U.S. Apple product users split evenly between Republicans and Democrats; Half of U.S. households own at least one Apple product

“Half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple product, according to CNBC’s All-America Economic survey,” Jodi Gralnick reports for CNBC.

“That’s more than 55 million homes with at least one iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac computer,” Gralnick reports. “And one-in-10 homes that aren’t currently in that group plan to join it in the next year. But Apple doesn’t have to worry about brand saturation any time soon. Americans don’t stop with just one device. Homes that own least one Apple, own an average of three. Overall, the average household has 1.6 Apple devices, with almost one-quarter planning to buy at least one more in the next year.”

“Our survey shows Apple buyers tend to be male, college-educated, and younger. They’re just as likely to own a home as not. Not surprisingly, the more money you earn, the more Apple products you’re likely to own,” Gralnick reports. “Just 28 percent of those making less than $30,000 a year own at least one, compared with 77 percent of those making more than $75,000. Those on the higher end of the income scale own an average of about three Apple devices, compared with 0.6 for lower-income homes.”

“It seems parents either want their kids to keep up with technology, or they’re trying to keep them busy. Sixty-one percent of households with children own Apple devices, compared with 48 percent of homes without kids,” Gralnick reports. “Our survey also revealed the desirability of owning an Apple product appears to be something Republicans and Democrats can actually agree on. About 56 percent of the members of each party have at least one, although a gap could soon open. Twenty-six percent of Democrats plan to buy an Apple product in the next 12 months, versus 19 percent of Republicans.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No surprises in some of the demographics. We’ve long known that Mac users are smarter and richer than Windows PC sufferers. (See related articles below.)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Les S.” for the heads up.]

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            1. That’s because he was elected president. If he were further down the food chain they would secretly be happy it was a RINO and not conservative in that position….

            2. He didn’t say Governor you LibTurd. He said president. Liberals hate when any Republican is elected because it slows down or stops their march towards COMMUNISM AND MISERY!

            3. GWB went to Yale and his college records are available to the public.

              Where are your DEAR COMMUNIST LEADER’S????? The Teleprompter idiot in chief who fans the flames of racism with is ridiculous comments on the democrat shooting tragedy in Florida…..

              Says it all right there.

            4. Hey Helen, you moron: “Liberals usually love RINOs until they get elected president.”

              Liberal Texans did NOT love GWB before he became President; what part of this elementary school sentence confuses your feeble little mind?

            5. Wow is gri-gore-eeeee. Either incredibly stupid or less likely, intentially distorting the argument. The original post was obviously not about state governors, more about lower federal positions and congressmen. What a jack ASS!!

            1. We don’t see people in terms of color or gender or sexual orientation.

              The Democrats are obsessed with race, the Democrats formed the KKK to keep blacks from voting for Republicans, the Democrats filibustered the civil rights bill, the Democrats wrote all the old segregation laws. Hell, Robert Byrd just died, he was the longest serving Democrat Senator and a former KKK recruiter

            2. For a Canadian, you’re pretty damn stupid. You just insulted 50% of the American population that’s old enough to vote.

              Americans have nukes you idiot.

            3. A typical response from a Yankee. Bomb anything you think is a problem. No wonder the US is not well liked or respected in the world. Of course, Yankees don’t give a damn about anyone else.

        1. I’m a life long conservative and life long Apple user. Throughout the decades the liberals have been using a slow and steady plan to try to bring the United States to it’s knees. It all starts with the indoctrination at the majority of public schools and media. It’s up to all of the parents to counter the Statist assault on our future generations psyche.

          Government is not God and only creates misery once it gets out of control as it has.

          1. At President Clinton’s direction, no fewer than 10 federal agencies issued a chilling ultimatum to banks and mortgage lenders to ease credit for lower-income minorities or face investigations for lending discrimination and suffer the related adverse publicity. They also were threatened with denial of access to the all-important secondary mortgage market and stiff fines, along with other penalties.

            The threat was codified in a 20-page “Policy Statement on Discrimination in Lending” and entered into the Federal Register on April 15, 1994, by the Interagency Task Force on Fair Lending. Clinton set up the little-known body to coordinate an unprecedented crackdown on alleged bank redlining.
            The edict — completely overlooked by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and the mainstream media — was signed by then-HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, Attorney General Janet Reno, Comptroller of the Currency Eugene Ludwig and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, along with the heads of six other financial regulatory agencies.

