Intoxicase: The beer drinker’s iPhone case and app

“An iPhone case with a built-in bottle opener? That’s nothing new. It’s a whole category,” Harry McCracken reports for TIME Magazine. “But the creators of the $35 Intoxicase say that it’s the first one that comes with an app that uses the phone’s gyroscope to detect when you’ve opened a bottle, so it can tally up how many beers you’ve consumed.”

“The app has many features, most of which work even if you don’t have the case. A representative of Spicebox, the company behind intoxicase – spicebox LLCIntoxicase (free), told me that it ‘[balances] social with responsibility,’ which seems to be a way of saying that it’s for people who like to drink a lot of beer — it includes a intoxicase – spicebox LLCBottle-O-Meter that goes all the way to ‘Wasted’ and logs how much brew you’ve drunk in gallons — but also has a feature that lets you call a cab,” McCracken reports. “(Then again, it also has a feature that lets you find where you parked your car.)”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GetmeOnTop” for the heads up.]


  1. “Then again, it also has a feature that lets you find where you parked your car.”
    Isn’t that dangerous? is you are so intoxicated that you can’t find your car, you shouldn’t be driving it.

    1. If you are too intoxicated, can you use the software?

      Now if the software had a feature to remember when you opened the beers and tried to calculate BAC based on elapsed time, that would be handy. Of course you might be opening beers for others, and trying to track multiple drinkers at a party does not sound like fun.

  2. If you need an iPhone app to count how many beers you drank, you’re an alcoholic.

    If it had a remote link to your car to disable the ignition after you have had too many beers, that would be something!

    Of course, it only counts a beer that you open with the case. If your buddy got the last round, or you’re at a bar where the bartender removes the cap for you, it’s useless.

    1. That bs. I see plenty of lightweights have 3 beers and get loopy enough to lose count of beers. That is because they rarely drink. I don’t think they are alcoholics. Neither are the weekend drinkers that binge occasionally.

      Alcoholism is a serious illness. Trying to define it with some stupid “if you do this”
      statement is silly.

      1. you mean the typical American pilsner, typified by Bud, Miller, and Coors. It is worth noting that such a style comprises about 85% of beer sold worldwide. So it is not simply anamerican thing.

        Notably, many American craft breweries have beers in a wide range of ABVs, from 5-11%. They do so in nearly every style of beer.

        At least in the US I can find a variety of beers in most cities. In europe, there are times when it is all pilsners with low ABV, though not as tasteless as Bud. Obviously, this does not include Belgium or Germany.

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