Apple’s ‘great stuff’ for 2012 should include some jaw-dropping Macs

“Worldwide computer shipment growth for 2011 ended on a slightly positive note, growing to 1.8% on the year, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) research group,” Dennis Sellers reports for MacNews. “This year is expected to see only modest growth, though I suspect the Mac will continue to see higher-than-average sales.”

“After all, as CEO Tim Cook has pointed out, the company’s global share of the personal computer market is in the single digits. That offers room for a LOT of growth,” Sellers reports. “On Monday during a press conference, Cook said that Apple’s pipeline is “full of stuff” and that customers will be “incredibly pleased” with what they see coming out.”

Sellers writes, “Maybe that’s the MacBook Pro Air. Maybe it’s an iMac with television features that hint at the rumored ‘iTV.’ Maybe it’s a hybrid iPad and MacBook Air. Maybe it’s Macs with retina displays. The personal computer may be a ‘mature market,’ but it’s by no means a saturated market, especially in Apple’s case. Now Cook and Company need to bring out Macs that make our jaws drop in ways that the iPad and iPhone have of late.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Sarah” for the heads up.]


    1. I have a 27″ Core i7 iMac (October 2009) that still has a long ways to go before I need to upgrade it. I usually upgrade every 4 years, but I have a feeling I will be happy with this system for a while yet. Although, I am considering bumping the memory up to 16GB as I’m starting to hit the ceiling with the 8GB that’s in it – memory is so damn cheap right now; 16GB for $130 – why not upgrade!?

    2. I have been using the big boy mac pro for years in an in-house agency setting and always insisted on the latest, fattest, most cored Mac Pro.
      Those days are over! I have gone freelance and decided on a late 2011 27″ and it is insanely, neck-snappipngly fast! I loaded it with 12GB of ram and I am waiting for a decently priced Thunderbolt SSD – then look the F out!

  1. Indeed, new Mac Pro’s are kinda WAY overdue. I have an original Mac Pro that’s getting a bit long in the tooth.

    Seems kind of crazy they are still charging the same price for 18 month-old computers.

    1. Same with the Mac. My uncle bought a Mac mini 6 months ago and now he has an ipad, iPhone and MacBook pro.
      Apple products are gateway drugs to going all apple it seems.

    1. Did it had to?

      MacBook Pro designs basically did not change from the times of PowerBook Titanium, 2001 — and it is perfectly fine. Newer models will come with thinner base (thanks to do DVD drive), but that is what will be done — because design is classic.

    2. Of course they have, just like the iPad and iPhone. You’re falling into the same trap as a lot of tech commentators and other dim-witted bloggers, and only looking at the external design, which is perfectly fine. It’s what’s under the hood that counts.
      Of course, if all you care about is being able to show off yet another flashy design to your impressionable mates, then you’re obviously going to be unimpressed by the lack of change to the exterior.
      Does the phrase, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ ring any bells with you, squiggles?

  2. Who says a MacBook Pro should have only 1 screen?

    Doesn’t take much to make the trackpad a hi-res iPhone like screen to handle small items you want to keep off the main screen.

  3. I’mmmmmmmm waiting!!!

    Seriously, I’m waiting… Need to replace my old iMac and looking forward to see if the new ones have some redesign to them, as well as incorporate all the latest technology goodness and the new Mountain Lion, of course!

  4. MacPad!! – 17″ screen you can hold in your lap.
    One third the depth of an iMac
    Mixes an iPad and a Mac. Docks with keybaord, etc.
    Has SSD up to 250GB
    Starting at $899 for wifi only, w 80GB SSD 16GB RAM
    top of the line: 1499 for wifi,4G, 16 GB RAM, 250GB SSD
    Dual quad core A6

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