            “The agencies will not tolerate lending discrimination in any form,” the document warned financial institutions.
            So this is where it all started.  In 1994.  When the government pressured lenders to qualify the unqualified.  To put people into houses they couldn’t afford.  Or else.

            1. The truth is ugly for Lemming-Zombies. They deny and blame everyone but themselves for the misery they create. At least we have Apple products to sooth the mind……

            2. It goes much deeper than this.

              The banks adopted insaine lending practices and created mortgage backed packages that they rated AAA while knowing they were high risk
              Everyone including individuals has some form of risk in their financials, you limit it if you are smart. The banks and many people failed to do that.

              It may have started in 1994 but lets not pretend the banking industry did anything other than play loose and fast with everyone’s money while trying to work the system like it was a casino!

            3. @ really and Grigori,

              The banks didn’t have a choice you morons. What can they do to stop elected Lemmings from shoving this crap down their throats????

              And that same information is available all over the place not just from Apple Loving/US loving Rush! You zombies

            4. @Kirk

              Yes they did have a choice. They could have been more conservative with their money and protected themselves if what the government was mandating was a big risk. That is what intelligent adults do every day in america, we look at our risks and we hedge against them or make decisions to limit them while keeping ourselves financially stable. Its money management 101 my friend and they failed miserably at it.

              I doubt the government came in and said “OK here is the deal, we need you to push Adjustable Rate Mortgages to the hilt, approve anyone and toss all of those mortgages into highly risky investment packages and stamp them as AAA and hope this powder keg fails to explode! ”

              No one in the banking industry apparently had the brains to realize that what goes up, must come down in regards to the housing bubble. No one should have thought that gravy train would continue forever. I take that back a few people did see that part coming, and they took out insurance policies against housing prices coming down which put AIG on the hook for a few billion the day they lost liquidity. Of course had AIG not oversold that part of the market thinking it was easy money….

              Hell i waited on buying a house because I knew at some point the ever rising prices would have to stop. I never expected that breaking point to be the crazy ordeal we witnessed but it does not take an economics major to see that housing prices were going to top out at some point. One bedroom starter home for $500,000 yeah that was real sustainable over the long haul!

              There are a lot of contributing factors to what happened. To claim the banks had no choice and were forced to conduct themselves the way they did is foolish. With your line of thinking it really won’t matter who is in the white house because you are going to flat out blame the government in the end anyway!

              Quit using terms like commie and moron as a crutch, it just shows your own lack of intelligence and ability to reason.

            5. @ the two brain dead lemmings,

              You two are so clueless it’s scary. How do you make it through each day without serious supervision. You guys must be in a home for the mentally disturbed somewhere.

              The financial crisis was completely caused by demomarxist policies. Everyone who isn’t a lemming-wing nut-socialist knows this.

              The republicans were trying to stop the madness for decades. We will this fall when we vote the kenan out in a landslide.

            6. Hey really,

              Where the hell were you when bawney’s frank and friends were threatening banks under the force of law to make loans to people who had no business getting loans for five bucks let alone a freaking house!!! These same demo-turd scum made the banks buy and sell these repackaged , worthless loans.

              Don’t you pay any attention to what is really happening or yo just completely off the deep end, brainwashed??

            1. Oh yeah it was Bush’s fault that Clinton caused the greatest financial crisis in history, and the shameless Dems used it as a November surprise to get their flappy ear monkey into the White House, who doesn’t know where he was born or what his religion is.

      1. Brain-dead? Liberal? I love the supreme court for declaring corporations are people! Don’t you? I just want it to be taken to a logical conclusion where corporations can run for President… you do want corporations to be able to run for President, don’t you? If not, then you’re the brain-dead librul!

          1. You’re a librul for saying they can’t! I say corporations are people that can do anything a person can, be it speech, running for office, voting, etc. Then again, I love America whereas librulz like you hate it! So you’re the idiot, you librul, hollywood-loving, socialist-fascist, terrorist coddling, feminist, hippie-commie!

