Apple’s Jony Ive nominated as British Visionary Innovator vs. Banksy, Simon Cowell, J K Rowling

To celebrate World Intellectual Property Day 2012, the Intellectual Property Office Business Outreach Team has created a shortlist of some of the most well known and successful contemporary British ‘Visionary Innovators’.

The list contains famous names from the world of television, music, art, design, business and science, all of whom have achieved considerable success or displayed ‘visionary’ behaviour in spotting ‘The Next Big Thing’, or developed innovate products, services or designs never seen before.

IPO invites you to vote for your favorite contemporary British Visionary Innovator (1 vote only). You can also opt to write-in a name as your favorite when you go to the voting page.

Votes can be cast from Tuesday 17 April at 9am and ends Tuesday 24 April at 5pm.

The person with the most votes will be announced on World Intellectual Property Day 2012 (26 April).

British Visionary Innovator nominees:

Sir Jonathon Ive: Designer. Achievements / Famous for: Designer of multiple iconic award winning Apple Inc. products. Fact: The Guardian named Sir Jonothon Ive as the ‘Inventor of the Decade’ in 2009, and he holds over 600 design patents in his name.
• Sir Norman Foster
• James Goodfellow OBE
• Michael Aldrich
• Sir James Dyson
• Sir Tim Berners- Lee
• J K Rowling OBE
• Simon Cowell
• Banksy
• Sir Ian Wilmut

Cast your vote now right here.

MacDailyNews Take: You know what to do.

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    1. I think you are referring to Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, not the Internet. Only Microsoft Internet Explorer users get the two confused – they think the blue “e” is the Internet.

      If it weren’t for Berners-Lee, we would be having this vote, or this discussion.

      Tough choice

    1. Garbage. Here’s a hint: Go to any decent vacuum repair shop and ask them to peek in their shop or even just tell you which kind of vacuums they fix most. If not #1, Dyson is in the top 2 or 3 every time.

  1. Berners-Lee invented the WWW using a NeXT computer, specifically leveraging its advanced development tools. If you’re reading MDN, there’s a good chance you’re using Mac OS X, the heir of NeXT OS.

  2. Simon Cowell almost single handedly destroyed music with his shite cover bands.

    He’s not worthy to lick the dog shit off Jony Ive’s shoes. An utter imbecile who got lucky with a rapidly tiring format.

  3. Much as I love Jony Ive, Tim Berners-Lee gets my vote. The World Wide Web is the single most important technological innovation of the past 20-25 years – and Berners-Lee came up with the concept. Interestingly (as some have already pointed out), the first implementation of the Web was on a NeXT computer.

    – HCE

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