Apple embarks on hiring spree for next-generation iCloud

“Apple on Friday posted multiple fresh positions that have hinted at another big push for iCloud,” Electronista reports.

“The positions touch on backend infrastructure, Game Center, Java, Windows, and more,” Electronista reports. “All of them would work on the ‘next generation of cloud support’ both for iOS users and for OS X.”

Electronista reports, “While it’s not uncommon for Apple to post positions that give a clue as to its strategy, the 15 new positions imply a major, concerted effort to advance iCloud is underway for the long term.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Now if they could just add the bits of Mobile Me that work to iCloud maybe I’ll switch. Until that day Apple better not kill Mobile Me for something that is today Microsoftian.

    1. I’m with you, Sucker

      I find Gallery to be invaluable and will miss it greatly when it finally is killed. I hope they fold it back into the Cloud as an important feature.

      Are you listening, Apple?

    2. I’m with you Sucker, I liked mobile me. iCloud…. keeps my songs on my iPhone and laptop bla bla bla but what else can it really do? I miss iWeb, I miss my photo gallery…. Sigh

    3. Um…you can…but…it take a moment. Think about it – Mobile Me and iCloud are duplicate services.
      Long story short, back all address book entries and individual calendar entries to your disk. Remove all references from your System Preferences to Mobile Me. Delete your address book entry from iCloud. Delete the Mobile Me calendar entries. Reboot. Add your iCloud account information. Resynch your address book and calendar. Upload individual calendars to iCloud calendars. I’m skipping some stpes, but the instructions are on the web.
      Bottom line – I had the same problem, but then realized iCloud and Mobile Me are duplicate systems. Remove all instances of Mobile me and you should be good to go. Just remember to back up data to your desk. Takes about 1 hour.

    1. iDisk would be a great thing, but If not that, the consistent document sync in MLion would be great, so all my documents were synced with the cloud, without me having to worry about which ones to move to my iDisk. And if documents made by iWork *don’t* count against your 5GB limit, all the better 🙂

  2. We need iWeb and dropbox and photo galleries in the cloud…..isn’t that difficult….unless you are stuborn, arrogant and/or ignorant to customer feedback

    1. It isn’t that difficult? Just because certain companies do a good job does not mean it is trivial.

      Apple may not always respond back but it’s obvious that they do listen to criticism and customer feedback.

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