Why the iPhone 5 headset could be… an iPod

“Apple is planning this year’s late summer music product refresh,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Scratching the rumor machine, its plans could include improvements within iTunes, an upgraded iPod touch, a 7-inch iPad/iPod touch hybrid and a new headset combining iPod shuffle-like music playback with Bluetooth which should work like a dream with iPhone 5,” Evans writes. “Apple’s latest patent filing (Wireless headset with integrated media player) takes the iPod shuffle and transforms it into an essential item for any iPhone user. The description is of a device which integrates a Bluetooth headset, microphone and MP3 player.”

Evans writes, “The headset can be pre-loaded with music over USB, so you get to play music even when you aren’t carrying or don’t own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.”

Much more in the full article here.


      1. this!

        I love my iPod nano, hate the no Bluetooth… Picked up an aftermarket Bluetooth adapter. Works great, shit battery life though.. 4 hours or so. Granted that’s all I need.. But still.

        Maclife/Macworld had an article a few months back with mockup iPod earpiece. Didn’t like the design, but do like the idea.

    1. A lot of successes Apple has had seemed pointless and redundant until Apple delivered them. History aside, I keep audio books on my little square iPod nano, and my iPhone 4S is with me too (it’s both a memory issue and a separation of purpose). The downside is my headset is plugged in to the nano when a call comes in. I, for one, would love an Apple solution to the problem — and this rumor might just be what I want. Dunno if it’s mass market, Apple style, though. I never bought the Apple boom box…. 😉

    2. Totally agree.
      1) I hate something in my ear
      2) I hate to charge something else
      3) siri eliminates need for a headset or ear piece
      4) I can not see Apple doing this

      1. iPhone 4S is Bluetooth 4.0.
        Or as they are marketing it nowadays: Bluetooth Smart Ready.

        A question for everybody: Have you heard of ANY new BT Smart headsets from anyone? I have been looking, have not found anything of note at this point. Thanks.

  1. I love my Bluetooth stereo headset, but wish Apple would make some. And yes, I’d like them to also be “iPods”.

    Right now, when I work out, hike, or go for a run, I need to bring my iPhone with me even though I have no use for it. If the headset was also an iPod, I could use it with or without the iPhone.

    I see a ton of people working out with iPod shuffles and nanos…. do these people not have phones?

  2. And it hardly will be called “iPhone 5” since it is actually sixth generation iPhone (similarly how the new iPad sometimes mentioned by Apple as third generation). Apple never gave to a new model wrong number: there either was number at all, or old number with suffix (like “S”). So this time this will be iPhone 4G, or iPhone 6 or even simply iPhone.

  3. I have spent a small fortune on bluetooth stereo headsets for use in running. Finally found one that doesn’t break. Works perfectly with the Nike+GPS app on my iPhone 4S.
    The unit is an in ear type and the only problem is that the ear pieces move out of the ear so I lose sound quality after a while.
    If Apple produced something that worked well for sport activity and wasn’t ridiculously expensive (ie >$100) then I would be interested.
    BTW Tim spoke to me while I was sleeping last night and said that the next iPhone would just be called the iPhone. No 5 or S’s.

  4. I use a set of BT wireless stereo headphones. Work great with my iPhone now. don’t need the music in the headphone. But for people who want something other than ear buds with a long dangling cord, it might be a nice alternative to other nano iPods

  5. a new headset combining iPod shuffle-like music playback with Bluetooth which should work like a dream with iPhone 5

    Not if it’s the current iteration of BlueTooth it won’t, not of audio snobs like me. I remain unaware of ANY high quality audio BlueTooth headset. So, unless there is a better iteration of BlueTooth with adequate bandwidth for CD quality audio, I’m not interested.

    Please cure my ignorance, if folks know of an improvement in BlueTooth.

    [Background: I have never found BlueTooth to be worthy of any of the hype. I find it to be both a clunky, hobbled and often unreliable technology that should never have become a computer standard. It was a nice first step by Ericsson but should have been tossed out in favor of something worthy of full audio quality.]

  6. I’m I the only one who sees it, or has this concept been talked about already. With the advent of the Cloud,Siri & iPod Nano Watch concept. Size, both screen for interface and storage solved by the cloud, no longer matter. Apple needs to add Siri+4G to the Nano and now the Dick Tracy Watch Phone comes to life. It seems very obvious and doable. Or for a version 1.0 add bluetooth and a mic to the Nano and have it interface with your Iphone that can stay in your pocket, purse, backpack or waterproof case while you access calls and control your iPhone. I see this coming for sure!

  7. I can see that being a major selling point to sell an Apple BT headset. That would give you the opportunity to load music into the headset and leave the iPhone elsewhere. Want to take a walk and listen to your music without being bothered by the Office calling you after hours … problem solved.

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