            1. Susan, your post shows what a librul you are. I’m trying to convince these other people that corporations are people and should have all the rights that people have. If you disagree, it’s because you are anti-business, which in turn makes you a communist, you communist!

            2. Sam, I agree, Susan is an idiot and a troll. She’s a librul for saying that corporations aren’t people when they are. She’s anti-business and anyone on here calling me an idiot or a libtard is a communist who hates business and America. Anyone who thinks that corporations aren’t people is a communist who believes in allowing big government to interfere with businesses. Questioning me is questioning America.

    1. Corporations are only “people” in that they have the right to freedom of speech. They can’t vote or run for office. Not sure why I have to point this out, but I guess that’s the way it is…

            1. “I would know reality if I stepped in it”?

              Did you mean “you wouldn’t know reality if you stepped in it”? If so, you’re right! I can’t stand those librul elites who go around with their college educations acting like they know everything! I’m proud of not knowing reality, because as I said, reality has a well-known librul bias! But as for staying off the narcotics, I want to be like Rush Limbaugh! So I have to take my… uh, medicine.

            2. I thought you libtards were the party of drug users and compassion…..

              Poor Rush was prescribed a highly addictive pain killer and wound up addicted to them. No one’s completely perfect.

              And if you own an iPad or iPhone you would know that it can wind up causing typos Mr. Typo police.

            3. Margaret, everyone knows that librulz use cannabis, which is evil! I’m talking about opiates, which are good!

              And I do own an iPad, and and iPhone, an apple tv, a macbook, and an iMac. I’m trying to support Apple’s eventual run for president which it should be allowed to do because Apple is a person. I’m also long on Apple shares, which means that when Apple becomes president, which it will with its broad bi-partisan support, I will own part of the President of the United States! How cool is that! I wonder who it’s running mate should be…

              If you disagree, then your a librul, because anyone who disagrees with me is a librul.

              Apple 2012!

        1. They don’t “buy” elections. The unions in collusion with the Democrat party and organizations like Acorn do that.

          I thought Maobama was against super pacs????

          Why has gone back on the vast majority of his campaign promises???

          Why did they post a phony birth certificate?

          Why does he have a phony social security number?

          Why does he spend millions hiding his college records?

          Why is Maobama so tight with communists and US haters like Bill Ayers and Reverend Wrong and more……

            1. Get your head out of the sand. There are multiple investigations going on and one that is available on the White House website is capable of being completely taken apart in a PDF editing program. A scan of the document, as it was described as being, would not be able to be taken apart. Dumb ASS!

      1. Librul!

        I say corporations are people in all cases! They should have all the rights that people have, including the right to vote and run for office! Why should we limit the personhood of corporations to merely free speech?

        Apple is a corporation and should be allowed to run for President because it is a person that apparently enjoys broad bi-partisan support.

  1. I’ve got:
    4 Macs
    3 iPhones
    2 iPods
    1 iPad
    1 Apple TV
    Total: 11
    And there are only 3 of us in the house! 🙂
    I guess we’re “above average” (and happily so!)

        1. No help Blister. Just using macs since the beginning. Glad I’m not a socialist like you. If liberals had their way there would be any manufacturing of computers for the masses. We will defeat you sleaze balls.

  2. I bought Apple at 1.52 but only $1,100 dollars worth. I’m selling most of it to pay off my student loan when it clears $700. Then I can use the rest for retirement.

  3. don’t care for the politics but the household income data is very telling. demographics that most corporations would love to have.

    15 apple items in my house of three.

      1. should have clarified myself.

        – don’t care about the political talk on MacDailyNews

        but I do care about US politics as it affects the local economy indirectly. a Strong US makes for a stronger Canada.

    1. The people in the counties with the highest welfare rates tend to vote Democrat; the people in the counties where the most people work for a living tend to vote Republican.

      What a surprise.

      1. Like swine at the trough. Begging for whatever scraps their dear leader will throw to them. They couldn’t think their way out of a paper bag. Just keep voting for more freebies like that Kalifornia poster girl on YouTube.

      2. Um … Do you mean like Mississippi where they all vote Republican, and for every one of their tax dollars they get three back from the Federal Government. Where they say “Get your government hands off of my Social Security, Medicare, and Welfare.”? Do you mean those kinds of Republicans?

