Facebook is stupid and for old people

“‘Facebook is stupid and for old people,’ my 12 year old daughter texted me yesterday after FaceBook offered to purchase Instagram. If you have teenage or pre-teen girls or boys, this demonstrative behavior isn’t anything new. What I didn’t fully understand at the time is what a firestorm the acquisition set off in the community,” Patrick Moorhead writes for Tech.pinions. “Of deeper and longer-term significance, however, was the spotlight my daughter’s text to me shined upon the newest and most natural trend in social media; verticalization or specialization, which will reshape social media as we know it today.”

“As I probed to better understand what my daughter meant and how she felt by her text to me, she explained that with Facebook owning Instagram, it would ruin its entire purpose,” Moorhead writes. “Probing further, she feared that Facebook, because it’s for ‘old people,’ would ‘change Instagram.’ Taking this offline, she explained a few fears. For her, Instagram is a world for her and her friends in her grade that was protected from Facebook gawkers and lurkers. Her thinking was that by Facebook owning Instagram, those gawkers and lurkers would invade her and her young friend’s world. Mark Zuckerberg promises a standalone Instagram, but will, of course, import all the pictures in their context and metadata, to be monetized like everything else is in the Facebook network. My daughter wasn’t alone in her fears.”

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  1. While a 12 year old may not be the most eloquent speaker, I appreciate the line about ‘a world for her and her friends in her grade that was protected from Facebook gawkers and lurkers’ as I like Instagram’s singular purpose to share photos both fun an artistic in a separate social network. I’m not afraid of gawkers and lurkers but Instagram was a one trick pony and, while that is usually bad, I found it to be a great part of it. And they never claim ownership of anything. Their agreements can be read in a minute or two and I think I’d be hard pressed to find anything objectionable.

  2. If people continue to think that you can have a service for free, for ever, they are naive. Hence the young kids.
    If something is a sitting goose or golden egg, someone is going to take it and turn in into $$. It’s just a fact.

    An interesting development would be, if a government produced a commercial free social network that was, free to everyone, performed a public means of communication, and benefited society.

    Nah, anti gov politicos wouldn’t want that. There’s power in chaos.

  3. If Facebook is stupid, then thank old people. If Facebook is for old people? Well, personally, it would have a lot more appeal decades ago when I was a teenager.

  4. I’m 58, and I use Fb all the time for keeping up to date with friends spread all over the UK, and any number of bands who’ve migrated away from MySpace since it crashed and burned.
    I’m no genius, and I have no problems with Fb, so maybe those commenting here who do are the really terminally stupid ones…

    1. Give all your private information and images to FB is the problem, you can use FB anyway you like but it’s clear your not fully versed in the “Fine Print” of the terms of service, look at it sometime, you will be shocked.

      And now with company’s asking employees to turn over all social network addresses and then many folks being terminated for posting on a public blog like FB is another concern.

      I can never see anyone being so short sighted as to post private information on a social blog for all to see, in this day and age it’s irresponsible, but then all the information FB gets from each user as to tastes and location also falls into that category.
      You made your choice, be prepared for more then you bargained for, it may just bite you.

      1. yep.

        Just remember folks, EVERYTHING you say on FB, private or public, IS ALLOWED in court…. and no, you really have no say in the matter. Lawyers specialize in social media now.. both for and against corporate interests.

    2. Glad to hear FB works for you. Personally speaking, I prefer personal contact. Terminally stupid ones? Simply more negative comments backed by zero facts.

  5. Facebook is stupid for those who don’t particularly care to know developments in other peoples lives. Like me. Who cares if so and so had a baby and what it weighs and its name and how many poops it has made so far….yawn. If I was THAT important in their lives, they would let me know. As such, people are too frikken lazy to let epople know. They put it on facebook and let the people do the work to find this crap out. No thanks. Bah humbug 🙂

    But for people who like it, so be it. You don’t have to understand it.

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