The Apple Retail Store iPad queue survival guide

“Obviously, the best way to get the new iPad on launch day was to pre-order it as soon as Apple’s website came back up. That option is now gone and you’re looking at shipping times of 2-3 weeks before you can get a new iPad in your hands,” Buster Heine writes for Cult of Mac.

“It’s ok…. Waiting in line for the iPad isn’t that bad. In fact, it can even be a lot of fun,” Heine writes. “If you’re planning on braving the weather and the crowds Friday morning here is our killer guide on the gear you need to not just survive, but thrive on launch day and walk away with the new iPad model you want.”

Heine writes, “Get There Early – What time to get there is probably your biggest dilemma. You crave extra hours on your mattress just like everyone else and you’d hate to throw more away than you need to. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be crazy and get there 3 days early. There will be plenty of iPads. Show up around 6am and you should be fine. There will be a line when you get there. You won’t be near the front. But Apple will have enough new iPads in stock and you’ll walk away happy that you weren’t like some of the knuckleheads that showed up at 1am.”

Many more tips (dress in layers, bring a chair…) in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We preordered ours (the iPad 2 lines were not that fun). And Fedex has been holding our new iPads one state over since the 12th, presumably at Apple’s request. Looking at Fedex tracking has been excrutiating to say the least. We have half a mind to drive over there! We hold out faint hopes for a delivery sometime tomorrow, but we really don’t expect to see our new iPads until Friday. 🙁

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. MDN reminds me of Fed X in the early 80’s, FEd X was next day and UPS was by ground. UPS came out with UPS Blue, 2 day shipping at a much better price than next day Fed X cost. Fed X then offered 2 day shipping at blue prices, but they were only set up for next day, so of you shipped on a Monday, they attached a bright round label with WED on it so they keep it for an extra day in the truck

  2. Mine’s been in Nashville since the 9th. Details show “future delivery requested” so I the it’ll show up whenever that future data release it. my estimated delivery shows the 16th by 3:00 PM. Apple could be sly and release them a day early and create more media frenzy or they’ll hang back and go with the stated plan….it’s like Christmas and you’re 10 again…

  3. Buster Heine, are you kidding me. With a name like that you either have to be extremely tough or quick witted growing up. Sort of like having red hair. On par with Seymour Butts and of course Buster Heiman.

    1. My iPad was scanned on departure from Shenzhen Friday, the 9th, and nothing since! UPS says it’s still ‘on time’, but I’m beginning to think something squirrely’s going on.

      1. Same thing iPad shows in Schezwan since 9th and no movement. I think this happened with my iPhone 4s. My guess sitting some where waiting for delivery on Friday. I hope so.

  4. Idiots – Just drive to any Best Buy, AT&T, or Verizon store, especially in the rural areas. No lines no matter what time of day. My friends and I have done that with our iPhones. City folk are just like lemmings… with the brains removed.

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