Apple reportedly lining up suppliers for 7.85-inch Apple iPad mini

“A new report claims Apple is lining up suppliers for a 7.85-inch iPad, and that the company recently inked a deal with AU Optronics to provide displays for the rumored device,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“Monday’s report from the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (via Google Translate) is the third in five days to claim that Apple is planning to release a so-called ‘iPad mini’ in the third quarter of this year. On Saturday, a leaked document from Samsung Securities indicated Apple planned to release a ‘new 7-inch product’ later this year,” Oliver reports. “And last week, DigiTimes also claimed that Apple will begin production of a 7.85-inch iPad in the third quarter of 2012. It was said the device could be priced between $249 and $299.”

Oliver reports, “Monday’s report sided with on screen size, saying the 7.85-inch panels will be supplied by AU Optronics as well as LG Display. Apple will, however, exclude its rival Samsung from supplying displays, the report claimed.”

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  1. Wouldn’t this directly compete with the iPod Touch? Wouldn’t it be called iPod Touch HD rather than iPad Mini. We’ve never seen an apple product with “HD” at the end, not likely, not their style.

    I’m betting money against a 7.85″ screen. At just under 2 inches less from the iPad, I hardly see a reason to have such a small device. If I’m anywhere, I can use my iPad. If I’m anywhere else, I’ve got the iPhone.

    1. The smaller device will allow doctors, nurses, inventory people, factory management people to slide it into their large coat side pockets rather than having to hand carry a larger iPad around with them for 2 or 3 hours at a time. Still it is larger than an iPod touch. Probably millions of business people would like to be able to put the iPad into their side coat pocket for carrying and quick access.

    1. It’ll be some sweet vindication for us Ballmer when Tim Cook unveils that thing this fall.

      Also, that tablet is a long line of widescreen 7″ tabs that have gotten the formula wrong. If you want an example of a smaller tablet done right, you should check out the HP TouchPad Go which, while aborted, had the iPad mini magic by maintaining its 4:3 screen ratio after being downsized. HP/Palm could’ve cracked the code before Apple.

      1. It won’t be “vindication” in any way, shape, or form. The objections to BLN have largely been focused on his irritating manner of posting (Apple was *doomed* if it did not enlarge the iPhone and shrink the iPad), and only partially on the content. Plenty of people have weighed in on the reasonableness of a slightly larger iPhone display (~4″ diagonal) and a somewhat smaller iPad display option (~7″ to 8″).

        But, if either of those things materializes, I have no doubt that we will hear from both of you, crowing like roosters at dawn.

  2. My preference would be to have the same size screen, maybe at iPad 1 / 2 resolution, but in a smaller package. That is, a much thinner bezel, side mounted home button and slightly thinner. Combine a smaller battery with even more advanced power management and offer in 4, 8 and 16 gig versions.

  3. Could this simply be a remote for the new, soon-to-be Apple HDTV set? Think about it.. Believe it not not every person or even Mac user owns an iPhone, iTouch or iPad. Apple may include this maybe “TV remote” with the new HDTV set or make it available as an accessory for those that don’t have any of the above mentioned.

  4. Every time a new Android tablet is designed and parts ordered we get these rumours that the parts are for an iPad. We all know that Apple set the design criteria for the market and everyone else copies Apple so this is why the rumours exist. This is an Android based piece of hardware.

    The only way Apple would make a smaller tablet like device would be for a remote control for the TV

    1. I refuse to believe the new iPad will be the maxiPad this new device if it ever shows up. An iPod HD maybe, one that was a whole lot more powerful than the current one. A mini-iPad? not without a maxiPad. Talk about a trademark lawsuit? That would be a black eye…. or something ….

    1. Woild be useful for remote and AirPlay companion to Apple TV where screen size is not much of an issue. and as a lighter weight companio for your handbag. It would also destroy what remains of the competition in the 7″ regime. Would also cannibalize.

    2. Perhaps, from the viewpoint they had at the time, Apple and Steve were right. Perhaps a 9.7″ diagonal display was simply the best form factor at which to start. Or, perhaps, SJ and Apple just wanted to defuse any potential momentum from Android-based iPad competitors. SJ said lots of things that were contradicted later – video on iPod, radio on iPod, etc.

      To believe that no other size iPad can be useful just because SJ or Apple said it – that’s ridiculous fandom. Just consider the fact that you don’t have to sand your fingers to work on an iPod touch or iPhone…

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