New Apple Store scheduling rules to squeeze employees

“Just months after appointing a new retail chief, and in the midst of continuing workplace complaints by retail store employees, Apple is revising its scheduling practices that will pressure employees who are already suffering from larger crowds of visitors,” Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore.

“Apple’s stores have become more crowded, noisy, and stressful as their products have risen in popularity and more products have come to market. In fact, some stores have seen their visitor traffic double annually over the past four years, sources say,” Allen reports. “The increased traffic means staffers must sell, train and repair while elbow-to-elbow with colleagues, or even customers, and amidst more distractions and noise.”

Allen reports, “Now, the company is changing weekend work requirements, and increasing the mandatory minimum hours for part-timers. The changes seem to have substantial benefits for Apple, but few for its employees, and could result in many resignations from employees who are unable to comply with the new requirements.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Boo Who…. I work at a place that decided to change the part time hours. People complain when they don’t have jobs and now Apple is the evil company for having jobs and needing people to work. So we are all clear if Apple needs people to work it may higher more people. Or perhaps its seasonal as in a new launch. Those jobs would be phased out. Then the headlines would read. Apple to Layoff 5000 people in a move to cut spending. The reality is Apple has invested money in training people to perform a function and task and that takes time and money. If they want more hours out of their already trained resources then they can ask for more time from its part time people. Because the full-time people are already full-time and may not have more hours to give. As a part time employee you are sometimes asked to work odd hours and shifts and you may even be asked to have a minimum amount of hours greater than what you wanted. That is ok because that means if you don’t want to work those hours you can go some place else that will let you work less hours that fits with you schedule. I know that some people will not be able to work longer hours but this is a business and this is a job not an entitlement. If you can’t work the hours the job needs then you can’t work there. Its simple and a non news BS article.
      OMG Apple wants to put people to work. When the rest of the country is laying people off the evil dudes at Apple are making people work longer part time hours to service their customers. Who does Apple think they are forcing their staff to accommodate customers. In many malls there is an option if you can’t work Apple hours cross the hall and go to the microsoft store and see if they are hiring. I’ll bet if they need help if only a few hours at best. Why do people have this odd sense of entitlement. In a down economy with jobs scarce that this is even an article is laughable.
      Im sorry everyone do to the success of the company we will need people who only currently work 16 hours to work another 8 hours. Full timers have to work a weekend whats the big deal? This is retail right? This is how all retailers do things. Try getting time off during Christmas time. It does not happen retailers say no they can’t because they need every hand. Well everyday is Christmas at an Apple store these days so stop complaining (if there actually any people complaining) People can’t wait to take your job they would jump at the chance. Since so many are out of work right now.

      1. SuperKmart (the name, in and of itself, conjures up all sorts of bargain-basement imagery, but I digress…)

        Please remember, grammer & punctuation are your friends. i.e.: ‘words mean things’.

        Part of the art of persuasion of others includes using basic American-english grammatical rules as effectively as possible, otherwise, you simply appear to be an uneducated rube.

        example: ‘Boo Who…’

        Really? Did you mean to use ‘Boo Whom…’? Or were you attempting to use the internet usage of the ‘tongue-in-cheek’, ‘Boo Hoo…’, as in, a condescending pejorative designed to illustrate your disdain for the previous comment?

        If it were the latter, you failed.

        Your run-on sentences and lack of seperation make it difficult to read, therefore, it is difficult for your reader to understand what the hell you are trying to say.

        Please understand; I am only trying to help.

        Brevitity is the soul of wit.

        Consolodate your ideas or shut the hell up.

          1. The premise that you libtards use that Business is somehow responsible for your pathetic asses is unbelievable.

            Businesses hire the employee for a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wages, agreed upon by both. If either party changes their mind the agreement can be terminated without all of this Marxist bull shit that you lemmings constantly spout!

            You suck!

            1. Really ‘Real Deal’? I like the core message you attempted to portray. But you think writing like a blithering IDIOT will get your message across?

              ‘libtard’ – a clear sign of a Ditto Head dimwit.

