Autodesk announces AutoCAD 2013 for Mac and Windows

“For the first time Autodesk has released a major new version of AutoCAD for the Mac and Windows platforms simultaneously, further signaling its commitment to Apple’s surging platform,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh.

“A big new feature in AutoCAD 2013 are the new tools to connect with Autodesk 360 cloud-enabled services,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “This will allow AutoCAD 2013 users to access their data anywhere and collaborate with colleagues in remote locations.”

Frausto-Robledo reports, “There are some interesting new social connection capabilities in AutoCAD 2013. Besides the Autodesk 360 options you can now bring in Inventor files and maintain intelligent and associative relationships between AutoCAD and Inventor files. AutoCAD 2013 gains new built-in Facebook and Twitter connection tools for sharing your designs.

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MacDailyNews Take: Concurrent releases are a Good Thing™.

Next, they’ll be dropping the Windows version. 😉

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  1. BIM has been around with ArchiCAD ( started on a Mac ) since late 1980’s… so “Industry” left ACAD 2D drafting decades ago it is just Architecture that is slow to change. Revit for Mac Autodesk… AutoCAD 2D drafting is DOA.

  2. Autodesk better release an education version as the Mac 2011 version was not allowed to be installed in schools and we had to install Bootcamp on 75 iMacs just to run Autocad. I also want to known when the rest of the CAD industry is going to wake up and get a version on Mac ie Revit because if they don’t, thier going to miss out on a huge section of a growing market and be relegated to the ignorant blind companies such as Microsoft.

  3. As someone who was often critical of AutoDesk for their Windows only spagetti-coded software, I was truly surprised two years ago when they wrote and released a native version of AutoCad. This surprise was followed by more surprise when AutoDesk released AutoCAD WS for the iPad. Now they release AutoCAD 13 for Windows and Mac concurrently. Far out!

    Based on the last couple years, I strongly suspect AutoDesk is working on Mac versions of Revit and their other programs. I’m personally looking for AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map for the Mac and iPad.

    Good job AutoDesk, not like those other deadbeats, ***cough**** Intuit ***cough****.

  4. I teach pre-engineering at the high school level and we are forced to use Dell machines. I am assuming that part of it is because the company that writes the curriculum gets a kickback from Dell and the other part is because they use Autodesk software that is not available for the Mac OS.

    I am really looking forward to Autodesk rolling out Mac OS versions of all of their programs.

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