Proview lawyer hopes Apple makes contact for iPad trademark settlement

“A lawyer representing Proview International Holdings Ltd. in its dispute with Apple Inc. over the iPad trademark in China said he ‘hopes’ the U.S. company makes contact to begin settlement talks,” Edmond Lococo reports for Bloomberg. “Roger Xie said the two sides haven’t held any formal negotiations on the issue of which company owns the right to use the iPad brand in the world’s most populous nation.”

“Lawyers presented arguments for almost six hours yesterday at the Higher People’s Court of Guangdong before being asked by the three- judge panel if they wished to settle,” Lococo reports. “‘Up to now, we didn’t have any formal negotiations with Apple,’ Xie said in a telephone interview today. ‘I hope they will positively contact us and make an appointment with us about formal negotiations out of court. It would be useful.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A cash infusion from Apple via extortion “settlement,” has always been the goal of the Proview failures.

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    1. Yeah, gives me a vision of a Chinese guy in a suit sitting by the phone, looking around nervously. Of course he desperately wants Apple to call so he can get his enormous commission from the settlement.

  1. Proview – owner can cry and whine all he wishes. He tried to extort and force Apple to pay for the name iPad.
    Best he settle not Apple.

    Apple can call it the ‘magical-device3″ now and it will still sell great – the name isn’t the issue – the issue is where Proview plotted to take Apple for such a ride and “it is Proview” who need to settle this.

  2. FSCK’ing losers. Unreal how the sh** comes out of the woodwork to try and profit from Apple’s work. It’s a sad statement on how many Commi’s there are in the world – the bottom feeders that want to be given what they didn’t earn.

  3. A cash infusion from Apple via extortion “settlement,” has always been the goal of the Proview failures

    MDN is right.

    Why is it – others can italicize and bold and stroke out but I can not?

    1. WL: Please try to avoid stroking out on this forum! 🙂

      italic is done by enclosing the word with the html italic tags, the “lesser than” and the “greater than” characters (shift comma or period) enclose the tag. The open tag looks like this [i] and the close tag 9after the word) looks like this [/i], but not using brackets.

  4. TRANSLATION: We’re a bankrupt little company in China, so we REALLY hope Apple will just write us another check to go away.

    REALITY: Silence is deafening.

  5. Lmao at proview. If they have a strong case, why not go all the way? I mean it looks like they Are scared because they knew their case isn’t going anywhere already and instead hoping for apple to just settle. It would be stupid for apple to settle. It’s like saying they don’t have a strong case either.

  6. I have this vision of a Chinese lawyer sitting at a desk all alone in the middle of the night, singing “I’m so ronery… So ronery…”

    I’m going to hell, I just know it.


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