Leave AT&T’s unlimited plan and save

“It may seem like those who pay for AT&T’s unlimited data plan don’t necessarily get their money’s worth of service, but by how much and how many of them? As it turns out the numbers are quite substantial,” Dong Ngo reports for CNET.

“According to a report published today by Consumer Reports, almost half of the carrier’s unlimited subscribers use just 300MB or less, effectively wasting $10 a month,” Ngo reports. “This is similar to my personal experience.”

Ngo reports, “Being one of those who got grandfathered in with the $30 unlimited data plan, I was quite happy since I don’t have to worry about ever going over the limit. However, I found out recently that I actually never used more than 200MB per month. This is mostly because when at home or at work, or even at airports, I use Wi-Fi, which is much faster to get online with. For this reason, I have now personally opted for a $20 plan giving 300MB per month. Note, however, that once you move on from the unlimited data plan, you lose the grandfathered status and can never get back on it. But what’s good about a status that doesn’t offer you much benefit while costing more?

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. I turned off Wifi for this billing period just to see what my usage would be. With one week left in my billing cycle, I’m at about 2.5GB. Now, that does seem a bit high for me, but with it being Spring Break for me, I’ve been doing a bit more Pandora than normal and even threw in a few Netfix movies. If they throttle me, I’ll throttle them in small claims.

  1. The problem is that reliance upon data is just going to go up and never down. Even if you’re not using it now you may wish you had it several months from now or maybe later. And like it says, once you drop it you can’t get it back.

    AT&T wants people to move off the plan because they know that the probability of higher data usage in the future is high.

  2. I switched to the 2GB plan for $25 back in January before it went away. I’ve never used more than 500MB in a month so I was just wasting $5 by paying ATT for the unlimited (but not really) plan. I don’t want to give those bastards a dime for than I have to.

    That’s another reason why I went with the wi-fi only model when I preordered the new iPad last week. I wasn’t going to give them any more money even if their 4G LTE is fast.

  3. The Fuk’d thing is here in SF I wouldn’t know if I was getting throttled or not cause their service fukn BLOWS sometimes.

    but yea- just makes the case those 5%ers are crazy cray with their data hoggage!! gimme a break.

  4. Just wait till 4G truly gets wide spread then all these caps are going to have to add a zero to the end or there will be a revolt when everyone is going over. I mean a 30min SD netflix tv show is about 400MB so it won’t take long.

  5. i switched to limited because i could not create a wifi hotspot with my iphone while on the unlimited plan. its such a great feature of the iphone, and now i can use it, and do in order to use my wifi iPad when needed. the plan tops out at 4Gig/month, and its $5 per gig after that. using it a lot on 3G only netted me 3.2 Gig/month max, its worked for me..

    1. And there is the second problem….people pay $30 for 3gb yet cant use that 3gb anyway they want. No AT&T makes you pay more to use your data as a hotspot….If you pay for 3gb you should be able to use that 3gb anyway you want without having to pay more.

  6. Here’s the really criminal part: AT&T has already switched many of you off of unlimited and you don’t even know it. I found this out when a random “you’re approaching your data limit” email hit my inbox. I was an original iPhone grandfather from the very first release, so this made no sense. When I talked to the co-conspirators at the support desk, they said “too bad, we’re not changing it back”. Beware: the worst phone company on the planet may be adding to it’s growing reputation as the most shady.

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