              ‘this Marxist bull shit’ – Marxism is bull shit, but why did you bring Marxism into a discussion about this dopey article? The proletariate uprising and taking control of the government is evident WHERE in this silly article?

              ‘you lemmings constantly spout!’ is aimed at exactly what aspect of this baloney article? Could you perhaps provide something approximating ANALYSIS of the article instead of blowing propaganda phrases at the world?

              “You suck!” – The ultimate loser statement. The switch is turned off and the room goes dark, leaving you alone with your hateful and ignorant methods of communication.

              There are honest, useful, meaningful, helpful, insightful methods of communication of which you are entirely capable.

              And oh, are you my personal Stalker? You sound like him! Not good.

            2. For the mentally challenged-clueless, Dereck….

              Because expecting a business or the Government to be your mommy and daddy is a Libtard – Marxist – Communist – Progressive BS tactic. That’s why it was brought up. And liberals do suck.

              The days of trying to nicely explain anything to a Libtard-Lemming are long gone. They don’t listen and can’t absorb knowledge and important information. They are Zombified. You must be one of them if you have to ask……

          1. Heh-heh. At my lastl Grammar Police seminar, the first thing we were taught is to type your text into a text editor and spell-check and grammar-check it. Then you cut and paste it into your comment box.

            That alone go’s along way in keeping egg on your plait and off’n your face. 🙂 [fat fingers firmly in cheek]

            1. @ El Guapisimo: It was parody, my friend, thus the “fat fingers firmly in cheek” disclaimer at the end.

              Actually, though, I do notice an egregious error in the first line: “lastl” s/b “last.”

              Further explanatory notes:
              go’s = goes along = a long plait = plate off’n = off of

              Sorry you missed the other’s. 🙂

        1. Fandango,

          You missed the point of SuperKmart’s post entirely! Not surprisingly you freaking drone-brain dead-libtard.

          No brevity, paragraph, or politeness will convert a drone like you from the dark side of Marxism to the light and wonders of conservatism.

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          1. Reality, you are the hell you have created.

            Your pride is your damnation. Pride is the ultimate sin, the worst of all sins (read your bible).

            Don’t put yourself into a pi**ing match with a true conservative, “Reality.”

            Jesus was the ultimate “liberal.”

            Repent, and say your prayers now. Maybe you’ll be forgiven.

            1. If you want to bring up religion, God actually is against hand outs!!! You have to work hard and earn your keep to stay in God’s good graces. So you, as a libtard, has everything assbackwards as usual.

              Yes is a full fledged commie-LEMMING!

            2. Nothing was said or religion. Religion is a cesspool of pride. You missed the point – Pride is the source of all “sins.”

              Don’t be ashamed of your fear. Man up. Your pride is the end of you.

            3. “Nothing was said or religion”. Really??? How about you typing in this – “Jesus was the ultimate “liberal.”

              Repent, and say your prayers now. Maybe you’ll be forgiven”.

              See Dereck – this is how a Zobmie – Libtard operates. They make no sense. Their the first to get nasty. They try to game the system and change the rules to make it so you can’t argue back with them because it is now illegal. Liberals are the scum of the earth!!!!!!

  1. …or not. Guess what? Retail sucks. The laws allow perpetual “part-time” employees with no or partial benefits. That’s your government at work, not Apple.

    1. This is a tricky one.

      I’m inclined to place a maximum on the number of hours a part-timer can work. But if the government tried to do that, those opposed would inevitably trot out a bunch of people to show how the max would cut their hours, which would lead to their children starving.

      But if you don’t have that, there’s the potential for abuse by employers. They could hire everyone as part-time, make them work 35 hours/week, and never have to pay benefits.

      So what other option is there? Compelling companies to hire full-time staff? That’s a slippery slope too.

      1. It was my understanding that the government addressed this loophole years ago by limiting the number of hours of part-time employees to 30. If you need employees to work more than that, then you have to treat them as full time in terms of health care benefits, etc.

        If I am mistaken, then loose the arrows…

        1. Screw that. That government has no right to tell a private business how many hours they have to work to be part time. WTF is wrong with you statists?????

