Apple co-founder Woz in line for new iPad at Apple Store (with video)

“It has become a tradition to find Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak waiting first in line for the next big Apple product,” Shira Lazar reports for What’s Trending.

“Tonight, was no different as Wozniak checked in on Foursquare at the Westfield Mall in Century City, California,” Lazar reports. “The new tablet is available for pre-order and in stores at 8 am Friday, March 16.”

Lazar reports, “We decided to head to the mall for an impromptu video interview with Wozniak where he shared his thoughts on the new iPad, his continued excitement over Apple products and his reaction to the projects that Apple will possibly grow to a trillion dollar tech company. Woz also touches on Steve Jobs passing and the legacy of his products.”

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  1. There were only about 4 people there, so I doubt he’s feeling too “important”, but he’s there because he’s speaking at the Apple Investor conference put together by Jason Schwarz. I hope he doesn’t fall asleep on-stage!

  2. Just a very pleasant, normal person to talk to. Which tends to create this disconnect from this larger-than-life technology legend and super-hero.

    Whoever shot this video, would it have killed him/her to bring a $100 LED light fixture for his camcorder? You can barely tell this is Woz, and if I were to bump into that interviewer in the street tomorrow, I wouldn’t know it, since her face is in almost complete darkness. I know audio is infinitely more important than video (and audio was quite decent), but I bet even my 70-year old aunt would make sure some light is turned on somewhere, so that we can actually see the faces.

    Now, get off my lawn!

    1. I agree, about the poor lighting. However I am thinking the interviewer and the camera did not want blind Woz with light. If you ever had a massive foot candle brilliance in eyes after being accustomed to the dark, it not a great feeling.

  3. Woz, what the heck you doing down there in lala land. Get back up here to Silicon valley where you belong. You should have been at Valley Fair Apple store again. Really.

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