Sir Jonathan Ive invited to Obama’s state dinner in honor of David Cameron’s US visit

“The guest list for President Obama’s state dinner in honour of David Cameron’s US visit offers some intriguing insights into how Americans see Britain,” Tim Dowling reports for The Guardian.

“A White House state dinner can boast a cast of thousands – or at least one thousand – but there are a few notable names on Wednesday night’s guest list, each of whom represents, for the US, a different strand of Britishness,” Dowling reports.

• Hugh Bonneville
• Rory McIlroy
• Damian Lewis
• Sir Richard Branson
• Sir Jonathan Ive: The design genius behind the iPod, the iPad and just about every other cool Apple product, Ive is a perfect example of what British creativity, flair, ingenuity and originality can achieve once it moves to California. And he’s recently been knighted, so as far as Americans are concerned, any fork he uses is the right fork.
• Tracey Emin
• Mumford & Sons

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike H.” for the heads up.]


          1. So you have some kind of evidence that the cost of healthcare will go up if it was “free”? I would like to see it.

            At the minimum, I can point to other countries free health care as a guide and in all the cases that I have seen, it has been less expensive. So much less expensive that people go to Canada, England, France and other countries to save money on medical procedures.

            People come here for quality and elsewhere for price.

            1. Common sense would dictate that a hospital would charge you 3 cents for an aspirin tablet, not $12.00.

              I am still waiting for your evidence that shows that where ever there is “free” health care, the price is less than private health care.

              I mean, after all, the US with it’s private health care is the most expensive worldwide. It should be easy for you to give many examples.

            2. Country Life expectancy Infant mortality rate[20] Mortality amenable to health care (per 100 000 people in 2007)[21] Physicians per 1000 people Nurses per 1000 people Per capita expenditure on health (USD PPP) Healthcare costs as a percent of GDP % of government revenue spent on health % of health costs paid by government
              Australia 81.4 4.2 57 2.8 10.1 3,353 8.5 17.7 67.5
              Canada 81.4 5.2 77[22] 2.2 9.0 3,844 10.0 16.7 70.2
              France 81.0 3.5 55 3.3 7.7 3,679 11.0 14.2 78.3
              Germany 79.8 3.7 76 3.5 10.5 3,724 10.4 17.6 76.4
              Italy 80.5 3.5 60 4.2 6.1 2,771 8.7 14.1 76.6
              Japan 82.6 2.6 61 2.1 9.4 2,750 8.2 16.8 80.4
              Norway 80.0 3.0 64 3.8 16.2 4,885 8.9 17.9 84.1
              Sweden 81.0 2.5 61 3.6 10.8 3,432 8.9 13.6 81.4
              UK 80.1 4.9 83 2.5 9.5 3,051 8.4 15.8 81.3
              USA 78.1 6.8 96 2.4 10.6 7,437 16.0 18.5 45.1


              Facts speak for themselves.

            3. @citizen patriot

              sorry for the bad formatting of the previous post but the facts are EASILY OBTAINABLE on the web but we all know it is easier to just vomit crap than it is to do a google search.

              By the way. I have my commie tea bag dangling in your open mouth.

            1. Hey progressive brain disease, maybe you power your clown car with Algae since the price of fuel keeps sky rocketing. Your dear leader is a genius killing the Keystone Pipeline and all the JOBS that go along with it!

      1. Real Americans are humble and realize that not everything their country does is right nor just. Eat some more propaganda and beat your chest some more. Saying it over and over again makes it true doesn’t it..

      2. Obama was apologizing for the eff-tards of the Republic Party (same misuse as Democrat Party is intentional).

        If you think evolution is but an unproven theory, climate change is a hoax, the government is coming for your guns, the earth is a couple of thousand years old, watch Faux Newz for anything other than laughs or think Rush is right you are probably a Republican …and at least an honorary Redneck.

      1. Teach them to fish and they can feed themselves for life. Give them a crack pipe, welfare and let them drop out of school and they will vote Democrat for their lifetime.

  1. If I were Jony, I’d stay well away from anything that promoted that odious little shitehawk Cameron. He’s almost as bad as Thatcher the Snatcher— and that’s saying something!!


        1. Janice you are spot on!!!! The marxist on Wellington Street are too fond of their twigs and berries to conclude that the sun will be rising again on a conservative Britain.

      1. Thatcher got a free ride on North Sea oil and claimed the results. Now Norway, who managed their petro income wisely has great wealth and the U.K. has the delusional Cons in charge of an economy in decline.

  2. the british KNIGHT their guy who is working overseas

    meanwhile American politicians seemingly every other week is whacking Apple for all kinds of stupid things for their own political gain…

    For example ex SF Mayor Brown asking protestors to occupy Apple: “If the Occupy people really want to make a point about the 1 percent, then lay off Oakland and go for the real money down in Silicon Valley… The only thing those cats down at Apple are exporting are our jobs.”

    everytime some politico screws up creating jobs they seem to mention apple, trade deficit: mention apple, etc etc.