      2. Don’t work at Apple if you don’t like what they have to offer you NewCASTRATTI SCUM!!!!!!! Turn the channel if you don’t like the show. Don’t read the article if you don’t like it.

    2. Just because you can get away with something, doesn’t mean you should.

      Clearly you have the morals of a hedge fund manager.

      Apple could EASILY afford to change this practice, and set an industry example. They CHOOSE not to, because they like the status-quo.

      1. Why should Apple have to do that you asshole. That’s not their job. Because you and some other Libtard wants them to???? No freaking way. Stop trying to force business and government to be your keepers you aholes.

    3. “The laws allow perpetual “part-time” employees with no or partial benefits. That’s your government at work, not Apple”.

      Her Shadow is completely out of it’s communist mind!!!!!! We conservatives are diametrically opposed to you Marxist SCUM BAGS!!!!!

      If they push to unionize I vote Apple closes all stores and goes to strictly internet sales and service!!!!!!! You lemmings.

    1. At least in my local Apple Store, management could turn down the music. With the crowd and the hard floor surface, the store is loud enough. Add the music, and it’s auditory overload. I love to stop in an check out the latest stuff, but I don’t stay long.

  2. Hafta say my last two Genius Bar appts were ‘just a tad’ on the busy side, both in UK stores – Bristol and Milton Keynes.

    It was kinda mad, though staffers did their polite and level best. I’ll make sure I go on a cold, wet, Tuesdayish evening from now on!

    Boom times for Apple which is great – but the company could do with more floorspace in those two stores at least.

  3. So the problem is what? They’re getting more hours that will in turn put more in their paychecks? I’m just confused… Weekends are peak time for retail, and they expect to have them off?

    I think the problem is the youth of today expects to have everything handed to them on a silver platter and have no work ethic… Don’t want to work weekends? Don’t work retail (or food service)..

    My friends at apple retail make $3-$5 more an hour than any other retail industry in the states…

    Nobody wants to actually “work” anymore… Go et a 9-5 in data entry… I worked for several companies in retail for YEARS, and it was EXPECTED you worked weekends and long hours on weekends… And guess what? I did it, because I was happy to have a job… And I’ll be honest, I worked my ass off and took pride in my work…

    1. YES! YES! YES!

      To be decent, Apple should offer full time work and benefits to those who prove themselves as worth it. Employees need to WORK for their employers, not just expect the job to mold itself to the schedule of personal recreation. We need more people who want to WORK like those at Foxconn want to do. No handouts in China.

      “‘We are here to work and not to play, so our income is very important,” said Chen Yamei, 25, a Foxconn worker from Hunan who said she had worked at the factory for four years. ‘We have just been told that we can only work a maximum of 36 hours a month of overtime. I tell you, a lot of us are unhappy with this. We think that 60 hours of overtime a month would be reasonable and that 36 hours would be too little,’ she added.”

      Apple supplier Foxconn cuts working hours; workers worry, question why

    2. Some of these part-timers may have two part time jobs and will have to choose which one to let go. What if you worked 24 hours a week at Walmart AND 16 hours a week at Apple and now Apple wants 24 hours. Scheduling conflicts mean you can’t do both. Either way, you’re going from 40 hours a week to 24. That puts LESS in your paycheck.

      1. Not to mention many of those two job WORKERS are FORCED to work two jobs because corporations like Apple and WalMart refuse to offer part time employment, because they do not want to provide benefits.

        1. Non Truth,

          You are a disgusting, communist troll. You represent all that is evil.

          No one is forced to work anywhere. They can quit and go find another job in this wonderful Democrat Destroyed Economy!!!!!!

      2. In your little fantasy scenario what if Walmart agrees to give you just 16 hrs a week so you can still work 2 jobs and make more money than before. Don’t forget about those Walmart Family discounts that Walmart workers get.

        1. What a privilege! WalMart lets them work two jobs. Too bad they are paid so little they can ill afford to shop at WalMart. The fact remains it is one of the poorest places to work in this country, they pay their workers crap, offer scant benefits and are leading the decline of America through mass sales of cheap foreign JUNK.

