Apple’s next-gen iPad to hit same price points, same 16GB/32GB/64GB storage capacities as iPad 2, says source

“We’ve gotten word that iPad pricing is going to be the same across the board as the current iPad 2 models which should be no big surprise given Apple’s history – they rarely raise prices,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Even better, some countries with currencies doing better than the US dollar should expect to see marginal drops in prices.”

Gurman reports, “The configurations appear to be the same as current 16/32/64GB.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. Since flash memory density increased twice in the previous couple of years and allowed Apple to come up with 64 GB for iPhone, iPad 3 can easily contain 128 GB since main board there allows twice more place for flash memory chip comparing to smaller iPhone’s main board.

      1. I doubt it’s an issue of whether it’s technically possible, but of cost. 128GB SSD’s are still very expensive compared to 64GB ones, it just depends whether Apple thinks the price on the 128GB SSD’s has gotten good enough to put in an iPad without making it too expensive.

    2. It probably won’t happen. Apple likely wants consumers to buy into their cloud services for extra storage. I also wonder if larger memory chips would be harder to come by in terms of producing enough quantity for Apple. I’m not going to second-guess Apple for their motives of doing things that might seem strange to me. I’m sure they know what the average consumer needs.

      With the cheapskates always complaining about how expensive Apple products are maybe an extra $100 for a 128 GB iPad might be too much to ask.

        1. Because people will “flee” to a plasticity piece of crap with a short battery life and a really crappy screen??

          “Flee”, really? ‘Roid tablets (almost to a fault) have poor real world battery life and a screens that don’t even come close to the existing iPad 2’s (and have a cobbled & horridly disjointed OS with a sever case of app lack on top of that). Do you really believe they stand a chance amongst any but the rabid Apple haters?

          This is reminiscent of the ipods where competitors would take a year or year and a half to more or less (mostly less) copy the existing ipod, but by that time apple was ready to ship a new improved version and they were left trying to peddle a poor copy of last years iPod.

    1. Foxconn haven’t been making iPad 2s since December. Apple doesn’t keep ordering old tech once the start ordering new tech. There are 60 million old iPads out there to satisfy lower price demands by penny pinchers.

      1. While Apple should be concerned about a glut of used iPad on the market, the continued production of the iPhone 3GS belies your premise. I don’t know what Apple’s intent with the iPad 2 is, but there are good reasons to continue its production, whether at Foxconn or elsewhere.

      2. “Apple doesn’t keep ordering old tech once the start ordering new tech.”

        Very untrue.

        Quite often discontinued models continue to be produced exclusively for educational institutions after new models come out. The white Macbook is a recent example. There are many more examples.

      1. It’s not a stretch. With all the advanced imaging and editing apps that are coming out now, the screen size you get with an iPad would make it a cool tool for a lot of photography and video.

  1. Too bad. They won’t release small size ipad. 9.7inch is still big on hand, and heavy. That’s why I move my kindle fire. 7inch. It does everything like ipad. Don’t waste money.

    1. apparently you’ve never used an iPad. Kindle for is great if you’ve never used an iPad but it’s slow, jerky, no way to organize apps, VERY limited in its apps. Will never get an O/S upgrade, falls way behind in features… But what do you expect for $200. I’d rather buy an ipad2 for twice as much and get 4 times the longevity, 10,000 times as many app options, ability to do text and video chat, 4 times the battery life, much better display, much faster and smoother, … I could go on but hey, it’s your money! Be as cheap as you want to. I just sold my iPad 1 for 55% of what I paid for it two years ago. That means I still spent less than what you will for you Kindle even after two years. Do the math and get over your hatred for Apple. You will be glad you did!

    2. They’ll never release a tiny-screen iPad; the screen size would be too restrictive for what an iPad is supposed to do.

      They will release a larger (6-7in.??) iPod Touch though, and the extra screen real-estate will make the iPod an even more revolutionary device than it is now.

      Knowing the distinction between the 2 devices is what makes Apple “Apple” and everybody else Apple wannabes.

  2. If I can’t get the iPad 3 with 128GB, then I’m not buying one.
    I have lots of music and video’s that the 64GB will not work. I would pay an additional $100.00 to $150.00 more to get the added 128GB memory. Come on Apple, offer more memory than the 64GB option.

      1. GigS. As in the noun gigabytes which is plural. It’s not like thousand- that’s a noun functioning as an adjective in front of a noun. Like dollar. And you wouldn’t say a thousand dollar, would you?

        1. Obviously you knew what I meant so get over yourself. Turned off auto correction so mistakes will be made from time to time. Someone needs to remind you that it’s a Blog not a spelling contest.

        2. That’s a rather trivial grammatical criticism, sjezebel, considering how loosely many in this forum employ the English language.

          Sure, Wade, it would be great to have a 128GB ‘iPad HD’ option. But, if you do not choose to purchase an ‘iPad HD,’ then someone else will. You can wait until the next upgrade. I don’t feel the need to cram everything that I own on one mobile device, so I plan to save a couple of hundred bucks and go for a 16GB or 32GB WiFi model. I only wish that I could get GPS without buying into the wireless data package.

        3. Anyone old school knows that the abbreviation for gigabytes is “gig” and megabytes is “meg”. Always singular. You’re showing either your age or your inexperience with that critique.

      2. Ok, guess you’re the boss….some of us like as much storage as possible on board and are willing to pay for it. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean you have the final answer. Someday, hopefully in the not too disant future, Apple will provide 128 GB for the iPad and the iPod touch, and possibly even the iPhone.

