Laptop computers are crap

“I would like to tell you why I think laptop computers are crap,” Alistair Dabbs writes for The Register.

1. The screen isn’t big enough for real work
2. There’s no numeric keypad
3. The ports are too close to each other
4. Not enough storage space
5. The display viewing angle is acute
6. Trackpads are rubbish
7. Battery life is pants

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Laptops are crap. Apple notebooks on the other hand are exactly the opposite. Dude needs to get himself a MacBook Air already. Overall, and we do not type this lightly, our 11-inch MacBook Airs are nothing less than our all-time favorite Macs.


  1. Totally agree about the 11″ Air. I have a 15″ Pro and an 27″ iMac (both SSD) and the Air has become my go-to machine. I can literally take it and run. Close the lid, throw it in the briefcase and dash to the next meeting or airplane. Open the lid and everything is there. Small, unobtrusive, light, yet a fully functional laptop.

    1. The Air is a nice laptop, but some of us have eyes that don’t play so well with that small of a screen. Wish mine did, but presbyopia is a bitch.

  2. I think the author is full of crap

    1. The screen isn’t big enough for real work

    My 17 inch MBP is just fine. And I use it for CAD work. And you can always attach a large monitor if needed.

    2. There’s no numeric keypad

    Don’t care.

    3. The ports are too close to each other

    Not an issue for me.

    4. Not enough storage space

    500gb is fine for me and now that stuff is stored on the cloud it’s not an issue. And u can always attach more storage via Thunderbolt.

    5. The display viewing angle is acute

    The author apparently has never used a MacBook.

    6. Trackpads are rubbish

    The author apparently has never used a MacBook.

    7. Battery life is pants

    The author apparently has never used a MacBook.

    Author is clueless.

    1. i rarely ever need the numeric keypad.
      I have a MBP 13″. if I had to buy a new MBP today, i’d go 15″.
      beyond that, it’s perfect.

      and I just saw a 750GB hybrid drive on amazon for $144 right now..
      The guy obviously needs to buy a MacBook Pro/Air

  3. Apparently, the commenters here haven’t actually read the original article. Otherwise, they would have heard that:

    6. he said at the end to ignore the whole 6, because the new trackpads (presumably, from his experience with a MB/MBP/MBA).

    Also, he added item 8 — ignore all seven above. Apparently, he loves the laptops, and his ideal laptop would weigh 0 kilos, have a cinema screen, massive multi-terabyte drive, full size keyboard, and fit in his pocket. He finishes the article with “Is that too much to ask?”.

    Apparently, MDN stripped out all the tongue-in-cheek facetiousness out of the article, making him come across as a jerk.

    1. I cannot picture not using a laptop because I hate being tethered to a desk, but he’s right. They are crap, even my Macbook Pro.

      That said, I’m waiting for Apple to put a small laptop battery in iMacs, Mac minis, and Mac Pros to deal with power surges and drops and for them to ship everything with at least a hybrid SSD/hard drive.

  4. I agree with there being no numeric keypad. But I’d lik to say that laptops were made to be for people on the go. If someone has real work to do it shouldn’t be on a laptop. I’ve had no trouble doing work on my laptop because I use an external cinema display. 2 screens available if needed.

  5. Translation:
    1. I have no idea how to manage screen real estate or what Cmd-tab does.
    2. I’m an accountant.
    3. I have gargantuan hands and always try to plug my USB devices into the Ethernet port. They won’t fit.
    4. My massive collection of horse pr0n crowds out my family pics. Also, I do not know how to use external storage (because the ports are too close together).
    5. Because I have a $300 Black Friday Acer netbook.
    6. They do not handle liquids well at all.
    7. See 5.

  6. Yes, laptops are crap. But there are only two actual reasons why:

    Terrible keyboards.
    Terrible pointing devices.

    But I guess two reasons weren’t enough for a full article so Dabbs had to make some things up.

  7. 1. The 15″ screen is bigger than the iPad
    2. Who actually needs it when 99% of or language is letters.
    3. Yeah so?
    4. On board space should be empty except for your apps and current work, externals for storage.
    5. The display is adjustable (sheesh)
    6. Agreed but that’s what mice are for, that’s if you can bare having it plugged in so close to your printer plug.
    7. No smoking.

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