New iPad owners: Retina display is far and away best new feature; heat a non-issue

Two weeks ago, the new iPad hit the market with a bang. But now that the Apple tablet is in the hands of consumers, what is their initial reaction towards the new device?

A March 22-28 survey of 200 new owners looked at their impressions of the new Apple iPad, including overall satisfaction with the device, key likes and dislikes, and the impact of the heat issue.

Customer Satisfaction

User satisfaction with the new iPad is even higher than previous iPad ratings from a February 2012 ChangeWave survey. More than four-out-of-five new iPad owners (82%) say they are Very Satisfied with the device. Another 16% say they’re Somewhat Satisfied.

ChageWave iPad Customer Satisfaction March 2012

Here is a head-to-head comparison of the new iPad user survey results with previous iPad user results from the February 2012 ChangeWave survey.

ChangeWave: iPad vs. iPad (2012) satisfaction

Top iPad Likes and Dislikes

We also queried new iPad owners on the specific features they liked best and disliked most:

What do you like best about the new iPad? (Choose No More Than Three)

ChangeWave: iPad (2012) top consumer likes

By a landslide, the High-Resolution “Retina” Display (75%) is what new iPad owners report they like best about the device. Long Battery Life (22%) comes in a distant second, followed by 4G LTE Capability (21%) and the Faster Processor (20%)

New iPad Dislikes

When asked what they dislike most about their new iPad, users cited the Cost of the Device (26%) and the Cost of the Wireless Data Plan (23%) as their two biggest gripes.

And what do you dislike most about the new iPad? (Choose No More Than Three)

ChangeWave: iPad (2012) top consumer dislikes

Two other issues were each cited by 8% of owners – the iPad’s Size/Weight and its Amount of Flash Memory Storage.

Additional dislikes mentioned include its Integration with Other Devices (7%), Excessive Heat Coming From the Device (7%) and Battery Life (6%). No other issue was cited by more than 5% of new owners.

A Closer Look At The iPad ‘Heat’ Issue

In a recent release, Consumer Reports stated that the new iPad can heat up to as much as 116 degrees Fahrenheit when plugged in and continually running a game. While the consumer publication considered this to be “very warm,” they said it wasn’t especially uncomfortable if held for brief periods and they didn’t consider it to be a safety concern.

How much of a problem for you – if any – is the issue of excessive heat coming from your new iPad?

ChangeWave: iPad (2012) heat a non-issue

Only 4% of new iPad owners found the issue of excessive heat to be Somewhat of a Problem for them, and 0% found it to be a Very Big Problem. Moreover, the vast majority of new owners reported they Haven’t Experienced any Problem (89%).

Simply put, the heat issue does not appear to be a perceived problem for the overwhelming majority of new iPad owners.

The complete ChangeWave report is available here.

Source: ChangeWave Research, a service of 451 Research.


      1. I don’t think you’re right. The article you had linked states that the survey was done with 200 owners of the new iPad.

        I would question the size of the sample. With 3 million sold in just three days, a sample of 200 is somewhat meaningless, to say the least.

  1. Got my new iPad delivered to my house by apple on 1st day. My first iPad. Have had iPhone 3GS & now the 4s.
    The iPad main complaint for me is the difficulty charging this badass device.
    Takes forever to charge and not being able to charge via laptop is very inconvenient.

    1. Excuse me for asking a personal question, Chuck, but do you ever sleep? My wife and I do, and what a great time that proves to be for charging our iPads! Of course, if you’re up and running 24/7, your complaint is a valid one.

      1. Don’t be a smartass. There are a lot of people with the routine of squeezing all their battery’s juice before start recharging it again. It’s the concept of extending the battery’s life. It may not be a good habit anymore in the case of the new iPad, but that was not people’s fault.

        1. Um, what?

          Yeah, charge it while you sleep. If you need a charge before that you’ve used your iPad for 10 hours. Put it down. Plug it in. Eat. Take a shit. Breath some fresh air. Then back to the iPad.

          And if you want to use it while going about the above, just deal with the cord and you’re good to go.

  2. The display is really unbelievably stunning. There are no words to adequately describe it. When I first migrated my mom’s stuff to over new one, it still had the older version of the background image – you could see all the pixels in the image, and compare it to the app icons, which were of course full resolution. The difference can’t really be compared, because in one you can see pixels and the other you can’t. Not at all. RAZOR crisp.

    Well done Apple. Well done.

    Now make one that’s 55″ and you’ll rule the world.

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