        1. No! He means the parasites that inhabit Detroit, Newark, NYC, and so on. You know those free loaders that always vote demotard to try to get the pigs that they elect to make more laws to steal from the producers. They want us to have no means of escape and tha is why they are trying to destroy the constitution.

    2. Kalifornia????? You’re kidding right. The “state” is spiraling down the LibTard, low flush, toilet at light speed thanks to you brainwashed Lemmings. But why should you care, you’re just a Lemming!

  4. Anyone honest enough to look at facts knows that the modern Democratic and Republican Parties bear little resemblance to their historical backgrounds. They have both morphed over time into very different things.

    The old Republican Party did things that would make modern Republican’s heads explode:
    1- Land Grant Colleges for public higher ed.
    2-The USDA to regulate the food & drug industries.
    3-The preservation of public trust lands via the US Forest Service and The National Park Service.
    4-Opposed military intervention in foreign countries- repeatedly.
    5-Supported the creation of the Federal Reserve.
    6-Interstate Highways were a joint proposal of Senator Gore (D-TN) and Dwight Eisenhower.
    7-Nixon, Ford & Reagan pushed arms reduction treaties with the Soviets.
    8-Nixon proposed a National Universal Healthcare system.
    9-Widely supported the creation of Medicaid.
    10-Widely supported the Clean Air & Clean Water Acts. Nixon created the EPA.
    11- Widely championed abortion rights and the Equal Rights Amendment.
    12-Eisenhower force-fed desegregation of Little Rock Schools at the point of a Paratrooper Gun by sending the Army to integrate Central High School over the racist howls of the State of Arkansas.

    The historic Democratic Party was a racist party- as was the Republican- that supported Jim Crow laws throughout the south and the less open but very real Jim Crow of the rest of the US. The difference is that when African-Americans turned from Republican to Democratic support following the New Deal, the Republicans became far less supportive of equal rights for minority groups. After the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts were passed in the Johnson Administration the south began it’s long march toward it’s current Republicanism. It’s the ‘southern strategy’ of Pat Buchanan, followed by Lee Atwater and Karl Rove.

    The Democratic Party turned from it’s racist background during the Roosevelt and Truman administrations and the deal was sealed during the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations. Truman integrated the Armed Forces by Executive Order a decade before the first schools were integrated.

    The modern Democratic Party is far more conservative than the current right wing would ever publicly acknowledge. Carter, Clinton and Obama in the light of history will be seen as fairly conservative Presidents in policy despite the rantings of those poorly versed in history. The modern Republican Party is ruled over by the extreme reactionary Right Wing that has always existed within the party and Lincoln, T Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford would NOT be welcome. Even Reagan would get considerable push back from the NeoCons.

    I know of what I speak- I used to be a card carrying member of the G.O.P.

    In the 1980 election cycle I worked in the south to get Reagan elected and flip the Senate to Republican control for the first time in a generation. I didn’t leave the Republicans- the Republican Party was taken over by the wild eyed radicals of the extreme right.

    I am NOT a member of the Democratic Party as today’s Democratic Party is to the right of the Republican Party of a generation ago. This fall I will be voting for the Green Party.

      1. ProgressivePropaganda,

        Thats one of the biggest loads of horse shit one you communists have typed yet. You are truly deranged. And you were never a member of the GOP. What a complete lunatic you are. Don’t play with scissors or anything……..

    1. The entire thing is left wing, nut case spin. Twisted and distorted as usual. We all know what is going on, except for the lemmings. No one needs to waste any precious time going through ProgressiveCommie’s post. It’s BS. He-It is full of shit.

      See the post below how the communist party is suing the democrat party for theft of their platform.

      Conservatives are for ending this nonsense across the board.

      Libtards are brainwashed lemmings. Complete losers in life. Can’t make it on their own so they have to resort to trying to game the system to steal the producers private property and trying to destroy the constitution and the US.

      What’s left in the world that’s great if you idiots somehow managed to pull it off? Nothing. I can guarantee you conservatives will stop you at the voting booths. Even with all of your voter fraud and lies.

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