Early ‘Day One’ photos show long lineups as new iPad launches around the world

“The 3rd Generation iPad continues to launch around the world to long lines in many locations,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

“The iPad is launching in ten countries including the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and the UK,” Kim reports.

Kim reports, “This photo at approximately 10pm local time showed hundreds lined up at Apple’s Store in Paris. (Thanks Matthew)”

Apple Store Paris - iPad laucnh day

More photos in the full article here.


    1. Actually, the morons are the ones that buy those inferior tablets with an OS from the little green trash can. Kind of appropriate though, they all end up in the trash can anyway.

      1. That is another topic entirely, I like my Mac products (I used to really love them, but that too is another topic), I simply despair that people queue for something that is not end of line and will be freely available only until the iPad 4! These are the sort of people addicted to fiddling, they can’t sit alone and just think without reaching for some toy to distract themselves; they probably think Twitter is hard work.

      1. Well, apparently there are the 1% who have all the power and and money, then there is rest of us, but what really exists is the 1% with everything and another 1% who try to do something about it and then the 98% who are consumers, bovine grazers who make it possible for those bastards to get away with it, because they are so solipsistic and narcissistic that they seriously think every man is an island. But hey shoot me for giving a damn.

        1. So complaining about and denigrating the consumers on an Apple blog will help to empower the 98% and overthrow the “evil” 1%?

          I think you may want to rethink your strategy.

          Also, the “1%” thing is really getting tired. Instead of complaining and half-hearted protests, the slacktivists should go out and start and build businesses, employ people, and treat them better than the current evil “1%” do. Of course, that take a lot more effort and hard work than sitting in a tent, but THAT is how things can be changed. CREATE what it is you want.

          Of course, every time I say something like this to any of the “activists”, I am told that the deck is stacked against everyone else, and that they couldn’t possibly build a business to compete with the evil 1%.

          Then I remind them that these evil corporations were also started by someone originally, and that there was a “1%” when they started their businesses as well.

          Then they look at me with a blank stare, and go away.

          It’s funny, but I think that most of the “Occupy” folks are just as guilty of being sheep (albeit with what they think is a cool “counter-culture” bent) as the people they accuse of being so.

          So, continue to protest evil corporations while shopping at Urban Outfitters. I will continue to laugh.

          1. More or less an ad hominem argument, par for course here I guess; you have managed to get the continent wrong, where I shop wrong, how I live and what I might do for a living also wrong. We are in the realm of fanboys and fundamentalists here and so further discussion is kind of pointless. I don’t want the 98% to overthrow anybody, I am more than happy to see things continue as they are, it’s just sometimes I get a niggling sensation of exasperation, then usually I check myself and remember I really need not give a damn. This was my last little rant on MDN before I give up the RSS feed, because it is way too partisan for my tastes; Mac people were just nicer in the 90’s than they are now.

            1. Okay, fair enough. I didn’t realize that you were in the EU – I’m so used to the 1% blather coming from the cool kids here in the US.

              “Mac people were just nicer in the 90′s than they are now.”

              I certainly agree with you there. Mac people back then would never call other Mac people morons for wanting the latest and greatest in Apple tech.

    2. Are you calling Woz a moron? Gee you must really be brilliant if you are smarter than him. But how smart can you be to make such a stupid remark on this very special day for us iSheep? What a sad person you must be.

      1. Do you prey to your iPad every night? Sorry you just sound like you might do. But anyway, if I was smarter than him would my remark then be less stupid? I only ask as the logic of your statement is flawed in its construction, it might however be ironic… That could work I guess…

  1. Got new iPad today, issue with photos. Photos do not appear clear till you press “edit”. So, no swiping through. Hope it’s just mine.

    New Apple TV yesterday, happy with it.

      1. Why because he has a small issue with his iPad? That’s ridiculous. Mine has a metal burr on the side from poor machining. After the hype dies down it will be going back to Apple for replacement.

        1. No, because he and you, who I’ve never seen on this site, are jumping right on to criticize. Smells like the whole “antennagate” BS.

          If you have an issue with your  product, then go to them for a solution. Posting negative stuff here does nothing to rectify your “issues”.

          1. Criticize? How about explaining an issue to see if others have it? BTW, I have been on here before. Also, I own 125 shares @ 109 from Oct, 08… Three apple tv’s (one new) all 3 iPads, MBP, iMac 6 months old, Mac mini… And 3 iPhone 4’s…. Be happy to send a photo of them all, Bitch.

            Troll, my ass.

            1. You really cannot criticise here, it’s akin to drawing cartoons of The Prophet, or suggesting Jesus would have been a socialist, these ol’ boys like nothing better than a virtual lynching.

            2. Ha! Arnold looks foolish and immature now. Sometimes I hate the Internet. I’ve been coming to this site for years and have a shockingly similar set of Apple gear as you. Right down to the stock buy! Lol

              I’m sure Apple will be happy to assist you with your photo issue. Luckily Apple are much more helpful than people like Arnold who only like to be negative and call people names. It helps his sorely lacking self esteem. Must have mommy and daddy issues.

    1. “Hope it’s just mine.”

      Ah, yes. The software issue you mention is only yours. You must have gotten one with an early beta build of iOS 5.1 installed on your new iPad. Makes perfect sense.

      Work on your trolling please.

  2. I’m glad I got mine last night at Walmart in Georgia at 12:01 AM. I got there at 11:30 and I was the first person there. When I left, there were only six others there. This Walmart had 15 total in stock.

  3. Ahhh I see… I am getting all this lovely attention because I got 1st post. Ouch, that must have really hurt, I know how so many of you dream of managing this, like you dream of being the first in line for the latest shiny, pretty thing they put on sale. Sorry guys, if I could undo it I would, really, honest.

  4. I waited for 30 minutes and was out of Target in 5 minutes after 8 AM. They had 25 in stock. Walmart started at midnight and their stock was gone in 10 minutes.

    I would have preordered, but as it happens my bonus wasn’t deposited until on 2 AM Friday morning. Would have waited but saw a fella in a folding chair as I drove by on the way to work.

  5. “So FUCKING WHAT!!!! More morons with nothing better to do than queue???”

    “Mac people were just nicer in the 90′s than they are now.”

    Wow, talk about an illogical mental process. Looks like “Lee” has a few issues of his own.

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