Finally, a truly magical iPad; Apple’s newest iPad can do amazing tricks thanks to new wireless technology

“Everybody’s excited about the new Apple iPad’s high-resolution screen. But ultimately, the Retina display is just a pretty face. It can’t do anything that the screens on previous models couldn’t do,” Mike Elgan reports for Computerworld.

“In fact, just about all of the features that are considered “new” in the new iPad are really just bigger helpings of the old capabilities: More pixels on the screen,” Elgan reports. “More graphics performance. More megapixels in the camera. More megabits per second with the mobile broadband connection. There’s more of everything. But what’s fundamentally different?”

Elgan reports, “One of the least appreciated new features is one that truly brings entirely new capabilities to the iPad. That feature is Bluetooth 4.0 support… The new iPad is the first tablet that supports Bluetooth 4.0. Similarly, the iPhone 4S was the first major smartphone to support Bluetooth 4.0. Why is Apple so much more aggressive than other companies with this particular technology?”

“The new Bluetooth can do so much more than connect a clunky earpiece. Bluetooth 4.0 isn’t just a little better than the version currently built into most mobile devices. It’s massively better.,” Elgan reports. “I believe Bluetooth 4.0 support will really set the iPad apart and usher in a new generation of connectivity options that consumers and professionals alike never even imagined.”

Much more, including why Bluetooth 4.0 could be intrinsic to Apple’s future television plans, in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. “Another magic trick Bluetooth 4.0 performs is that it allows pairing and data exchange without user involvement. If the user has granted permission in advance, two Bluetooth 4.0 devices can connect and sync data without even informing the user, just by being in range.”

    Why do I get the feeling that this could possibly be used for nefarious purposes.

  2. There’s no way that screen is just another pretty screen. The astonishment factor is similar to going from regular TV to HDTV.

    Tablets without a similar screen released in 2012 without a similar screen need to be well below 400 unsubsidized. In other words 2012 non iPad tablets are all road kill. The kindle fire is not any significant success either. Notice we’ve never seen sales figures specifically for the fire? Exactly.

  3. Why I prefer my 27-inch iMac as my entertainment unit in my house – in my living room. The reSolutionary (2560 x 1440).

    IPad new is amazing at (2048 x 1536) and in your hands.

    HDTVs keep them. iMac already is the iTV.

  4. I’ve been amazed that virtually none of the reviewers have been mentioning the presence of Bluetooth 4 in the new iPad; after I received mine yesterday, I had to go look up Apple’s specs last night to confirm it.

  5. They should be supporting wifi direct FCOL! that shoul be the way to control an AppleTV without a Wifi router. Screw BT 4 it leaves the rest of us in the cold. Screw this planned obsolescence.

    Sorry mr cook but we can’t afford to buy new iPad every year or two! Assholes are already not supporting 1st gen iPad. iPhoto not supported. BS! IOS laggy to the point my iPad is frustrating to use!

    1. I still have my first gen iPad too. Im just a teen with no way to buy another without taking a couple months to scrape the cash together and do a resell on ol’ Penelope(my iPad) To me, the sentimental value makes it every bit as magical as the day I got it. So I’ll just be waiting until it craps it’s pants and forces me to get a new one. (since I’ve realized a life without iPad is a dry and boring life) Maybe I’ll get some pity and the rents will donate a couple hundred. But I still gotta go with the baseline 499 16 gb wifi only.

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