Huge crowds line up for Apple’s new iPad on 1st day

“Apple-mania returned to Asia and Europe on Friday as the company’s latest version of its iPad went on sale, drawing die-hard fans to shops selling the highly anticipated tablet computer,” Kelvin Chan and Robert Barr report for The Associated Press.

“Gadget fans lined up in the U.K., France, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore so they could be among the first to get their hands on the device,” Chan and Barr report. “The third version of Apple’s iPad also went on sale in Australia, Germany and Switzerland and will be available in the U.S. and Canada from at 8 a.m. local time, with 25 other countries getting it a week later.”

Chan and Barr report, “For many customers, visiting a store in person — instead of having a new iPad shipped to their home— offers consumers a chance to mingle with die-hard Apple fans.
About 450 people lined up outside Apple’s Ginza store in downtown Tokyo. Some had spent the night sleeping outside the store to be among the first when it opened at 8 a.m. — two hours earlier than usual… Two years after the debut of the first iPad, the device’s launch has become the second-biggest “gadget event” of the year, after the annual iPhone release.”

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  1. NBC Today show had a piece concerning the release of the new iPad. They also ran a story about Nokia’s tablet to be released later this year and called it “gorilla marketing.”

    1. Well, “TM”, at least they know how to spell “they’re” – Your skills of denigration truly need to be perfected before you venture out of your Mommy’s closet. How does it feel to be dumber than the Apple “die hards”? 😉

      1. Though I don’t like lines, lots of my buds and their ladies hang in Apple lines, concert lines, lift lines at Mammoth, football game lines, and it would be a pretty big stretch to call them dumb, based on almost any criteria (education, success in biz, relationships). Seems a snarky attitude sets in some peeps (my Pop’s extended family comes to mind) who love to share and pontificate about everybody else from the confines of their bias, while the people in line may just enjoy doing it. Of course, the snarks enjoy what they’re doing as well (I guess).

  2. You know what the iHaters always say? “Baahh, baahh, iSheep have you any sense?” I love it. Hundreds of thousands of loyal Apple customers queuing up for the latest Apple products and I know most companies would give anything to have those types of crowds buying their products. I’m dying to see how many WinSheep are going to be lining up at Microsoft stores to buy the first Windows 8 tablets.

  3. In Colorado Spring at Best Buy, only seven people in line when the store staff came out at 8:30am to issue reserve tickets to guarantee your new iPad. They appeared to have a good stock availability. Store opens at 10:00

  4. I’m glad I got mine last night at Walmart in Georgia at 12:01 AM. I got there at 11:30 and I was the first person there. When I left, there were only six others there. This Walmart had 15 total in stock.

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