Like clockwork: Let the iPad ‘overheating’ FUD begin!

“Maybe they should have called it the Kindle Fire?” Jason Gilbert wonders for The Huffington Post.

“According to early user reports, the new iPad may be prone to becoming physically warm during use, especially in the lower left-hand corner when holding the iPad upright in portrait mode,” Gilbert writes. “The question of whether the iPad has a temperature problem has been asked on both the Apple Discussion Boards and in the MacRumors forums, and articles on CNET, The Next Web and Gizmodo have all brought unwanted attention to the new iPad’s heat.”

Gilbert writes, “Apple did not immediately respond to request for comment. Until then, we will continue to monitor the iPad’s hotness, both in consumer demand and physical, perhaps discomforting, warmth.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Can’t compete? Spread bullshit that will ultimately have no impact on Apple nor assuage the pain of your abject failure. Like Mac Cube mold lines termed “cracks,” iPod “scratches,” iPhone antennas, Chinese labor, iPhone antennas again (try and try again and fail both times), trojans misrepresented as “viruses,” etc., this is nothing more than white noise that loudly announces the beginning of yet another new stretch of Apple roadkill.

This is the heat they really fear: Apple sells over 3 million new iPads in three days.

As we already wrote earlier this morning:

FUD, Inc. works like clockwork. Watch for reports and forum posts that take what is a normally-operating, warmer-running iPad and conflate it into “overheating.” Anyone who does so works for Apple’s so-called “competition” or their PR firms/departments, or is being manipulated by them, or is simply seriously misinformed.

We’ve used both the original iPad and the iPad 2. We now use the new iPads and have been since Day One. They run slightly warmer because they are significantly more powerful and capable. Even after hours of continuous use, they are not “hot” to the touch, nor are they not performing as intended.

If this is the best the FUDsters can come up with this time, they are even more doomed than usual.

Here’s the statement that Apple just released this morning: “The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare.” (via AllThingsD‘s Peter Kafka)

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  1. Oh, yeah, watch out for “lap burns,” “scientific reports” that claim having the iPad in your lap will surely cause infertility – and let’s not forget about the forthcoming heat-related battery explosion! Tune in to your trusted local news source!

  2. I’ve been using my iPad 3 since I got it last Friday. I run a lot of games and I haven’t felt ANY kind of significant heat.

    Note also that I’ve been playing Order and Chaos for hours at a time and not noticed any sort of uncomfortable heating issues.

    I also read a lot of ebooks while laying in bed or on the couch or sitting in my comfy chair. Again, no heat issues with the new iPad.

    The media is manufacturing a controversy where one doesn’t exist.

    1. Sidelight on other anti-Mac FUD:

      Adobe’s Flash will cause my MBPro to ramp up processor usage and temps fast, which is why I only load it when I absolutely have to do so.

      Adobe’s FUD against Flash rivals is crap & obvious to laptop users.

  3. Duh! It has twice the number of backlights to light up all those pixels, and twice the number of GPU cores. It’s using up 60 to 70% more energy to run the same amount of time, so the waste energy, aka heat, is presumably higher too, and has to go somewhere.

  4. 1. The New iPad and iPad 2 have nearly identical form factors.
    2. The New iPad battery holds about 60% more power, and runs for the same length of time (10hrs) as the iPad 2.
    3. Both screens operate at very similar brightness, thus dissipating similar amounts of power as light.
    4. Power used in the circuitry of electronics is ultimately dissipated as heat.
    5. If you ask a 5th grader if using 60% more power will result in more heat, less heat, or the same heat in an iPad, you will find they agree on, more heat.
    6. This just goes to show that there are plenty of tech journalists out there who are dumber than a 5th grader!

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