Small business iPad use quadrupled in past year

“Small business use of Apple Inc.’s iPad 3 has quadrupled in the past year, according to a new national study,” Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal reports.

“As Apple gets set to launch the iPad 3, the study by The Business Journal‘s parent company found that use of the tablet has jumped from 9 percent in 2010 to 34 percent in 2011, indicating that the iPad is the fastest growing technology among the SMB market,” the Business Journal reports. “The study found that iPad users in the small business community are tech-savvy and financially successful. They also are highly educated, with 72 percent having a college education. The segment’s annual household incomes averaged $176,000. Their companies are also well-established, having existed for an average of 28 years and averaging $9.2M in annual sales.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. But, but, but . . . its not a business machine and it doesn’t have a keyboard and it is only for media consumption and it is not for productivity and . . .

  2. I know the adoption rate of the iPad is very high, but this article shows it to be unbelievably fast. iPad 3 already in the field?
    Apple is really good but the product is still not announced.

    BTW, I am waiting with my credit card in hand to buy the iPad3.

  3. Credit card not in hand.

    I’ve learned to wait a month, at least, until the dust settles.

    Saves me a lot of wasted time, and time is more valuable than the cost of an iPad. Same thing in a larger sense may keep me on SnowLeopard until Mountain Lion comes out. It is not about the cost, but the time.

  4. I know this is off topic, but I can’t stand it anymore. Rob “i’m a Complete Moron Hit Whore” Enderle has been at it for two days with no comment. Worse than his usual crap, he uses his own brand of constantly twisted logic to tout Windows 8 vaporware as a great product. This Ancient Mariner of the Tech World has started using terms in his headlines that make him seem twenty something: “Apple Sucks,” “OMG.” I have been waiting for MDN to say something, but can stand it no more. The stuff he is writing is so stupid, it just needs some comment from MDN. Please, I beg you!

  5. I have just witnessed the coolest use of an iPad in industry yet.
    We are shipping agents for high value commodities, offering secure short and long term storage. We typically ‘change the locks’ combinations to our units on a regular but random basis several times a year. The company that does the work usually sends two operatives with laptops and reams of code, manuals and use-once cards to do the work which involves erasing the original codes, assigning a new code which is randomly chosen between the two laptops where neither has the whole code sequence for each reset. The whole process takes most of a day and a half to install and the rest of the second day to verify the updates with their office database.
    Yesterday, one guy turned up with an iPad and a 3g dongle that did the security handshaking with their office system and did the whole premises reset of 40+ security locks in …get this…half a day.
    And…they reduced their contract costs to us!
    Now that’s good business.

      1. I said dongle but it was much more than say a USB stick. From what the guy was able to tell me, it used an encrypted 3g connection to their database; held no data, so was useless if lost – ditto the iPad. Each lock verification/reset had to be accomplished within a short time once the wired card was inserted into the lock reader. A new access card was created once the reset was done. Not really giving anything away since this is but one piece in a multi layer security model.

  6. Note to MDN and other posters: The incorrect iPad 3 reference in the first sentence of MDN’s summary has been corrected in the original article by The Business Journal. I emailed them to point out the error. So now it appears that MDN is making the error.

  7. How is that supposed to be significant? General iPad usage also quadrupled, from 14 million installed base in Dec 2010 to 55 million in Dec 2011. Small business usage doesn’t stand out, it’s merely in line.

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