Apple ups iAd revenue from 60% to 70%

“Apple has announced to developers that it has increased developers’ share of revenue in iAd from 60 percent to 70 percent,” AppleInsider reports. “The announcement came on Apple’s official developer center in a brief statement.”

“Apple’s iAd service has struggled since it launched in 2010,” AppleInsider reports. “In February, one report claimed that Apple was considering a number of changes in an effort to rekindle interest in the mobile advertising platform.”

AppleInsider report, “Advertisers can now spend as little as $100,000 to initiate mobile campaigns, down from a $300,000 threshold that went into effect last July. The current minimum represents just a fraction of the lofty $1 million minimum when the service launched in 2010 and the $500,000 entry price from last February.”

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  1. Apple should do quite a bit more to attract lower volume advertisers. Small companies shouldn’t need $100,000 to launch and advertising campaign on the iOS. Apple should treat the campaigns like it does apps in that it ensure the ad quality through a review process, then after that, the fill rate should be determined by amount of money the advertiser wants to spend to promote their wares. In my case, I am an iOS app developer who would love to target other iOS users who have an affinity for purchasing business related apps, but the $100,000 price of entry is out of reach for probably 99% of the current app developer base….which is a shame as in-app advertisements are probably one of the best ways to reach potential app buying customers.

    1. Why would Apple want to waste resources reviewing a campaign that the advertiser want to spend just $500 on.

      $100,000 keeps out some of the nasty and cheap adverts pushed by low end iOS developers peddling their business related apps.

      1. $500 is $500 they didn’t have… but you quoted that number, not me… $100k is way too high. My biggest point is that since they decided to get into the ad business instead of leaving it solely in hands of Google’s admob, they should make it a bit more accessible like google’s adwords are.

        Hell, for devs like myself who want a bit more exposure and are willing to pay for it, Apple could have a canned ad template that would promote the developers app by simply showing stuff that is already part of that app’s app store description… you already see these sorts of adverts in apps when apple doesn’t have sufficient ads from paying advertisers… why can’t I as a developer, toss in $1000 to get them to show my app a bit more often than they might normally be inclined to show it. I am not asking for a free ride, just a lower barrier to entry. It would probably be a win-win all around. Devs like myself can promote their apps to make more money… Apple would get more money from the sale of my + they would also be paid for the advertising. Dev’s whose business model relies on advertising will get better fill rates, and possibly higher click throughs and can those be able to keep their apps updated, etc. and finally, the customer doesn’t have to look at the same old Nissan Leaf ad for months and months.

    2. I agree, bsdimwit. There may need to be some minimum floor to make it worthwhile for Apple to handle iOS business from lower volume advertisers. But $100K seems higher than necessary, to me.

      It is good to see that Apple is responding to the market.

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