Despite huge drop, Apple continues to lead North American large LCD monitor market with 26.2% share

“Samsung Electronics has become the world’s top seller of LED-backlit LCD monitors, according to a Korean news report,” Amy Fan and Alex Wolfgram report for DigiTimes.

“Samsung still lags behind Apple in the North American 24-inch and above LED LCD monitor market with a market share of 24.3% and is looking to snatch the top spot, the report cited DisplaySearch as indicating,” Fan and Wolfgram report. “Apple constitutes 26.2% of that market but has seen a huge drop since 2010 when it had 53.3%. Samsung’s current market share in North America has jumped considerably from its previous 12.3%.”

Fan and Wolfgram report, “In terms of 24-inch and above LED-backlit LCD monitors, the company held 34.7% of the global market in 2011, pushing Apple’s 2010 top ranking to second and made up 78.1% of the market share in Central and South America.”

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    1. Any monitor that sells for other than $999 would be considered a fraction of the price. Try color correcting on a Dell monitor. Your pare-press guys will be calling before the file has time to catch its breath

  1. Haven’t bought an apple display since 1994.
    Saying that we do have 3 laptops, 3 iPhones and an iPad. Most displays are integrated now in machines of all sizes.

    1. I kept my off-brand (Acer) 22″ LCD display when I got rid of my old Mac Pro and got a 15″ MBP … only issue is that it often has difficulty waking from sleep. Now, I’m waiting for the Belkin Thunderbolt dock to make it easier to take my laptop away from my desk on those few occasions when I might want. The rest of the time my new iPad goes everywhere in our house because of Apple Airport wi-fi. And the Airports let me stream music throughout the house via AirPlay. Now, if only my car had an auxiliary port that I could plug my iPod into …

      Damn! Apple products sure do well by our household.

  2. Apple is largely responsible for the drop in large monitor sales. Between the iPad (post-PC device) and their preferential offering of all-in-one desktop computers for the consumer market, their success has largely closed the door for large displays (not to mention the premium prices of the only Apple display available).

    Slightly off-topic, all those all-in-one iMacs will turn out to be economically and ecologically problematic when they become obsolete, and the (probably still-functioning) display has to be replaced as well as the PC behind it. It is to Apple’s credit that their computers run so well for so long before they lose function or support (I just got my sister to replace her still-running lamp-shade iMac), but that day still comes for all of them.

  3. Typing this facing a 24″ LED Cinema display which is great excepting the damn glare from the effed up glossy screen. It will be my last Apple display unless something changes.

    Thunderchicken will be the latest of Apple’s attempts to extort money through proprietary connections (yes I know it’s supposed to be available to all). I think of it as Apple Display Connector Part 2. It’s the answer to the question nobody asked except those who wish to lace everything with DRM.

    A proper DVI connection is fine.

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