Piper’s Munster on Apple iTV: ‘It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone’

“Piper Jaffray’s resident Apple analyst Gene Munster stands out as arguably the most outspoken proponent of an Apple-branded HD TV television set, the mythical iTV,” Christian Zibreg reports for 9to5Mac.

“Munster shed more light on what he thinks a full-blown television set adorned by the shiny Apple logo should be like, in yesterday’s interview with Bloomberg Radio’s Tom Keene and Ken Pruitt,” Zibreg reports. “Munster’s betting Apple will introduce the rumored product some time this year and is expecting a Fall availability.”

Zibreg reports, “You will want to buy it because: ‘It’s going to live up to some of the building hype. It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I’m sure it will be called iTV. I believe Apple knew that iTV would ship one day and the meantime they released Apple TV, a temporary product to test a few initiatives in the meantime.

    I can’t wait for iTV and hope I’ll be able to get rid of my TV, DVR and Audio system once it ships

    1. It won’t be called iTV due to conflict with the British TV network of the same name. It will continue to be called Apple TV or (now for) something completely different.

        1. What?? WTF does the Proview situation have to do with the fact that there is, and has been for many decades, a large British television company which owns the ITV trademark in much of the world, and which has said it will refuse to sell the trademark to Apple? whogas is quite right on this.

          1. My point is he is assuming it will never happen.

            Yes, no debate that there is a iTV in England.
            However, the assumption that it is impossible that Apple will never try to name something called the iTV goes against many other scenarios.

            1- iPad – still an issue with Proview
            2- iPhone – Settled with Cisco
            3 – Apple – settled with the Beatles

            I’m sure there are other examples that I have not listed.
            Yet, those things never stopped Apple.

  2. Sounds expensive.
    iPad 3, Apple TV, iTV, I am sure there will be something else this year.
    How am I going to pay for all this?
    Anybody want to buy a kidney?

  3. Not gonna happen.

    Steve said it himself, there’s no margin and a long upgrade cycle due to high price.

    $99 AppleTV can be added to every HD set in your house and swapped out annually for the newest version.

    Ask a room full of people who would spend $2,000+ (you know it wouldn’t be cheap) to get all the rumored iTV features in one set, then count the raised hands. Now ask the same people if they would spend $99 to add those features to any TV they already own or plan to buy in the future and count those hands.

    Also consider Apple’s moves with FCP X, where they created a cheaper product to get the bigger market. Would you rather have $1,000,000 from 100 people, or 10¢ from every person on the planet. Simple math.

    1. correct-a-min-do — RevDrX is right in deed.
      Apple is going for the base consumers – yes the bigger market. This was apparent on the day Apple Computer announced they would be Apple Inc.

    2. Actually at the end of the day FCP X will regain it’s former stature as features are re-added and quite a few have already. Apple’s big mistake was not respecting the pro market initially when FCP X first came out and keeping FCP 7 available until FCP X was on a feature par. Or come out with one last FCP 8 in 64 bit allowing them a couple more years to perfect FCP X.

  4. Being that this would be the first version of an Apple Television, there would not be any downside to announcing it early. (no pulling an Osbourn)
    Apple could list features, show off the programing interface, and release the developer info. The one thing it would do is kill the demand for high end TV sets from all the other manufactures.
    There would be an over abundance of LCD panels, and the price would drop even more. Then Apple orders a Bunch. 😉

  5. Sorry, but I just don’t buy it. Apps for the tv? And how will you control them? Oh, with your multi-touch device? Then why not just screen mirror your device through airplay?

    Check out this article: http://techland.time.com/2012/02/27/why-the-iphone-has-a-head-start-on-the-future-of-personal-computing/

    I think the Apple goal will be airplay cinema displays. Just big, beautiful screens with airplay built in. Use it as a tv, or use it as a computer display in the den. Your iDevice becomes your mobile computer and it airplay links with the screens nearby and maybe your car audio and other such peripherals.

    How does this not make more sense than trying to sell HD televisions in 2012 for profit? Get the NBC app and watch it on your iPad, or on your iPhone, or airplay it to your tv. Want Siri to be your interface? Good, because it’s already there on your phone and soon to be on your iPad.

    That’s *boom*

    1. Do you connect your iPad in a physical manner to your TV?

      With a tiny receiver – possibly to the USB port or a extra HDMI port insert on your HDTV — then iPad3 will provide you the new television experience.

  6. There will never be an “Apple iTV.” Bloggers have written so much about this imaginary product that the real iTV has contacted Apple through their legal department twice, warning them not to use the name. Now imagine what would happen if Apple tried to buy the name of their five television networks, or just came out with a product by that name anyway?

    One time when I commented on the iTV name, the blogger himself replied that he knew the name was impossible, but he used it anyway because everyone else was using it. Yeah, and if all the other bloggers jumped off a cliff, I guess he would do it too.

    1. Whether a name of a product ever happens or not – is not the issue – but to claim something you are not in control of – nor have the right to decide on — is completely incomprehensible.

  7. I’m feel strongly that what the OBSERVER mentioned…
    …that with these things

    iPad3 + a Receiver + your HDTV + Software (siri/airplay)
    = the new iTV

    It’s so like Apple to go this route.

  8. After thinking about this for a while, I really have to hand it to Gene. He picked up something that Apple could conceivably do, and has been banging on it like a drum for a good 3 years, creating a nice little niche for himself in the process. The worst thing that could happen now is for Apple to actually release an iTV. He’d have to find something else to talk about.

    1. “The worst thing that could happen now is for Apple to actually release an iTV. He’d have to find something else to talk about.”
      Kind of like if abortions were outlawed in the U.S. What would Republicans talk about?

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