Sharp announces production of world’s first IGZO LCD Panels

In March 2012 at Kameyama Plant No. 2, Sharp began producing the world’s first high-performance LCD panels incorporating IGZO oxide semiconductors. Sharp is expanding production scale through April to meet market demand.

IGZO (InGaZnO) is an oxide comprising indium (In), gallium (Ga), and zinc (Zn). A thin-film transistor using this material has been developed by Sharp in collaboration with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. (a company based in Kanagawa, Japan, and led by President Shunpei Yamazaki).

Kameyama Plant No. 2 first started operations in August 2006, manufacturing highly advanced LCD panels for TVs. Production systems have subsequently been reorganized to focus on producing small- and medium-sized LCD panels for the world’s rapidly growing smartphone and tablet terminal markets.

Employing advanced IGZO oxide semiconductors enables Sharp to produce LCDs with smaller thin-film transistors and increased pixel transparency, thus allowing for lower energy consumption. In addition, proprietary UV2A photo-alignment technology employed in Sharp’s AQUOS LCD TVs enables these displays to achieve high image quality. Ultraviolet-induced multi-domain Vertical Alignment (UV2A) is a photo-alignment technology that precisely controls the alignment of LCD molecules in a simple LCD panel structure.

Sharp will encourage the application of its new high-resolution LCD panels to high-definition notebook PCs and LCD monitors—which are both expected to grow in demand—as well as to mobile devices. Sharp will also contribute to creating markets for attractive new products.

Sample Specifications of LCD Panels Incorporating IGZO
Sharp: Sample Specifications of LCD Panels Incorporating IGZO

Source: Sharp Corporation

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    1. Thanks for the tip and link. I absolutely love the second picture, if for no other reason that it gets rid of scrolling scores at the bottom that are hard to catch in in middle of the action. It would also (hopefully) be where the talking heads could go so they don’t interrupt the action with senseless on-screen commentary (see clown antics of Tony Siragusa for example).

      1. Now if only there was a way to get the in-program-marketing-crap off the screen. What a brilliant Marketing Moron idea: Interrupt your program with overlaid animated garbage. What dick thought that one up? 😯

  1. Who puts these initials together, anyway? IGZO? C’mon, how about ZIGO or GIZO, something more pronounceable? IGZO just doesn’t naturally roll off the tongue. Or are they listed in order of molar value?

  2. Before we know the prices, it will be hard to see how important this announcement is.

    Obviously, if the prices are good and manufacturing volume could be high, 10″ screen display will be very competitive comparing to what iPad has: significantly more pixels, significantly lower power consumption; lets see.

    I would love to have 32″ monitor on my table. Even though no mass media would support such resolution and games will work slow as hell on this, the quality of 2D UI, text rendering, will be already high right away.

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