The women already had symptoms of UTI’s without detection by normal methods. The body did know there was an infection, therefore they were, “sick.”

        My comment, still stands, and frankly piss also helps relieve jelly fish stings, is drunk by many cultures as a health benefit and is mostly water.

  3. I spilled wine on my laptop, I was able to clean it. Pee is only wine after it’s been processed by the body. It should be able to be cleaned. Schools have had more mess than a little drop of piddle to clean up before now. Just wipe them down and get on with it.

    1. So you are saying the boy was drunk on wine?

      BTW, its not like just wiping it up and getting on with it is possible. If it went into ANY opening, it could have come in contact with and corroded the electronics.

    2. I think the bigger issue is the “ick” factor. Would you want to use a laptop that had been urinated on? Sure, there’s no probable harm but most people are not rational when it comes to the ick-factor. I repair all kinds of laptops and desktops and I usually have to clean and wipe down the whole thing before I’m comfortable touching them. But I don’t let my clients see me do this because I don’t want to insult them.

  4. Bio-hazzard?
    Please…. they just want to sell more gear.

    If urine was a bio-hazzard, HazMat teams would be quarantining elementary schools every time a kindergartener lost control.

    I’ll take the PeeCees.

  5. $36,000 in macbooks is at LEAST 25 computers….who the fuck does that?! i could buy 60 shares of apple stock with that much money and i would be up 600$ today ALONE! Damn kid i would kick his @$$ right now if i knew where he was

  6. How are they ruined? Were they on when they had the liquid damage? Just put them in dry uncooked rice overnight. There is probably more bacteria on the school water fountain anyways. This is just piss-poor irresponsible money and hardware management of you ask me.

    1. The main problem caused by the urine, apart from stink and health concerns, is the bacterial production of ammonia, which in turn creates a high pH environment, which in turn corrodes metal components. I further geek-out in a comment below.

  7. Two boring geek-out technical thoughts:

    1) The school probably has insurance for student damage of property. (Well, in this education funding anemic era, who knows).

    2) If the peed upon MacBooks had their batteries removed and were quickly rinsed with distilled water, followed by thorough drying, theoretically they could be salvaged as well as non-hazarous to human health. Leaving the urine in place results in the bacterial breakdown of urea to ammonia, raising the urine’s pH, damaging metal components. The MacBooks would also smell very bad. 😉

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