        1. I didn’t say I was the boss or that my statement was the final answer. But, if your going to put your opinion on here, there is no reason I can’t either. I’m just saying 64 Gigs is more then enough for me. I have an iPhone so I don’t need it for music. It’s not very convenient for me to carry my iPad around when I’m hiking or biking. Who knows, maybe it will come with an option for 128 Gigs or more. I wouldn’t rule anything out yet. But I think we can all agree that an SD Card Slot would even be better right?

        2. Someday Apple will increase the maximum memory options on its devices. If you don’t like the ‘iPad HD’ offerings that Apple releases, then you are free to wait until Apple produces something that is worthy of your money.

          However, gainstr is correct in his assessment of Apple’s objectives with respect to iCloud. If you consider Apple’s iCloud strategy along with the fact that Apple would likely be hit with a lot of bad publicity for offering higher cost iPads with 128GB or more of storage, then it is reasonable to believe that Apple may hold off on larger storage options for a while. Besides, the competition for solid state storage is increasing (the so-called “ultrabooks”) and Apple can produce eight 16GB iPads in place of one 128GB iPad.

          1. “ If you consider Apple’s iCloud strategy along with the fact that Apple would likely be hit with a lot of bad publicity for offering higher cost iPads with 128GB or more of storage”
            What ‘bad publicity’ could that possibly be? Your statement makes no sense. iCloud is barely usable for me, good only for backing up the photos taken on my phone. It’s utterly useless for any music purposes, the storage limit alone makes it redundant; I have 102Gb of music, I can’t afford the cloud storage even if it was available, and then it ‘matches’ all music at 260Kb, which is again useless, all my music is ripped at 320, I don’t want music stored at a poorer standard to what I’m accustomed to listening to. There are external drives with app access which do the job much better.

            1. Any increase in iPad pricing will bring down the wrath of the media – anything that can be perceived as negative will be perceived as negative. If Apple were to maintain the three basic configurations with a 128GB top end, then they would have to eliminate one of the lower-level options. Regardless, the 128GB model would likely cost around $200 more than the 64GB unit, and that would be perceived as a price increase.

              Probably the more important factor is that Apple has difficulty keeping up with iPad demand, but can produce eight 16GB iPads in place of one 128GB iPad (in terms of storage). Eight $499 iPad 16GB is worth more to Apple than one 128 GB iPad. The sales history that I have seen shows that Apple sells a whole lot more of the low- and mid-range configurations.

              I do not believe that there is a huge difference between 320Kbps (not Kb) and 260 Kbps.

              Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Apple does not currently offer more than 64GB of storage in its mobile devices. Maybe the iPad HD will offer 128GB, but probably not…

      3. It might be enough for you as you obviously don’t have much content. My iTunes library is fast approaching 1TB now. Given the size of HD files a 128GB version is essential for heavy users with a lot of content. They can keep the 16/32GB versions for people like you who don’t have much content.

        1. So put only the tunes you want to play during the next year or so on your device. Do you really have to carry around 3 million tunes so that you can brag about, ‘How much ‘content’ you have?’ Amazing.

          1. You’re missing the point. It’s not about carrying 3 millions tunes as you put. I use my iPad to store my movies so I can watch them when I’m travelling. Assuming the iPad 3 has a retina screen optimised for HD content how many HD movies can you fit on 64GB? Maybe 30 or 40 at the most. Add in some apps, games, books, etc and it fills up quicker than you might think. I don’t want to have to keep synching and juggling around to get a decent library of content on my iPad. As for the iCloud that’s no help at all. Let’s say I’m sitting in my hotel or on a flight how long would take to download a HD movie from iCloud using 3G? It would take forever and probably use up most if not all of my monthly data allowance. The iPad is supposed to be a “post PC” device but it’s crippled by it’s low memory for many people. I don’t expect a 128GB version would be everyone but at least give us the option/

            1. I appreciate what you are saying, but syncing can be really great if you work out your smart-playlists. I have a load of music on my mac, but only load music I haven’t heard in months or skipped in months to my shuffle. Oh, before you completely disregard my comment, didn’t ios5 bring wi-fi sync into the picture?

        2. I have a decent amount of content, but I do not demand the ability to carry it all around with me 24/7. Don’t get me wrong – it would be great to have an iPad with a few TB of holographic storage capacity at an insanely low price. But that doesn’t exist right now. Apple intends for iCloud to bridge the gap and make your iPad or iPhone feel as if it has seamless access to all of your content. It seems like a reasonable compromise given the current state of technology. But I appreciate that you want more. Eventually, I believe that Apple will deliver more of what you are seeking. But I wouldn’t set my internal storage expectations too high for the next generation of Apple iOS devices.

  3. I own both 64GB models of iPad 1 & 2. My experience is that there is huge need for a 128GB model. Given the larger files needed to support Retina displays, without a 128GB option a 64GB iPad 3 will be smaller than the existing base of 64GB models. So I hold out hope Apple offer a 128GB size. Even if it costs $1099 or more, I am sure there are millions who will pay whatever price Apple deems necessary for a 128GB option.

    1. Even with most of your stuff being available in the cloud, I agree, more storage will be required as apps and textbooks, etc. become inevitably larger.

  4. Hows HD streaming from the cloud working out ? Just curious. Personally with the pretty low prices of external hard drives these days I’d rather store everything locally.

  5. You heard it here… iPad sizes will be the same as mentioned above, retina display, and a new port. I’m not sure if it will be a SD slot or thunderbolt, but expect a new slot. iPad 2 will stay in channel at a reduced price, 90% chance that it will be an 8GB model, 50% chance that it will include the same upgraded processor as iPad 3 and be renamed iPad 2s.

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