InMobi: Apple’s iOS takes market lead from Android in North America

Today, InMobi, the largest independent mobile ad network, released its “Mobile Insights Report: North American Edition, January 2012.”

This comprehensive report is based on data from InMobi’s network, which serves over 93.4 billion monthly mobile advertising impressions across the globe.

The report highlights the continued growth of mobile advertising in North America, as the InMobi network grew by 82% or 25.2 billion monthly impressions in just 90 days.

The January 2012 report unveils that iOS has passed Android by 2.6 percentage points and regained the number one market position, after running in second place for most of last year. The top three handsets in January 2012 are Apple devices, and Apple’s share of impressions increased to 35%.

inMobi To 3 Mobile OSes North America, January 2012

Commenting on the study, Anne Frisbie, Vice President and Managing Director, North America, InMobi, said in the press release: “The iOS growth we are seeing may be attributed to the tremendous success of iPhone 4S and iPad in the ecosystem. Over all, we are excited to see InMobi’s available impressions exceed 55 billion in North America, and look forward to continuing our rapid growth through 2012.”

inMobi To 3 handsets North America, January 2012

You can download the latest InMobi Mobile Insights Reports under the Network Data section of the InMobi Research page:

Source: InMobi

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. What’s interesting about this is that it’s just one ad network running on an OS where people are much more likely and willing to pay for apps instead of getting free ad-supported apps. On Android ad-apps are the norm and yet iOS still beats them!

  2. The “Pt Chg” is negative for the other OS devices and Apple’s is positive. That doesn’t mean that their sales did not go up, but you can see the end game. iOS RoadKill. Can you see the iOS tsunami yet? You all will because you can’t hide. The world is turning to Apple and it’s products, devices and services.

    Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!

  3. Open always wins!
    Android is winning!

    Seriously, no one loves iOS more than I do, but never, NEVER in my wildest dreams did I believe Apple could beat–in units–the entire ragtag Android army.

    But then that “nobody needs one” tablet device came out… and that “disappointment” of an iPhone.,,

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