Hon Hai sales up 55 percent in February

On Friday, Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry, one of Apple Inc.’s main product assemblers, said that sales rose 55% in February year-on-year.

The company reported revenue was T$237 billion (US$8.03 billion).

Hon Hai’s January revenue was T$275 billion (US$9.32 billion).


  1. I bet that the talking heads believe that it is because of the surge in the orders from HP, Dell, Amazon, … I bet they also think it has nothing to do with Apple. Believers till the end!

    Hey Steve Ballmer. How is that Windows 8 going? If Microsoft doesn’t come out with a iOS Office app soon, they will just be a note in the history iBooks. I hope that they include that “Dancing Monkey” video in the Microsoft section after they explain the Y2K stupidity.

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