EU considers investigation of Motorola Mobility over complaints brought by Apple and Microsoft

“The European Commission is considering whether to formally investigate complaints brought by Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. against Motorola about the use of key patents, the European Union’s competition chief said Friday,” Alessandro Torello reports for MarketWatch.

“Earlier this year, the commission, the EU’s antitrust body, received two complaints against Motorola Mobility Inc over the use of patents,” Torello reports. “Microsoft Corp. filed a competition complaint against Motorola and its soon-to-be owner Google Inc. in connection with Motorola’s handling of patents it holds that form part of industry-wide standards for Internet connectivity. Apple has also recently filed a suit in California aimed at warding off any injunctions from Motorola Mobility on one of Apple’s iPhones and last month made a similar complaint to the commission.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Do it. FRAND extortion must end.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Hurray… two wonderful articles pressing against GOOGLE.
    Oracle will go to court on April 16th… and this one.

    … robot out of control… die android die

    1. Launch Time! Ponder the legal expenditures! I wonder if AAPL has enough cash to defend its IP? 😉 oh iForgot Apple earned their “World Tech Title”… THEY HAVE ZERO (0) DEBT!! Unlike other third rate narcissistic, plastic pushers, Apple is doing THE RIGHT THING! Defending what Steve Jobs & the legions of dedicated employees worked so hard to obtain. Apple has every RIGHT to feel proud of it’s accomplishments and they have every RIGHT to protect their patented IP accomplishments. AAPL obtained greatness through innovation and gobbs of LONG HOURS!!!

      FCK YOU Eric T. mole Schmidt!!!! You are indeed lower than the whale shit @ the bottom of the ocean! The world will be a better place when you cease to exist. Jerry Garcia loathed posers like Eric T. Mole. Jerry was not perfect but his heart was true. My distain for Eric Schmidt will never cease. I forgive him he know not what he does. Google is the definition of Arrogance, narcissism & greed. Is there any JUSTICE in the world? Time will tell ALL.
      I miss you Steve Jobs. Thank The Lord Above Steve Jobs, You Don’t Have To Deal With All This Bullshit On Earth Anymore. The Global Justice System Is One Gigantic Skull FCK! The fact that Google and Android has progressed to this level already is an ABOMINATION to all mankind.

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