    Steve Jobs is said by tech historians and writers as perhaps second to Edison (even if that’s a stretch , he must be among the top three in our generation), the greatest american entrepreneur in the last decade , politicians knew he was very sick yet did any of them really made an attempt to honour him?

        1. Oooooo, good one appleCRACK. The thing is you know you are a scum bag, commie-wannabe. We conservatives will trounce your pathetic ass at the polls come November, you tiny-brained lemming.

          1. Lets see you do it fuckface. Don’t count your chickens just yet.

            All you retards ever do is call everyone that disagrees with you commies. Talk about tiny brained. Can’t you come up with something more relevant that that fucking Hoover crap? Paranoid hits! See commies round every corner.

            1. Nothing like a few well chosen obscenities to win over for fellow human. Although I’m not sure how it connects to Herbert Hoover, perhaps you meant John Edgar? Of course in Hoover’s time there actually WERE communists around every corner at least in Foggy Bottom and the Ivy League. And Hitler had friends at Ford, GM, and IBM.

              But if the segregationist Wilson had done his job at Versailles, we wouldn’t be yowling at each other like alley cats today about Commies and Nazis and Viet Nam and the Mid East.

            2. Now the commies think they’re on every corner. They will be hit smack in the face with the reality of how small their numbers are this NOVEMBER!!!!!! At the polls…….

      1. Nope. You’re left with some half-arsed crappy system destined to fail, because you all whined like babies when the government tried to put a real universal system in.

        That’s the truly comical thing about you nutjobs. Don’t even realise when you’ve shot your own foot off 🙂

        1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the healthcare in the US. This is a non-fix for a problem that does not exist and has only been enacted to steel our liberty, keep tabs on us, destroy Doctor’s lively hood. Everyone can get healthcare and it is not a right! You commie!

          1. Nothing wrong? Hmm….tell that to everyone bankrupted by medical bills because their insurance failed to pay out, despite them paying into policies that covered them for years, even decades.

            In Europe we allow those who fall ill to concentrate on recovering, regardless of circumstances.

            Next you’ll be trying to tell me your crappy Imperial measurements are better than metric 🙂

            1. Wrong again Preparation H. Everyone can be covered. Instead of buying expensive dinners, maxing out credit cards, collecting food stamps when they don’t really need them – Lotto winner, not taking responsibility for themselves, they would rather sit back and have all of us hard working, responsible citizens donate (by force) our private property and rights to them. NO WAY!

              Everyone has access to health care now. There is no need to reward the lazy. This entire health care scam is a tool by the Marxists to steal our LIberty.

            2. Using a couple of incidents that go in your favour in order to negate the needs of millions of hardworking Americans? That’s rather desperate, even for you.

              Mind you, can’t expect much else than desperation from you, when you know you’re going to lose big time in November.

            3. Hardly. Pretty pathetic that you parasites try to glom off of the responsible citizens in society so you can get yet another free ride.

              This Obamscare system instantly destroys doctors lively hoods. It destroys the over all quality of health care in the US with death panels, and all kinds of conditions of who can get what type of treatment. Your trip to the doctor’s office will be worse than going to the Motor Vehicle Department. There are horror stories all over the internet from prominent news outlets describing the living hell that nationalized health”care” systems all over the world are.

              They don’t work well and bring down the over all quality immensely for all. The shirkers in society do not deserve to have the responsible people enable their lack of allocating proper funds to run their life in way that keeps them on budget.

              You can easily find myriad places on the web explaining this to your infantile, tiny brain. You don’t care about healthcare any more than any of the laws on the books for speeding tickets, cell phones, and endless other government fines to “protect” us do. It’s all about steeling money from workers. We all know it, you useful to the cause lemming-idiot.

            4. Hey Commie-Freaks,

              You all need to do some homework and watch Ronald Reagan above. You will learn a lot if your tiny, slug, brains are capable of learning anything.

      1. And you will cry for your dental care that we have. Then again without your teeth you suck much better. Though diabetes, is deadly thingy, so you don’t have so much time to suck well.

        1. As you wait in 6 month long lines to get your blood pressure checked, comrade. Good luck with that operation or medicine. Have fun in the GOOOLags comrade Krityanne!

        2. Proud American, at least comrade Kristian told us what hell hole country she takes up space in. Good on her, MATE! Goodaye! Spot on! Cheerio! Commontalleeeevous, Nyet, and all that good foreign commie stuff.

      1. And only a complete fuckwit like you, bendeck, would give an answer like yours. ‘Traitor’, for criticising the hijacking of this thread by a bunch of fucking rednecks like you? Do you have opposable thumbs, by any chance?

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