          I’d suggest you rubes read this book: Nickel and dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. It will enlighten you to some facts about Working at WalMart and similar low wage jobs. It illustrates wonderfully the fallacy of the neocon arguments here.

          I fail to see what is wrong with demanding fair wages, working conditions and benefits. What are you rubes so scared of? Pissing off the boss? Why in your twisted little minds does the employer hold all the chips? Why can they shite on you at will, but when a worker speaks up he is a whiny commie? It makes no sense. I’d like you all to come work for me, I will treat you as you advocate and see how long you last…

          1. I suggest you read Frederic Bastiat, The Law! Not that propaganda-hit piece from Barbara I’mACommie…..

            You demand your fair wages by quitting and working somewhere else or starting your own company. Stop making laws to force your Marxist-hell lifestyle on the rest of us!!!!!

            Unions and liberals have completely destroyed the American work force and productivity.

            So instead of always trying to see evil in everything that is great, please just get a clue. People that work at Walmart are happy to have paying jobs. People that work in China for Apple are too. You libtards come in and completely screw them up every time. The Chinese workers are irate at the commies from the West screwing up their overtime allotment.

            Liberalism destroys greatness.

  4. I’ve worked in retail, and there’s nothing out of the ordinary here.

    Think of the US as a third-world country, and everything will fall into place.

  5. It appears that every time Steve leaves Apple, the myopic money mongers take over, and it all goes to he11. Not a single visionary in the whole lemming herd.

    1. Really????

      It’s money mongering to expect your employees to actually work hours? Statistically speaking, part time employees that work less than 20 hours a week are NOT productive… If you don’t like it, find another job.. The people in cupertino probably work 60-80 hours a week… Sorry your “job” is cutting into your partying..

      This more solidifies everything that’s wrong with the American youth: ZERO WORK ETHIC… ZERO PRIDE IN WORKING HARD AND EXCELLING AT A JOB… If you want to work for the biggest, BEST company in the world, you should have to EARN that spot, not EXPECT it.

      1. Sorry your “job” is cutting into your partying..

        There may well be people who work at Apple retail as part of a lifestyle to get a t-shirt and discounts or whatever.

        But there will be a LOT of people who work at Apple retail as a way of doing things like paying their way through college and the new rules will impact on their studies (which are costing them a lot of money).

        Whilst I have no sympathy for the former, I do for the latter: if you’re using an Apple retail job to pay for your education, Apple would be better off keeping you on staff and helping you get through that part of your life – you’re more likely to remain a loyal customer or become part of the greater Apple community (as an employee or developer or evangelist) if you don’t feel you were exploited or disregarded earlier.

        1. Dude, if you are working your way through college you take 4 years to do a 3 year course or 5 years to take a 4 year course and make the time for that part time job.

        2. Apple has no f*cking responsibility to get anyone through anything you Marxist idiot. That’s what their families and their own resourcefulness is for, not Apple’s, not any businesses. You effing commies are completely out of your freaking minds. What little of them you had to start with……

          1. Chill pill to Bed 10.

            Patient frothing at the mouth.

            Here’s the thing: the moment you start throwing around ad hominem attacks, you devalue the debate. Unless you don’t want any debate. Also, I (or the other people you attack in that way – and I’ve seen your eloquent reasoning elsewhere) immediately dismiss you as someone whose opinion isn’t worth the time or the effort of trying to understand.

            Basically, it’s bullying and name-calling. You’re behaving like a boor and justifying it to yourself by calling yourself “Patriot”.

            We should come here to exchange opinions, evaluate them and debate them. But you come here to call people names.

            Back on topic, they are using their own resourcefulness by going and getting a job. You guys need to make your mind up – should they freeload off the bank of Mom and Dad (where Mom and Dad might be out of work) or should they go and get a job?

            They’ve gone and got a job that appeals to their skills and fits in with their studies, now some of them will have to give it up and Apple will have to find others to fill their place.

