Why every small business needs an Apple iPad

“Running a small business through a tablet or smartphone is quickly becoming the norm for savvy business owners. While some may have originally bought the gadgets simply for the ‘cool factor,’ users say the productivity and efficiency from the many apps available has been a welcome surprise,” Laurie Kulikowski writes for TheStreet.

“For small-business owners reluctant to use tablets and smartphones for tasks simple and complex, now — with the imminent release of the Apple iPad 3 — may be the time to get aboard,” Kulikowski writes. “It’s clear the iPad and exploding app marketplace are useful small-business tools, says Mike Pugh, vice president of marketing at j2 Global. The company makes apps for cloud-based communications and storage messaging.”

Kulikowski writes, “We spoke with Pugh about best practices for the adoption of mobile technology as full-time business instruments.”

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    1. thinking the same; first thing that caught my eye. Early adopters may not have known exactly how the iPad would impact their work, but was pretty easy to see the potential. The stuff iPad does is pretty cool, but I’ve not felt personally more or less “cool”.

  1. Apple: taking over business without even trying.

    How much longer are the phony marketing scam research companies like Garner going to be able to keep up the “media tablet” lie?

  2. For a independent IT person. It really helps! Just the instant on and 3G is worth the price. For research to solve some very strange problems out in the field.

  3. “… the productivity and efficiency from the many apps available has been a welcome surprise…”

    It’s only a surprise to those people because so many commentators tried to make out that iPads were only media consumption devices. To anybody with any sense at all, the true potential of the iPad was obvious from the outset.

  4. GE & IBM, the last bastions of stuffy conservative white shirt, black tie management have wholeheartedly adopted the iPad into their organizations. At last count GE pushed 34,000 iPads on to their employees and IBM had more than 5,000 deployed in all sorts of field roles.

    The wave is unstoppable. The last holdout, Boeing, is testing iPads in assembly line roles. Boeing is a hardcore Dell shop, so testing iPads for deployment is a big deal for them.

  5. I have a friend who is a DJ for weddings and such. He wanders through the audience taking requests from those in attendance and taps it into his iPad. It then wirelessly (and effortlessly) becomes part of the playlist. It has transformed his business. It is more personal, and responsive. He is able to snap photos of the guests and reference the songs they requested for inclusion into the wedding photo album. What an integrated process done so easily. Amazing.

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