Beleaguered RIM clings to delusional thinking as U.S. federal agencies move to Apple’s iOS

“2012 hasn’t been shaping up to be a good year for RIM. The company has already lost some major enterprise customers, developers have publicly announced they’re shuttering BlackBerry support, and the new iPad sales beat the total number of BlackBerry PlayBook shipments three times over in one weekend,” Ryan Faas reports for Cult of Mac.

“The one bright moment, if you can call it that, came during the company’s recent quarterly financials call when RIM’s newly minted CEO Thorsten Heins told investors that his first action on the job was to seriously evaluate RIM’s business. After months of delusional pep talks, his very sober assessment was like a burst of lucid thinking,” Faas reports. “Unfortunately, the company’s executives seem to be covering that lucid moment with more of the delusional spin that’s become typical of RIM.”

Faas reports, “The latest bout of RIM denying its situation involve comments by executives on the state of the BlackBerry in government.”

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