            Personally, I’d prefer to have the best, the brightest and the most enthused working for Apple, but you obviously don’t give a crap about that so we’ll have to differ.

            1. Liberals froth at the mouth about everything. “never let a good crisis go to waste” is their motto.

              Liberals don’t listen. Liberals suck. Liberals behave like boors and bully everyone everywhere.

              Again, Apple is not responsible for anything other than paying these cry babies to work.

              Businesses should not have to provide healthcare nor should the government. More LIberals-Ahole-BS.

              Put that in your pipe and smoke it mtherfcker!

  6. The bottom line will be whether the customer experience suffers. I’m not troubled by retail employees being required to work 2 out of 3 “weekend” days (i.e., Fri – Sun). Retail’s busy time is on the weekend. Don’t like it? Don’t work retail! Problem solved.

  7. I use to work at an Apple Store in a mall. That place was busy nonstop and that was in 2009. Every time I stop by there it just looks worse, and then employees seem more stressed out. My only recommendation is that they pay their employees more. On average, its $10 an hour for a starting wage. Which is pretty good when you compare other retail stores. But for the amount knowledge these guys/girls have and the amount of money the company makes, I think a bump in their salary is deserved. That….or, I think it would be okay to have more high chairs in the place that way if your doing a sale which takes longer than 30 minutes…which it does! they can rest for a bit while talking. And they definitely dodge putting people on full time. It’s really hard to get that position compared to most retail.

    1. Don’t work there then if you don’t like it. If people won’t work there then Apple will have to offer better terms. But as long as people are willing to take that job than good for them. The complainers can go apply for a DO NOTHING GOVERNMENT JOB.

      1. I’m sorry if you misinterpretted what I wrote TwentyBenson. I was making recommendations. I never once said I didn’t like it there. and as for the comment “don’t work there then if you don’t like it.” thats why I quit. duh. Sounds like you just want to throw out a comment that has nothing to do with that i said “the complainers can go apply for a DO NOTHING GOVERNMENT JOB.”

        1. muddy,

          I apologize if I hurt your feelings. But liberal propaganda, talking points, Poitical Correctness is running rampant in the US and from posters at MDN. It is a tool to promote the Marxist agenda. They twist and hijack every cause they can.

          You were smart to leave when you realized you didn’t like what Apple had to offer. That’s how capitalism is supposed to work. Libtards want to destroy Capitalism and the US and make us all beg for scraps from the few chosen ones. No way. Not on our conservative watch.

          Good luck in your new career!

          1. Sorry buddy….but I’m not going to be a part of the conservative watch…nor am I going to spew liberal propaganda. I’m going to voice my own ideas and not give into political rhetoric because it sounds like a good vs. evil battle in my opinion. so…you didn’t hurt my feelings because I am older then 23 years old and I know how to understand a douche comment. I’m also going to say, it sounds like you still didn’t really listen to what I said and instead you focused on bashing a political party.

            1. In case you weren’t paying attention it is a matter of life and death for the US right now. The great US can’t keep letting liberals have their way through political correctness. Whether it’s this ridiculous Apple jobs problem post or any of the myriad other assaults on our way of life.

              muddygun, you need to screw your head on right, buckle down, work hard, and vote conservative. Happy days will be here again my friend. Don’t look for hand outs and take personal responsibility sonny!

            2. It’s called work together man. Not spend all of your time trying to separate yourself from the person who lives right next to you. Everyone recognizes what is great about America, and everyone sees the shit it creates as well. If people are going to build a bridge, its not going to get built if both sides disagree with working with each other.

            3. MuddyGun – Liberals don’t want to work together, m-on. If you haven’t noticed that’s what Republicans have been doing and look where that has gotten us.

              The days of trying to work together with Libtards are officially over. We are diametrically opposed to their horrific, commie, agenda. We will defeat them everywhere and every way possible. There is not much we have in common with a Marxist.

              Maobama and comrades have really made lots of attempts at being civil and working with the other side……. They have done the exact opposite and we will no longer take this crap.

              Landslide loss for Maobama this November!!! Voted out! Yes!

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