After using Apple’s new iPad with Retina display, old iPad screens become absolutely unacceptable

“Somehow, in spite of selling three million units in a weekend, we’re meant to believe the newest iPad is a disappointment,” Chris Rawson reports for TUAW. “It’s supposedly a merely iterative upgrade to the iPad 2; the bigger battery, more powerful GPU, and doubled system RAM all simply offset the increased power and processing demands of that new Retina Display. A display which, if various pundits and casual (possibly half-blind) passersby are to be believed, isn’t that much better anyway.”

“Frankly, those people are on crack. The new iPad’s Retina Display is the best display I’ve seen on any device, ever. And for a device that’s essentially all display, the effect that has on the experience can’t be overstated,” Rawson reports. Macworld‘s Dan Frakes agrees and says the new iPad’s screen isn’t getting its just due. ‘The new display is simply phenomenal. I expected it to be good, but it’s really good. Really, really good. Text on a screen has never seemed clearer or more…right.'”

Rawson reports, “He’s right. I used my old iPad 2 briefly, and it was like the screen had been smeared in a thick coat of Vaseline. The iPad 2’s screen quality was always something of a letdown after months using an iPhone 4 and then an iPhone 4S, but it wasn’t until I used the newest iPad that the 1024 x 768 screen on the old one became absolutely unacceptable to my eyes. There literally is no going back.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. The problem with living with the new iPad for the last two weeks of business travel, is that when I come home to my 30″ NEC high resolution display, it just doesn’t look very good, especially not on text.

    HDIP computer displays cannot come too fast…

  2. I bought the iPad 3 and found it to have a yellow hue to it. I then went through three additional iPad 3 exchanges all with the same result.

    My white Siamese cat looks yellow on the iPad 3, she looks perfect on the iPad 2. If I were to use iPHoto on the iPad 3 to color correct her, then through the magic of iCloud the “corrected” picture would be too blue on all other devices.

    There are rumors that some glue has to dry, blah, blah. Yes the iPad 3 screen is sharper but that doesn’t make up for it’s white balance being off.

    When it comes to reading the fact that a page has a yellow tint and looks a little parchment is just a matter of preference. But if we are talking about processing photos with a device that is touted to be so color accurate, well that’s a bunch of BS. It’s not color accurate and here I am at the almost two week return point, waiting for the supposed glue to dry and my white cat still has the yellow tint.

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