The 9 versions of Windows 8 show one of the key differences between Microsoft and Apple

“For better or worse, it seems as if Windows 8 will be available in nine separate editions,” Matt Burns reports for TechCrunch. “The unofficial news comes from a registry key found within the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. If this key is to be believed, Windows 8 will be available in the six editions of Windows 7 with the addition of Windows 8 Professional Plus, Enterprise Evaluation, and ARM edition. That makes nine Windows 8 versions in all — seven more editions than Apple’s OS X.”

Burns reports, “The difference between the versions often involves additional (or missing) applications, networking support and security features. On the other hand, Apple puts all their goodies in one basket and sells only one consumer desktop option. There’s always OS X server, too, which Apple branded as the ‘Server For Everyone.'”

“These differences are even more apparent when considering their price. OS X costs $29.99 and Server is only $49.99. Windows 7 Starter and Basic isn’t sold directly to consumers but they can still be found online for less than $100,” Burns reports. “The Microsoft Store lists Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate from $199, $299, and $319, respectively (upgrade prices are a bit less).”

“Why? Apple is a hardware company that happens to also sell software. Apple makes money when they ship hardware, not software. Apple just needs its software to keep users happy and interested in coming back for more hardware, not pay the company’s light bill,” Burns reports. “As a software company, Microsoft doesn’t have this luxury.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Another difference is between Windows 8 and iOS: Apple doesn’t need a bunch of tiles to try to hide a raging case of AppLack™.

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    1. First, we had XP Home and Professional…
      Vista came in Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.
      Win7 came in Basic, Home Premium Professional and Ultimate.

      I guess in Microsoft’s world, Innovation means adding more versions with juicy tag names….

      Windows 8 will be in: Barebones, Basic, Just a skeleton, Anorexia, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Ballmer’s Bloat Superspecial edition with Ebola.

    1. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over….”

      You left out … and expecting a different result.

      Clearly MicroSoft is expecting the *same result* – to own 95% of the world market. Until Apple shows an ability to break their 2% world share, bragging about versions is pointless. Win8 runs on PCs and Tablets, but so for Mac OS X. To be a fair comparison, Apple has 3 current OS versions OS X, iOS, OS X Server … just to serve their minute world share.

      1. Apple’s “minute” share market should be prefaced with the WORLD’S LARGEST COMPANY with the largest profits in EVERY category they build for.

        iOS ALONE is worth more than all of M$FT as of last quarter. You really think apple cares about market share? They CARE ABOUT PROFITS, to which they have more than GOOG, M$FT, HP, and DELL COMBINED!!!

        if your metric is based on market share instead of profit share, you are a fool. Ask Dell, HP, geez who is left in the pc world, how are those high-volume razor-thin margins are working out for them. I assure you their abysmal numbers each quarter is all the reason to keep shorting their stocks all day. Even more of a reason, is their delusional attempts to jump into a game APPL has been secretly developing for over 15 years. APPL has a REAL roadmap, nothing is by mistake, every feature and detail is released with intent and precision. Unlike these copycat amateurs, which they think tech specs and that’s it.

        I have APPL to thank for showing me the the way to shorting the competitors tech stocks in the form of, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, the Mac OS ecosystem. Until a competent PC vendor builds their software tuned to their hardware this cycle will continue. It WILL NEVER HAPPEN with windows, they are stuck in labyrinth of their own creation. Unless some new company comes along with the same philosophy as APPL’s and Job’s you can continue to see PC’s (Windows-based) slide into irrelevancy.

        I am making a fortune watching the “HIGH” tech industries voluntarily shooting themselves in the foot with their “me-too” devices that they channel stuff, and try to hide their sell-out numbers until the end of the quarter when the truth comes out. At least HP realized REAL quick and had a fire sale on their Touch OS devices.

  1. Yeah, and I am forced to buy the top end Windows for a critical app and I pay almost as much as I would to buy an el cheapo Windows laptop.

    One more key app appearing on the MacInstosh and good-bye Microsoft!

      1. I remember that, I Miss Steve, But to be fair, What he left behind is moving forward with some more then Fantasic People.

        I gave up Wimdows based Systems in 2006, and have been more productive and Happy ever since… With allot more cash in my pocket also.

        Great YouTube video of Steve telling it like it is!

      2. I remember that! That was truly one of his funniest and most brilliant moments. And it wasn’t just funny without substance. It really underscored the point that *everything* about OS X was easier than dealing with Windows. The message was then picked up with all kinds of free publicity.

  2. ” “Why? Apple is a hardware company that happens to also sell software. Apple makes money when they ship hardware, not software. ”

    Here’s the thing about that statement. If there were no OS X, I wouldn’t buy Apple hardware. The hardware is nice, it’s attractive, but quite honestly I could get more bang for my buck building a machine.

    The operating system is what makes a Mac a Mac. That’s what I’m buying… OS X, and the cost of the OS is integrated into the premium you pay for the hardware. So OS X being cheap is a bit of an illusion, until you factor in that you can install it on every one of your machines, for only $29.

    I’m paying for the privilege of not running Windows.

    1. I couldn’t be bothered “building a machine.” I’m a geek, but not That geeky. I also don’t touch my car unless I’m adding gas or washing it. I pay (through the nose, admittedly) for repairs when necessary.

      I also can’t be bothered Maintaining Windows. Funny how some people are impressed with Windows 8- which once again, is just a mask on top of Windows. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  3. Come on, 2 more versions and they could have had 11.

    Then their sales line could have been,
    “Well Apple’s OS is 10, but ours is 11 and everyone knows 11 is better than 10.”

  4. Hey MDN, MS Phone’s tiles are actually a good innovation! Better then oldskool meant-for-bigger screen icons. In MS’s mess there’s still a good idea every now and then ….

  5. What’s amazing is that someone inside Microsoft hasn’t said, “Gee, do you have any idea of the millions of dollars in packaging costs we could save by just putting the same version of Windows on each DVD?”

    To which Ballmer responds, “But then what will we have to fill the shelves at all 6 Microsoft Stores?”

      1. The sad truth of the matter is that they probably make a fortune off people who buy a cheaper version than they need, discover some network function is missing, then are forced to UPGRADE the UPGRADE they just bought. I never take a chance anymore. I always pay through the nose get the PRO version.

  6. Hopefully they can put out windows 9 before anything else comes out then for the first time something of theyres will make sense, the windows 9 will stand for how many versions there are 😂

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