Beleaguered RIM joins Nokia in whining about Apple’s nano-SIM tactics

“Research In Motion has sent a letter to a standards group complaining about Apple’s tactics in the battle over the upcoming nano-SIM standard, joining Nokia in trying to shed doubt over Apple’s efforts,” Mikael Ricknäs reports for IDG News.

“The RIM letter, which was submitted Wednesday, states that RIM over last few days has observed a number of people from one company changing their affiliation and registering to the meeting representing a completely different company. But voting by proxy during a technical body meeting is not allowed, according to RIM,” Ricknäs reports. “The letter highlights four examples, including three supposed Apple employees who have registered for Bell Mobility, KT Corp. and SK Telekom. Since voting by proxy isn’t allowed, they should not be allowed to take part in the proceedings, according to RIM.”

Ricknäs reports, “Apple’s proposal is reportedly backed by operators… ETSI will issue a statement when the votes have been cast, a spokesman said on Wednesday.”

Full article with a link to beleaguered RIMs’ letter here.

MacDailyNews Take: Those lacking clout whine in unison, but ’tis innovator who sets the agenda.

Leaders lead. Roadkill decays.

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    1. They will no doubt federate with the Association for the Advancement of Mediocrity, and together they might make the world safe once again for the production and selling of unmitigated dreck.

      1. Oh I love where this is going. I wonder if they’ve already established a timeframe in which they will have completely eradicated the blight known as innovation.

    1. I am all for the nano-SIM and then the pico-SIM, until we end up with a single SIM-molecule. At some point user accessibility will become tedious.

      But is that not entirely Apple’s point for its roadmap to a SIM-free world? Annoy the hell out of people by continuously pushing for smaller SIM-cards till they become a laughing matter.

  1. lacking clout? didn’t the letter say that people are switching companies and trying to vote by proxy, which is against the rules?

    that sounds like a legit complaint to me!

  2. Sony loved to make things that might one day become standards.

    Apple is in the drivers’ seat here with a good market share and great design. It could create a Sim slot also that utilizes two sizes – in preparation to eliminate the other a few years later.
    As you can see these micro-sims suggested sizes are relatively similar.

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